Thrift Savings Plan

TSP Rates of Return October 2018

Thrift Savings Plan portfolios took a big hit in October 2018, with major losses in all funds except the G Fund. The S Fund...

TSP Monthly Returns November 2017

The Thrift Savings Plan had another strong month, with only the F Fund showing a negative result. Overall, all funds are up over the...
Thrift Savings Plan

TSP Rates of Return March 2019

After a disastrous December 2018, TSP funds continue to recover. For March 2019, all funds except the S Fund showed positive gains, bringing results...

TSP Rates of Return September 2018

Thrift Savings Plan monthly returns were mixed for the month of September 2018. While the I and C Funds returned moderate gains, the F...
Thrift Savings Plan

New TSP Options Available September 15th, 2019

You'll soon have more options for how and when you can access your money. That means more reasons to stay with the TSP and...

TSP Rates of Return August 2018

Except for the I Fund, the Thrift Savings Plan had a strong month for August 2018. The C and S Funds had particularly strong...
Thrift Savings Plan

TSP Rates of Return February 2019

All Thrift Savings Plan funds, except the F Fund, posted positive gains for February 2019. The gains over the last two months have put...
Thrift Savings Plan

TSP Rates of Return December 2018

December 2018 was another dismal month for the Thrift Savings Plan, with losses across the board except for the F and G Funds.
Thrift Savings Plan

TSP Rates of Return November 2018

After a disappointing October, all funds except the I Fund returned to positive gains for the month of November 2018.
Thrift Savings Plan

TSP Funds Rebound in January 2019

Thrift Savings Plan funds rebounded across the board in January 2019 after a dismal showing in December 2018.