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October 2017
Letters Could Save Kauai Post Office - Comments (Count)
USPS and Canada Post Joint Issue Hockey Stamps - Comments (Count)
USPS Responds to California Wildfires - Comments (Count)
USPS closes Oxford pepper-spraying dog investigation - Comments (Count)
Drug Shipments Raise Concerns About Postal Employee Safety - Comments (Count)
Warning Black Bear on the Premises - Comments (Count)
NALC: A Hard Rain: Stories of survival, helping others and returning to their routes (PDF) - Comments (Count)
Drone video: Postman delivers mail after Santa Rosa fires - Comments (Count)
Mail delivery stopped for entire street after residents of one house threaten carrier - Comments (Count)
A bear walked into the Anchorage P&DC and wouldn't leave. Police shot it - Comments (Count)
Fired postal worker gets house arrest for taking bribes to delivery marijuana packages - Comments (Count)
Next-generation US Postal Service truck starts zipping around town - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Report: Insider Threat Program - Comments (Count)
Walmart says its online sales will explode next year - Comments (Count)
Amazon is exploring ways to deliver items to your car trunk and inside your home - Comments (Count)
Military Holiday 2017 Shipping Deadlines - Comments (Count)
Your next mail truck? NHTSA document previews Mahindra USPS vehicle prototype - Comments (Count)
Colorado students sending artwork to postal workers in Houston - Comments (Count)
Amazon's 'Seller Flex' Program Would Largely Impact the USPS - Comments (Count)
Spy shots: The Postal Service's New Electric Mail Truck? - Comments (Count)
This mailwoman saved an elderly woman's life - Comments (Count)
Vintage photos trace the unsung genius of the Post Office - Comments (Count)
With cell towers still down in Puerto Rico, snail mail has become the main form of communication and  Postal Service workers have emerged as heroes - Comments (Count)
Northfield Postmaster Retiring After Nearly 36 Years Federal Service - Comments (Count)
USPS Issues The Snowy Day Forever Stamps - Comments (Count)
Postage Due Comic Strip Week 1
Royal Mail Workers Vote for National Strike - Comments (Count)
SUV crashes into Umatilla post office  |  Car vs Post Office in Cotuit - Comments (Count)
Delray Beach postmaster refuses to discuss mail delivery issues throughout area - Comments (Count)
Brooklyn residents not receiving mail due to dispute over broken boxes - Comments (Count)
Postal Views Podcast #72 (USPS Helping Others) - Comments (Count)
USPS being forced to skip retiree payments for fifth straight year - Comments (Count)
Kokomo Postal Worker Retires After 45 Years Delivering Mail - Comments (Count)
Postal Worker Fired After Not Lowering Flag - Comments (Count)
WSJ: USPS Likely to Raise Prices to Bolster Cash Cushion - Comments (Count)
Milton-Freewater works through shortage of mail carriers - Comments (Count)
UPS and FedEx stocks down as Amazon moves further into the delivery space - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: USPS Hurricane Harvey Recovery - Comments (Count)
Gunnison Mail Carrier Puts Down His Bag - Comments (Count)
Postal Workers Wear Pink to Support Breast Cancer Awareness - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: Rolando Presents NALC 2017 National Hero of the Year Award to Matt Lamb - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: Vermont Teddy Bear Counts on USPS - Comments (Count)
Health plans: Pain in butt or pain in wallet? Your call! - Comments (Count)
Postal worker attacked in attempted robbery in Naperville - Comments (Count)
Amazon Is Testing Its Own Delivery Service to Rival FedEx and UPS - Comments (Count)
Husband and wife retire after combined 71 years at Deep River Post Office - Comments (Count)
Postal Retirement Q&A October 2017 by Roseanne Jefferson - Comments (Count)
Post office extensively damaged by car crash - Comments (Count)
Charleston mailman honored for heroism - Comments (Count)
Is USPS prepping for driverless mail trucks? - Comments (Count)
Walmart acquires New York-based Parcel to compete with Amazon on rapid package delivery - Comments (Count)
Too hot at Crystal Lake post office - Comments (Count)
D.C. USPS manager gets 8 years for converting postal workers into a virtual marijuana distribution network - Comments (Count)
Fort Mill citizens meet with USPS over ongoing mail problems - Comments (Count)
Spartan Motors Awarded $214 Million USPS Contract for Cargo Vans  |  Spartan Motors - Comments (Count)
Willits Postmaster Dale Briggs Retires - Comments (Count)
Cheshire man gets 24 months in jail for defrauding USPS - Comments (Count)
Vegas shooter worked as mail carrier from 1976 to 1978 - Comments (Count)
Vegas shooting: Engine trouble becomes blessing for postal clerk  |  APWU 2017 All-Craft Conference - Comments (Count)
Bexley Mail Problems - Comments (Count)
Postal supervisor who used job to help mail 100 kilos of weed gets six years - Comments (Count)
USPS 'Informed Delivery' is Stalker's Dream - Comments (Count)
USPS Has Good News for Prospective Retirees - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Autonomous Vehicles for the Postal Service - Comments (Count)
Vets furious over Clinton Hill post office's tattered flags - Comments (Count)
Amazon takes new steps to deter porch pirates  |  Flex drivers: 'We are not stealing your packages' - Comments (Count)
Police: U.S. Postal Service carrier delivered more than mail  |  Mailman busted with drugs, guns and cash - Comments (Count)
Mail carrier saves woman's life - Comments (Count)
Postal Service vehicle catches fire in downtown Cleveland  |  Authorities investigating two truck fires - Comments (Count)
Audiobook Reviews October 2017 by Jonathan Lowe - Comments (Count)
LLV Service Life to Be Extended Further - Comments (Count)

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