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Postal Service Loses $1.5 Billion in Q1
2.08.2019 – reports: “The Postal Service’s ongoing financial losses widened in the first quarter in which it reported a net loss of $1.5 billion, which is an approximately 178% higher loss than the same quarter last year in which it only lost $540 million. On the bright side, total revenue was $19.7 billion, up 2.9% over the same quarter last year. Marketing mail revenue increased by $218 million, and revenues from shipping and packages increased by $516 million.” – USPS: $103 Million Controllable Loss Comments (Count)


One million safe miles of driving earns honors for eight postal workers Comments (Count)
Postal Service workers are a tough bunch, trudging through record snowfall this year Comments (Count)
Mail thieves use sticky tactics to snag personal information Comments (Count)
Snow causing headaches for postal workers Comments (Count)
Return to sender: Aging mail trucks bursting into flames Comments (Count)


Dallas-area postal worker Judy Askew killed by son with machete Comments (Count)
Postal worker allegedly runs over two coworkers at Dominick V. Daniels P&DC Comments (Count)
USPS mail truck catches fire at gas station  |  Video! Comments (Count)
Dallas: Man admits to fatally shooting USPS worker during fit of road rage on Interstate 30 Comments (Count)
They’ve Got Mail: Students Run Crosby Post Office Comments (Count)
Kenner post office manager pleads guilty to stealing more than $630K in stamps, selling them online Comments (Count)
Man threatens postal employee with knife Comments (Count)
Chinese foreign exchange student receives uranium in mail Comments (Count) Stuns by Parting Ways with USPS, Looks to Other Carriers Comments (Count)


Owner of pit bull that attacked postal worker defends pet Comments (Count)
Locals in Richmond frustrated with missing mail Comments (Count)
Much of Northern Michigan Will See Delay in Mail Due to Weather Comments (Count)


Technology Can Improve the Postal Service – If It Gets Its House in Order First Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Advertising Effectiveness and Age Comments (Count)
Postal worker complains that his lunch time isn’t his own Comments (Count)
Wanted: Autonomous Vehicle Tech for Mail Delivery Comments (Count)
USPS Financial Results Reviewed in Video Comments (Count)
Middletown’s only post office undergoing nine months of needed repairs Comments (Count)


Forget the Last Mile, Amazon Wants to Own the First Mile, Too  |  Amazon cargo plane crashes in Texas, three dead  |  Ticking Time Bomb Comments (Count)
Worked to Death at FedEx Comments (Count)
What Postal News Means for Online Sellers Comments (Count)


Owner of dog in vicious attack on mailman says Boss Hogg has never attacked anyone before Comments (Count)
Our mail doesn’t come or it goes to the wrong house Comments (Count)
Ex-postmaster charged with trafficking marijuana through Alaska post office Comments (Count)


Alabama mail carrier pleads guilty to feeding dog nail-laced meatballs Comments (Count)
Horrific video shows dog viciously attacking mail carrier in Detroit (and heroic citizens trying to fight off the dog) Comments (Count)
The reason dumped USPS is Amazon? Comments (Count)
71-year-old retired postal worker killed inside his Ann Arbor home Comments (Count)
Postal Issues Have Plagued the Rockaway Peninsula Comments (Count)
USPS vehicle vandalized while carrier delivered mail Comments (Count) is breaking up with the USPS, and its stock is down 50% Comments (Count)


Northern Arizona: Postal deliveries not happening today due to snow Comments (Count)
Postal carriers celebrate ‘Hoodie Hoo Day,’ wish winter away Comments (Count)
Senator Hoeven Working to Ensure USPS Resolves Local Complaints Comments (Count)
USPS Mailman Returns Gesture of Kindness Comments (Count)
In Minneapolis, some residents say mail service is spotty, carriers decry shortage of workers Comments (Count)
Mail carriers deal with hazardous conditions while on their routes Comments (Count)
Postal Service Art Director Derry Noyes Turns Famous Artworks Into Stamps Comments (Count)


