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USPS Reports Fiscal Year 2018 Results
11.15.2018 – USPS reports: “The USPS reported operating revenue of $70.6 billion for fiscal year 2018, an increase of $1.0 billion compared to the prior year. The higher revenues were driven largely by continued growth in the Shipping and Packages business, where revenue increased $2.0 billion, or 10.1 percent, which more than offset revenue declines in First-Class and Marketing Mail as a result of declining volumes in that segment of its business.” – $3.9 Billion Loss ‘We are not financially strong’ Comments (Count)

Injured on the job, then fired: Postal workers allege mistreatment by USPS
11.09.2018 – The Guardian reports: “The Guardian spoke to several former and current USPS workers, classified as non-career employees, who were fired or said they were mistreated after suffering on-the-job injuries. These temporary workers say they are uniquely vulnerable to mistreatment at a federal agency with one of the highest rates of workplace injury in the United States.” – Comments (Count)

Mail Truck Fires Persist in Aging Fleet Tagged for Replacement
11.07.2018 – reports: “Several hundred mail trucks burst into flames, burning beyond repair, in the past five years, according to a review of U.S. Postal Service documents and public news reports. At least six fires occurred in September and October, and 15 have been reported so far this year.” – Comments (Count)

Amazon is launching new delivery program and hiring thousands of drivers
11.05.2018 – Business Insider reports: “For the first time, the company is planning to hire and manage thousands of full-time drivers to transport packages to customers from Amazon delivery outposts across the US, the company confirmed to Business Insider on Monday. Amazon will manage these drivers directly, meaning the company will set their wages, provide them delivery vehicles, and schedule their routes.” – Comments (Count)


Mysterious disappearance of pregnant postal worker lingers Comments (Count)
Five Fayetteville postal workers charged with stealing drugs from mail to sell Comments (Count)
Renewed push to solve 5-year-old murder of postal worker Comments (Count)
Christmas season hitting early for Indianapolis mail carriers Comments (Count)


“Mail, Not Drugs”: Postal Service Reminds Workers of Mission Comments (Count)
USPS Blog: What It’s Like Working for USPS During the Holidays Comments (Count)
VIDEO: Postal worker heaves package onto lawn  |  Another mail carrier saves a few steps Comments (Count)
16 U.S. Postal workers took bribes to deliver cocaine in Metro Atlanta Comments (Count)


New safety measures for rural postal carriers Comments (Count)
Packages piling up near mailboxes frustrating residents Comments (Count)
Canada Post warns of huge losses as postal staff ordered back to work Comments (Count)
LA resident fights USPS over nondelivery to blocked mailbox Comments (Count)
Armed robbers saw postal truck near Lynnwood as ‘easy money’ Comments (Count)
Cleveland postal employee going to prison for stealing gift cards Comments (Count)


Canada Postal Workers Grudgingly Return to Work Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Cybersecurity Decision Analysis Reports Review Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: A Holiday Buyer’s Market Comments (Count)
Canada: Senate passes back-to-work bill for postal workers Comments (Count)
FedEx Driver Punches, Kills Man Who Called Him Racial Slurs Comments (Count)


Postal Hub Podcast Episode 136: USPS Informed Delivery; USPS Full-Year Financial Results Comments (Count)
Chesterfield postal worker dies after medical emergency behind the wheel Comments (Count)
Seattle: Three in custody after armed robbery of USPS mail carrier Comments (Count)
Project delivers more safety for Morton Post Office customers Comments (Count)
Australian Parcel Sent to Austria Five Times Comments (Count)
Canada Post union threatening members if they work overtime during strikes Comments (Count)


7 months after fire, Loring Station post office in downtown Minneapolis resumes some operations Comments (Count)
Trumann officials express concerns over city’s postal issues Comments (Count)
USPS is done subsidizing Chinese package shipping Comments (Count)


Canada: Striking postal worker: We want to work without being hurt  |  Shop owners say postal strike hurting business Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Audit Report: No Sales Transactions at Mockingbird Finance Station – Dallas Comments (Count)


Care package: the French postal workers helping lonely older people  |  Plans starting at $22 for one visit Comments (Count)
Bay Area postal workers to start delivering holiday mail before dawn Comments (Count)
Dimondstein: Postal Service kept the public safe. Why does the White House want to get rid of them? Comments (Count)
“Porch pirates” steal millions of holiday packages each year Comments (Count)
Trudeau Poised to Order End to Canadian Postal Strike Comments (Count)
Postal worker sentenced for role in cocaine conspiracy Comments (Count)
Caught on Camera: Mailman Makes Awesome Delivery Comments (Count)


