Photo: Crabtree, Oregon Post Office 97335, by Jasperdo, some rights reserved. Photo shared under the Creative Commons License.


#tbt to small town Texas in the mid 1980s. This was shot in the town of Groesbeck while I was driving to some long forgotten assignment in central Texas. As I drove through Groesbeck (slowly I must add because that is the best way to drive through a small Texas town) this caught my eye. A postman sitting in a mail storage box was unusual to see. As I detoured to get a better view, I realized he was taking a break and eating lunch. The box was his usual lunch spot weather permitting. To make it all the better, he had two companion dogs who always tagged along as he walked his route delivering his daily mail. As he explained it to me, they just showed up one day and took a liking to walking with him. His sharing lunch with them daily probably didn’t hurt things. Yep, a postman who walked his route daily with two stray town dogs who had decided postmen weren’t so bad. You can see one beside him and the other was sleeping under the mailbox. I know so many photographers who craved the “big” assignment but these moments are why I loved daily newspaper work. I got to spend 30 minutes or so talking with a nice small town postman and made friends with two dogs as well. Shot while on assignment for the late, great Dallas Times Herald. #tbt #tea_journals #usps #postalworker #towndogs #dallastimesherald #groesbecktexas #newspaper #photojournalism

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