Postal worker who paid back stolen money before she was caught will not go to jail Comments (Count)
Michigan: Postal worker accused of stealing 15,000 pieces of mail Comments (Count)
FBI working with USPS to investigate Jussie Smollett letter Comments (Count)
People in Alaska town desperate for mail after post office closed for two weeks with no postmaster Comments (Count)
Postal Police Continuing to Hire Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: How We Organize Our Work Comments (Count)


USPS responds to pepper spraying incident Comments (Count)
Amazon pledges 50% net-zero carbon shipments by 2030 Comments (Count)
Supreme Court hears arguments in USPS patent case Comments (Count)
Columbus man demands answers after silver bar lost in the mail: USPS sends check for $15 Comments (Count)
Wrong-way driver killed in crash with Postal truck Comments (Count)
Postal Inspectors Help Bust MDMA Lab Comments (Count)


Kansas family outraged after mail carrier runs over dog, then drives away Comments (Count)
Aspen’s postmaster temporarily assigned to other post offices Comments (Count)
Alabama man’s patent case against the USPS goes to the Supreme Court Comments (Count)
Mailbox vandalism has neighbors requesting permanent fix Comments (Count)


Pet owner says his dog was peppersprayed by mailman Comments (Count)
Peggy Frank Memorial Act would require AC in all postal vehicles within three years Comments (Count)
Letter carrier from Belvidere reaches career milestone Comments (Count)


Family wants answers after dog hit by mail carrier’s car Comments (Count)
USPS governors, postmaster, address UPU exit Comments (Count)
VIDEO: Postal worker speeds after porch pirate in getaway vehicle Comments (Count)
USPS investigates Austin postal worker accused of wrongdoing Comments (Count)


Postal worker indicted for public indecency Comments (Count)
Man attacked postal worker after fatal crash Comments (Count)
LLV ends up in harbor Comments (Count)
Postal workers say millennials perplexed by ‘snail mail’ Comments (Count)
USPS mail carrier in surgery after being bitten by two pit bulls Comments (Count)


In the name of love: The Valentine, Texas postmark Comments (Count)
Polar Parcels Comments (Count)
91-year-old mailman retires after 69 years with perfect record Comments (Count)
Trillion-dollar-valued Amazon doubles profits from last year, pays $0 in income tax and gets multi-million refund Comments (Count)
Berea native is a new postmaster Comments (Count)
Brooklyn: Residents of Midwood building say they haven’t received mail since October Comments (Count)


Mail carrier explains braving cold while delivering mail Comments (Count)
Sickness blamed for no delivery in Dayton area Comments (Count)
Playing Frogger: Busy Austin road leads to mailbox concerns Comments (Count)
VIDEO: Thieves make off with a dozen Amazon packages after driver dumps them outside complex Comments (Count)
Baltimore Postmaster Makes History Comments (Count)
Mulligan recognized for 25 years of service Comments (Count)
Wind causes heavy damage to Derry post office Comments (Count)


Dog found nearly frozen by letter carrier euthanized after biting vet tech Comments (Count)
Hattiesburg family says USPS carrier sprays their dog through a fence Comments (Count)
Chicago: Residents on Southwest Side say mail delivery is inconsistent, slow Comments (Count)
Riverwest residents say they have not received mail in two weeks Comments (Count)
Postal Management: “Sorry for the inconvinced” Comments (Count)


Woman trapped in bathtub for five days saved after postal worker sees overflowing mailbox Comments (Count)
Franchising your mailbox might put the USPS out of business Comments (Count)
Police can seize cash in the mail. An innocent man found out the hard way Comments (Count)
Town officials: Post office move would lead to loss of community, rural feel. “USPS has become a trucking business” Comments (Count)


Robot mail delivery trucks developed in Detroit ready to roll in China, U.S. Comments (Count)
Dog found by postal worker nearly frozen, fights for survival Comments (Count)
Chicagoans say they’re missing mail after polar vortex Comments (Count)
Petition drive underway to challenge post office move Comments (Count)