Chicago Postal Worker Stars in Company’s Holiday Commercial Comments (Count)
UK: Amazon Workers Urged to Walk Out Over Inhumane Treatment Comments (Count)
Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shenanigans? USPS Will Deliver Them! Comments (Count)


USPS Site Exposed Data on 60 Million Users Comments (Count)
USPS Reveals New Forever Stamps for 2019 Comments (Count)
APWU and USPS Agree to Contract Extension Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Management Alert – Inbound International Mail Operations Comments (Count)
Glamour magazine to ditch monthly print, exist online only Comments (Count)
Camera catches USPS worker throwing package at house Comments (Count)
USPS is a ‘formidable opponent’ to UPS, FedEx Comments (Count)


Stamford man kicked postal worker in the face, police say Comments (Count)
Schumer calls on USPS to make changes after numerous accidents near parking lot Comments (Count)
Fake mailmen invade Brooklyn home in broad daylight Comments (Count)
North Linden residents say they are plagued by mail delivery problems Comments (Count)
Racine postal worker caught mishandling package Comments (Count)
Car Crashes Into Cockeysville Post Office Comments (Count)


NALC: Carriers to Receive Notable Pay Raise Beginning Nov. 24th Comments (Count)
Postmaster suspended in Winona Comments (Count)
UK: Pregnant postmistress one of hundreds of lives ruined because of computer glitch? Comments (Count)
Postal worker accused of stealing mail caught on surveillance cameras in mail truck Comments (Count)
Think Your Postal Service Has Problems? Try Delivering to 18,000 Islands in Indonesia Comments (Count)
Sears and the changing habits of American shoppers Comments (Count)


Muldrow sworn is as new Norcross postmaster Comments (Count)
SNL Mocks Trump-Amazon Feud Comments (Count)
Mail Pick-Up Available in Malibu Comments (Count)


Nicholasville postman caught on camera, tossing package onto cushioned chair Comments (Count)
Retired postal worker plays same numbers for 25 years, hits $344M Powerball Comments (Count)
Four possible outcomes of America’s withdrawal from UPU Comments (Count)
Postal Service emergency suspends Dolliver Post Office Comments (Count)
Understaffed Japan Post seeks to end Saturday mail Comments (Count)


Royal Mail Suspends Shipments to Canada – USPS next? Comments (Count)
Postal unions making big ad buy to stop postal privatization  |  Ad Comments (Count)
South Queens mailboxes given new protection against thieves Comments (Count)
Postal workers recognized for saving a life with CPR Comments (Count)


Police close case of fatal mail truck crash with train Comments (Count)
New York: Crafty crook fished $400K in checks out of postal boxes Comments (Count)
Mail delivery problems in MuraBella worry neighbors Comments (Count)


Multiple arrests of New Rochelle postal employees? Comments (Count)
A clean win: USPS honored for energy efforts Comments (Count)
Malaysia: Postal workers find python in parcel Comments (Count)
USPS is ready to deliver this holiday season (900 million packages) Comments (Count)
Ann Arbor mail carrier accused of taking part in drug trafficking scheme Comments (Count)


Amazon Picks Queens and Northern Virginia for new HQs Comments (Count)
PRC Approves Rate Changes for Market Dominant and Competitive Products  |  USPS Wins Approval for Largest-Ever Stamp Increase Comments (Count)
Japan Postal initiates drone delivery trials Comments (Count)
Chicago: Congressman gets involved in slow mail delivery problems Comments (Count)
California wildfire victims encouraged to notify USPS  |  USPS Has Closed 8 Post Offices  |  Entire Town of Paradise Destroyed Comments (Count)
VIDEO: How not to make a delivery Comments (Count)


Postal worker at Oakland airport stole $10,000 from charities, feds say Comments (Count)
Terrell, TX: Accident shears postal vehicle in two; driver in critical condition Comments (Count)
Dems to Investigate White House on Amazon, USPS Interference Comments (Count)
Postal Hub Podcast Episode 134: The STOP Act … Stopping Cross-Border Parcels? Comments (Count)
Florida county collects uncounted ballots left in a mail facility Comments (Count)


