Postal News Archives March 2019

Trump’s Postal Reform Proposals Met With Criticism From Lawmakers, USPS Management
3.13.2019 – reports: “President Trump’s mandated report on overhauling the U.S. Postal Service drew a tepid response from lawmakers on Tuesday, as the agency’s own leadership rejected many of the key proposals. One key area of disagreement between the administration’s recommendations and lawmakers’ vision for the agency surrounded the future of collective bargaining at the mailing agency.” – Senator: Task force focus on collective bargaining ‘not addressing’ real issue AUDIO: Hearing on President’s Postal Task Force Recommendations Comments (Count)

Postal Service Contracts Surge to Nearly $16B in Fiscal 2018
3.08.2019 – Bloomberg Government reports: “The U.S. Postal Service’s commercial spending grew to $15.9 billion in fiscal 2018 from $15 billion in fiscal 2017, Bloomberg Government’s USPS Contracts Dashboard shows. That’s an increase of nearly $1 billion and the highest amount since fiscal 2016, when Bloomberg Government first began publishing the agency data received through a Freedom of Information Act request.” – Comments (Count)

RI-399 Monetary Settlement Distribution
3.06.2019 – APWU reports: “The Postal Service agreed that they would pay $14.5 million to each union (APWU and NPMHU) in consideration of the withdrawal of national level disputes. The settlement agreement calls for the unions to each make their own determination on how this money would be distributed. After consultation, much discussion, and agreement with the Clerk Craft Director, the APWU has decided that the money will be distributed in equal amounts to clerk craft employees who fall into two categories.” – NPMHU Update Comments (Count)


Stickers stripped off mailboxes Comments (Count)
Rochester USPS looking to fill multiple positions through a job fair Comments (Count)
Postal Worker Celebrates 50 Years On The Job Comments (Count)
Excellent Growth of Last Mile Delivery Market Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: What’s Driving Postal Transportation Costs? Comments (Count)


Six post offices suspending service due to Iowa floodwaters Comments (Count)
Leonard to retire from post office after 29 years Comments (Count)
What’s in Forever 21’s USPS Fashion Line? Comments (Count)
NALC Branch 725 Newsletter: Honoring Veterans, More… Comments (Count)
ANOTHER! USPS Truck Catches Fire in Roswell Comments (Count)


Bill would require A/C in all postal trucks Comments (Count)
Hazmat crews at San Jose post office after strong odor sickens 3 people Comments (Count)
I delivered packages for Amazon Comments (Count)
Man accused of keeping 211 grams of pot in USPS box Comments (Count)


Muscle Shoals Post Office Returns to Trailers Comments (Count)
Man with shotgun threatens postal worker Comments (Count)
City of Madison will reimburse homeowners for damaged mailboxes Comments (Count)


Out on the route: Residents’ kindness makes winter delivery easier for letter carrier Comments (Count)
No one hurt as car crashes into Marshall Post Office Comments (Count)
Mailbox Replacement Project Resumes for Community Comments (Count)
Woman looks for answers after USPS loses her husband’s cremated remains Comments (Count)


Why do some buildings have their own zip code? Comments (Count)
OMB’s Weichert: USPS employees see pay rise faster than other feds Comments (Count)
4 people taken to hospital after chemical spill at Springfield postal facility Comments (Count)
Late mail delivery has Fishers residents fuming Comments (Count)
Vigil Held for Missing Chicago Postal Worker Comments (Count)


Dimondstein: After the Task Force: What’s Next for the Postal Service? Comments (Count)
Postal Hub Podcast Episode 146: Is USA vs UPU Reaching Endgame? Comments (Count)
‘While you were sleeping’: USPS workers stay up all night to get the mail out Comments (Count)
Snowmass residents outraged with state of post office Comments (Count)
Blizzard: USPS Staying Open Comments (Count)
USPS Reveals Additional Stamps for 2019. T-Rex, Sesame Street, more… Comments (Count)


Miami/Dade postal carrier faces 50 years in mail theft case involving thousands in cash Comments (Count)
Denver Blizzard Not Stopping Postal Workers Comments (Count)
Mail carrier grabs camera when confronted about parking in handicap spot Comments (Count)
Out of control postal truck crashes into family’s cars, damage lingers months later Comments (Count)
Postal officials vow to correct problems at McGee post office Comments (Count)


