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Today is my 6 year anniversary with the United States Postal Service as an RCA or Sub (part time rural carrier). The USPS has been very good to me these last 6 years! I recently found out that I am moving into a new position as a “regular” rural carrier (full time) which means I will start earning benefits (vacation/sick leave, retirement, regular hours and did I mention RETIREMENT?). I haven’t heard what my official start date as a “regular” carrier is yet but it will be soon! I’ve already been working “full time hours” since July 1st due to my regular carrier I was the sub (part time carrier) for retired so essentially nothing will really change other than my days off will change to Saturday and Sundays and the benefits will kick in! As of right now I still work Saturdays but they give me a day off during the week plus Sundays. I am extremely excited to finally be on one route all the time to call “my route” and really get to know the customers so much better! The last 6 years as a RCA or sub I could be put on any route that I was trained on, out of the 8 rural routes I learned 7 of them! I really wanted to know all 8 but learning the last one just never happened. When I made a career change 6 years ago I was so scared because it was so different from being in the medical field. But from a financial and mental stand point it was the best decision I ever made! I love sleeping in my bed every night and I love being with my family on the holidays, that was something I missed out on a lot when the kids where small. I honestly wished I would have made this decision sooner than I did! So many people get stressed with the job at the PO but I will tell you, I have never had near the stress as I did when I was working as a Paramedic. When I’m done with work I go home and enjoy my family/friends and loved ones and I don’t even think about work until I’m back the next day unlike the burdens I would bring home with me from calls I ran as a Paramedic. I’m so thankful for this job and after 6 years I can truly say that I still love my job! ♥️📬✉️📦🇺🇸 #unitedstatespostalservice #ruralcarrier #mailcarrier #mailman #usps #postoffice #rca #ilovemyjob

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