Amazon Delivery Undercutting UPS Shipping Rates by 50% Comments (Count)
Banking? At the post office? Comments (Count)
USPS Holiday TV Ads Debut Comments (Count)
Postal clerks allege entire shipments of ballots left at Opa-Locka, delayed due to MAGA bomber incident  |  Miami-Dade just got 266 ballots from Opa-Locka Comments (Count)
VIDEO: No team for ‘team lift’ Comments (Count)


Post office employees presented with awards Comments (Count)
Aurora couple accused of robbing post office, attempting to zip-tie workers Comments (Count)
Detroit 48202: What a mail carrier sees and learns in the heart of the city  |  Detroit 48202 Trailer Comments (Count)
Dozens of mail-in ballots sitting in Miami distribution center  |  Photos show scores of uncounted ballots in Opa-locka mail center Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Momentous Veterans Day Salute Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: A Broader Perspective for the Postal Service Ethics Program Comments (Count)
Police investigate whether post office employees were zip-tied during robbery Comments (Count)


Indianapolis to Install New Postmaster Comments (Count)
Poor mail delivery? The Postal Service wants to hear from you Comments (Count)
US Secret Service Warns ID Thieves Are Abusing USPS’s Mail Scanning Service Comments (Count)
Amazon is preparing for the worst with USPS Comments (Count)
150 trailers of mail pile up as Canada Post strike continues Comments (Count)
Federal Judge Rejects Injured Postal Worker’s Rehabilitation Act Claims Comments (Count)
Are Consumer Catalogs Making a Comeback? Comments (Count)
Postal Service fined $129,000 after Las Vegas worker heat exposure case Comments (Count)


Mail Truck Collides With Pickup Truck in Head-On Crash Comments (Count)
Temporary Emergency Committee of the Postal Service Board of Governors to Meet November 14 Comments (Count)
Virtual reality bites for postal workers Comments (Count)
Five-Two part of new initiative to combat mail fishing Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: USPS Customer Service for Non-English Speaking Customers Comments (Count)


VIDEO: Stuart mail carrier dumps multiple packages onto porch Comments (Count)
All those political mailers are helping the Postal Service’s bottom line Comments (Count)
FedEx CEO says Amazon’s delivery system will take business from USPS, not FedEx Comments (Count)
NALC: General Election Poll Times by State Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Informed Visibility is Critical Comments (Count)
Parking Problems Plague Brooklyn Post Office Comments (Count)
Congress members urge USPS to use air-conditioned mail trucks Comments (Count)


Rumor: USPS Testing Walmart Package Delivery Deal (no link) – Comments (Count)
5 things to know about cluster boxes Comments (Count)
Police detonate suspicious package at Miami Beach post office Comments (Count)
FedEx is hiking rates again Comments (Count)
Amazon spent $21.7 billion on shipping costs in 2017 Comments (Count)


Postal Retirement Q&A November/December 2018 by Roseanne Jefferson Comments (Count)
Fire damages downtown Kansas City post office Comments (Count)
Jefferson Street mail carrier goes above, beyond duties Comments (Count)
Communities and Postal Workers United Fall 2018 Newsletter (PDF) Comments (Count)
Amazon’s New Mercedes Delivery Vans Starting to Show Up on Streets Comments (Count)


Car crashes into the Kimberly post office Comments (Count)
The robot army delivering after dark Comments (Count)
Young people don’t vote because stamps are hard? Comments (Count)
Mail thieves strike neighborhood in Summerlin Comments (Count)


USPS wants ‘cluster’ apartment-style mailboxes for new single-family homes Comments (Count)
Claims Cut From Northrop-USPS Row Over $874M Deal Comments (Count)
Caught on Camera: USPS Truck Goes Rogue in SW Miami-Dade Comments (Count)
Postal Service aware Informed Delivery used fraudulently Comments (Count)


Confessions of a U.S. Postal Worker: “We deliver Amazon packages until we drop dead” Comments (Count)
Special delivery: Mail carrier Wayne Grubb wraps up 37-year career with the Postal Service Comments (Count)
New postmaster for Julian – rural office suits her best Comments (Count)
Fisherville post office to reopen after spider infestation Comments (Count)
Halloween: Land of Oz at Waterloo Post Office Comments (Count)
Canada: No more overtime say postal workers Comments (Count)
Garrison named ‘Employee of the Month’ Comments (Count)
Audubon residents concerned about safety if mailboxes are moved to other side of the highway Comments (Count)
APWU Health Plan: Together. Better Health Comments (Count)