McBride celebrates 25 years as a Lexington mail carrier Comments (Count)
Post offices confiscate record number of marijuana packages Comments (Count)
Billings postal carriers told to stop routes early Friday due to deteriorating weather Comments (Count)
Is the USPS delivering cronyism to our front door? Comments (Count)


LETTER OF THE LAW: Unsung postal agents diligently keep mail safe Comments (Count)
Louisiana woman pleads guilty to gambling away postal funds at local casino Comments (Count)
USPS tests electric delivery trucks in California: “I didn’t hear the mail come!” Comments (Count)
Q&A With Former PMG Patrick Donahoe:  Insights Into the Postal Task Force Report Comments (Count)
NY Postal worker allegedly used mail to traffic K2 from China Comments (Count)
Surveillance video shows postal carrier urinating while delivering mail Comments (Count)


Norway’s ‘Posten’ Self Destructs Comments (Count)
Postal worker dies after crashing truck into N. Huntingdon home  |  Medical Event Comments (Count)
Communities and Postal Workers United Winter 2019 Newsletter (PDF) Comments (Count)
‘Eric’s Comb’ immortalizes long time postal carrier Comments (Count)
Tremont postal customers frustrated: USPS pleads ‘inadequate postal access’ Comments (Count)
Priority Mail Postal Sticker Show Comments (Count)


‘This Post Office Sucks’ Comments (Count)
Another community mailbox in Las Cruces left open Comments (Count)
10 Seconds and 18 Inches: Reasons why USPS won’t deliver to replacement mailbox Comments (Count)
PHOTOS: Nasty LLV Accident in Norwich, CT Comments (Count)
Postal workers brave cold and snow Comments (Count)
USPS Closer to Making Small Packets From Overseas Pricier Comments (Count)


Postal worker fatally shot on I-57 driving to work Comments (Count)
Postal Service offers help after murder/suicide involving postal worker Comments (Count)
Las Cruces neighbors wonder what can be done to protect mailbox Comments (Count)
USPS won’t deliver on skinny road Comments (Count)
Penner retires, Gicker named acting director of USPS stamp services Comments (Count)
USPS is launching a test of electric delivery trucks Comments (Count)
Mail truck crashes, ends up in river Comments (Count)
Is a Shipping War Coming? Comments (Count)
Amazon Seen Testing Autonomous Delivery Truck Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Top Postal Stories of 2018 Comments (Count)
Rediscovering Wisconsin’s New Deal Post Offices and Murals Comments (Count)
Postal Service Wrapping Up Testing of New Mail Truck Prototypes Comments (Count)
APWU Representatives Meet to Discuss Safety Issues Comments (Count)
Some Say Stickers On Mailboxes in The Villages Are Unsightly Comments (Count)


PMG’s Business Focus Video to Employees Addresses Peak Season, Other Topics Comments (Count)
German post offices will convert customers’ mail into email Comments (Count)


Canada: Ice Smashes Postal Truck Roof Comments (Count)
Toledo mail carrier accused of stealing packages, having weapon on post office premises Comments (Count)
FedEx, UPS Workers Outraged After Illinois Truck Driver Died on the Job in Extreme Cold Weather Comments (Count)
Couple Thanks Hero Postal Carrier For Rescuing Them From Fiery Wreck Comments (Count)
30 vintage photos of postal workers back in the day Comments (Count)
The Quiet Heroism of Mail Delivery Comments (Count)


Postal Vortex Comments (Count)
Crash involving mail truck and SUV on Highway 59 Comments (Count)
Wisconsin: USPS resumes mail delivery after 2-day suspension Comments (Count)
Delivering While Black: Postal Carrier Faces 2 Criminal Prosecutions Just For Doing His Job Comments (Count)
Democratic plan to give Feds leave for election work draws McConnell’s ire Comments (Count)
USPS contests $150,000 in OSHA penalties after Woodland Hills mail carrier’s death Comments (Count)