It has been reported to that letter carriers at the Brookhollow Station in Dallas, Texas are upset after being told by management the carriers will have to donate all but $500 of the cost of an ice machine if the carriers want an ice machine for the summer. (The Post Office has agreed to pay $500 of the costs.)

Dallas summers are hot, with 90 degree plus days almost four months out of the year. In July and August, historically the hottest months, temperatures regularly approach 100 degrees. On many summer days in Dallas there are “heat advisories” warning people not to even go outside.

Ice machines have almost always been a fixture in the break rooms of post offices, especially in the southern and western areas of the United States. Letter and rural carriers use the ice from the machines to cool down their drinks for their hot day ahead. Carriers will often drink a gallon of water a day just to avoid heat exhaustion or heat stroke. The USPS extols the value of water and the dangers of heat on a regular basis. Recently, USPS Corporate Communications has been sending text messages related to heat to all letter carriers via their scanners (see photo above). To some letter carriers at the Brookhollow Station, these messages are hollow words.