Canada Post worker chased down by wild turkey Comments (Count)
Woman crashes car into Villages postal station Comments (Count)
Munchin temporarily suspends USPS retirement fund payments Comments (Count)
Can the President Cut $100 Billion in USPS Costs? Comments (Count)
Crash with postal vehicle leaves car overturned in Philadelphia Comments (Count)
Delivery man accused of stealing hundreds of parcels in Utah Comments (Count)
Ridiculousness: Yet another mail truck goes up in flames Comments (Count)
South Huntsville residents complain of poor USPS package delivery Comments (Count)


Former CIA Whistleblower: Yes, Even the Post Office is Spying on You Comments (Count)
USPS recognized as 2019 top federal agency for multicultural business opportunities Comments (Count)


Mail Truck Falls Into Sinkhole Comments (Count)
Mail carrier lucky to be alive after car slides off road and into river Comments (Count)


APWU Contract Negotiations Update: Management and Union Exchange Final Economic Proposals Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Are There Opportunities to Reduce Costs Within the Mail Transport Equipment Service Centers Network? Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Mail Delivery Issues – Barrington Station, Los Angeles Comments (Count)


Hope and excitement as USPS hosts job fair in the Bronx Comments (Count)
Historic murals return to their original places at the old Kilgore post office Comments (Count)
Million Mile Award for USPS Letter Carriers Comments (Count)
Man charged with baseball bat attack on postal worker Comments (Count)
Senators reintroduce bipartisan resolution opposing privatization of the Postal Service Comments (Count)
Amazon driver left paralyzed from shooting over handicapped spot Comments (Count)


Postal Retirement Q&A March/April 2019 by Roseanne Jefferson Comments (Count)
They were investigating a homicide, then police learned a Norfolk postal worker was stealing mail Comments (Count)
Mailbox Removal is Within Reason Comments (Count)
Sidewalk mailboxes have new look Comments (Count)
Ex-postal worker David Fors gets probation in $82K stamp theft Comments (Count)
Cincinnati Postal Service Looking to Fill 100 Assistant Carrier Positions Comments (Count)


Segway inventor teams with FedEx to build delivery robot Comments (Count)
What a postal route can teach us about Detroit Comments (Count)
Florence post office mural to be featured on stamp Comments (Count)
After losing her home to wildfire, Paradise postal carrier finds comfort on her route Comments (Count)
Denver woman with disabilities says USPS won’t deliver to her door Comments (Count)
OSHA fines USPS in Jacksonville $129,366 for exposing mail carriers to August heat Comments (Count)


76-year-old man crashes car into Midland post office Comments (Count)
Ft. Worth: Man arrested after carjacking postal carrier Comments (Count)
Chicago: Police searching for suspect after Postal truck burglarized Comments (Count)
Dog owner: Video shows mail carrier routinely pepper-spraying dog Comments (Count)
As debt ceiling nears, government stops payments to postal retirement fund Comments (Count)
Berkeley: Mail carrier charged with aggravated trespass; more complaints arise Comments (Count)
Snow continues to cause issues for USPS in Eau Claire Comments (Count)


USPS worker injured in hit-and-run collision Comments (Count)
Cummins Delivering Electric Vans to USPS Comments (Count) Reassures Customers About USPS Relationship Comments (Count)
Postal worker accused of stealing 1,500 gift cards Comments (Count)
Amazon van ends up on its roof after crashing into fire truck Comments (Count)


Muscle Shoals Post Office Closed Due to Extensive Black Mold, Should Be Torn Down Comments (Count)
VIDEO: UPS Delivery Guy vs. Icy Driveway Comments (Count)
Bless the USPS Comments (Count)


Postal worker honored for saving homeowner’s life Comments (Count)
Congressman to PMG: Washington Post Office Should Stay Put Comments (Count) hid $235 million USPS manipulation, investor claims Comments (Count)
Is the Postal Service Effectively Managing the Postal Uniform Allowance Program? Comments (Count)
Oregon: USPS rejoices after snow melts and mail delivery returns to normal Comments (Count)
Amazon is planning to open a grocery store chain, report says Comments (Count)


Coffing retiring after 31 years at post office Comments (Count)
Pit bulls that attacked mail carrier euthanized Comments (Count)
USPS semi-trailer truck nearly goes down embankment Comments (Count)
Horror stories at the Carmel Post Office Comments (Count)
Amazon now offering environmentally-friendly once-a-week delivery Comments (Count)
Struthers man accused of stalking letter carrier Comments (Count)