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Postal Service records $8.8 billion loss for fiscal 2019
Farewell Bonus for PMG
11.14.2019 – reports: “The United States Postal Service’s board of governors convened Nov. 14 with a quorum of presidentially appointed members for the first time since 2014. “It’s a milestone for us,” said board chairman Robert M. Duncan, who noted that a “temporary emergency” board had been overseeing the USPS. But the board’s first public meeting produced little to cheer about because the USPS disclosed it recorded a staggering $8.8 billion loss in the 2019 fiscal year ended Sept. 30.” …but sales are growing Losses double from last year USPS statement NALC Comments (Count)


Letter carrier struck by paintballs in Dallas – Comments (Count)
Penalty Overtime Exclusion Period Starts Today – Comments (Count)
Holiday shipping season gearing up – Comments (Count)
USPS Faces Cybersecurity Challenges – Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Opinion on the Postal Service’s Fiscal Year 2019 Reclassified Financial Statements – Comments (Count)
USPS mail truck doors fly open, dumps mail on I-95 – Comments (Count)
APWU Retirees Still Fighting For Justice – Comments (Count)


Modern Black Friday Work Force: Postal Clerk, Influencer, Robot – Comments (Count)
US Uniforms Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Event – Comments (Count)
Inside Amazon’s delivery push: Employees and drivers say an overworked system is lax on safety as packages pile up – Comments (Count)
On the route: Red-tailed Hawk – Comments (Count)


San Jose: Postal workers shorted nearly 6,000 hours over the years. USPS managers deleted hours, intimidated workers – Comments (Count)
Amazon Black Friday. What’s coming soon to your post office – Comments (Count)
The safety czar sent this message – Comments (Count)
‘He’s so reliable:’ USPS Mail Carrier Braves Snow & Cold in Denver – Comments (Count)
New York orders FedEx to keep their delivery robots off the street – Comments (Count)
Former USPS supervisor sentenced to 12 months in federal prison for bribery – Comments (Count)


Letter Carrier on Workers Compensation Caught Racing Motorcycles – Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Semiannual Report to Congress – Comments (Count)
Good Samaritan injured after trying to stop thieves who stole from mail truck with door left open – Comments (Count)
Houston: USPS approves vanity ZIP Code “Clutch City” for city center – Comments (Count)
Ruthless quotas at Amazon are maiming employees  |  Workers in Staten Island hold rally over high injury rates Comments (Count)


Youngstown postal workers honored for service to community – Comments (Count)
Many older Christmas stamps remain available at post offices – Comments (Count)
Buffalo: USPS managers accused of doctoring letter carrier time cards (125 hours were removed) – Comments (Count)


Porch pirates swipe packages from a third of holiday shoppers – Comments (Count)
Bicyclist hit, critically injured in collision with postal truck – Comments (Count)
‘The best job I could have ever asked for’ – Comments (Count)
Postal worker grazed by bullet on Detroit’s west side – Comments (Count)
NALC Contract Update: Parties at impasse, discussing selection of neutral arbitrator – Comments (Count)
US Uniforms: Thorlo Buy 3 Get 1 Bonus Pair – Comments (Count)


Lithonia Post Office’s First Black Postal Clerk Retires After 35 Years – Comments (Count)
Police, Postal Inspectors Arrest Suspected Prolific Package Thief – Comments (Count)


USPS prepared for shorter peak season – Comments (Count)
Missing cremains finally delivered in blueberry box – Comments (Count)
More than 80 residents frustrated over ongoing mail issues – Comments (Count)
Amazon wants to ship you anything in 30 minutes – Comments (Count)


Hilarious moment as angry turkey harasses Wisconsin postal worker – Comments (Count)
USPS truck dumps mail on road in Escondido – Comments (Count)
Walmart delivery employees running into dogs, just like USPS – Comments (Count)
Mail from Afton crash has been recovered – Comments (Count)
California mailman’s jaw broken in vicious attack – Comments (Count)


FedEx did not pay income tax in 2018, and won’t fund new-hire pensions – Comments (Count)
Postal Inspectors ask for help in Charlotte mail thefts – Comments (Count)
Where does Direct Mail go in 2020 and beyond? – Comments (Count)
USPS increases reward to $25k for suspects in letter carrier robbery – Comments (Count)
Boise neighborhood protests relocation of post office – Comments (Count)
Tool time: Employees see savings from benefits changes – Comments (Count)


The Post Office is Getting a New CEO. Here’s What Could Change – Comments (Count)
CAGW: USPS’s non-stop bleeding could impact your holiday deliveries – Comments (Count)
Did USPS employees interfere with SeaTac City Council election? – Comments (Count)


USPS Operation Santa Starts on Monday – Comments (Count)
Thieves steal reader’s identity using USPS mail forwarding scam – Comments (Count)


Town sends out test letters to test mail service – Comments (Count)
APWU Fifth Update on Interest Arbitration Hearings – Comments (Count)
Hackers spoofing USPS to trap victims – Comments (Count)
USPS loses woman’s legs in the mail – Comments (Count)
USPS defends their record in Richmond – Comments (Count)


Postal Regulatory Commission Rejects Postal Service’s Planned 2020 Rate Increases – Comments (Count)


Postal Board Hires Firm to Find New PMG – Comments (Count)
Post Office historian publishes new book on the struggle to make banking democratic – Comments (Count) USPS inspector general reveals how manager stole $630,000 worth of postage stamps – Comments (Count)
Richmond has some of the worst mail delivery in the country, data shows – Comments (Count)


Amazon bars use of USPS delivery service for some seller-fulfilled goods – Comments (Count)
Worcester postal worker sentenced for trafficking cocaine via his mail route – Comments (Count)
Chicago: Woman finds box of mail in dumpster, says postal worker was seen dumping it  |  Residents outraged Comments (Count)
Sprint Perks Program for USPS Employees – Comments (Count)


Woman receives hundreds of thousands of dollars of checks in the mail – Comments (Count)
UPS enters flat-rate pricing battle with FedEx, USPS – Comments (Count)
Open Season 2019 is Here: November 11 – December 9 – Comments (Count)


Why do we get so much junk mail? – Comments (Count)
USPS mail truck knocked on its side in Sunday Victorville accident – Comments (Count)

11/10/19 shows its turnaround is gaining momentum – Comments (Count)


How new mailbox regulations encourage density – Comments (Count)
New information shows mercury spill at Coppell Mail Center was worse than USPS let on – Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Service Performance of Election and Political Mail 2018 – Comments (Count)
Holidays 2019: Postal Service Sunday Package Delivery Will Expand to Select Major Markets – Comments (Count)
Neighbors, postal worker help rescue Amherst woman from dog attack – Comments (Count)


NALC: Decision in Pay Consolidation Case – Comments (Count)
NALC: Case Consolidation Lawsuit Dismissed – Comments (Count)
Tree falls on mail truck, injuring one – Comments (Count)
Will the USPS see a decrease in holiday packages this year? – Comments (Count)
Massachusetts man accused of attacking postal worker for package of cocaine – Comments (Count)
Thieves Cashed in on Victims’ Mail in South Florida – Comments (Count)
NALC 132: Chaos and Catastrophe With Consolidated Casing – Comments (Count)


NALC Loses Bid to Stop Job Changes in Virginia – Comments (Count)
Carrier on Michigan’s 131-mile mail route is in it for the long haul – Comments (Count)
Australia Post Speeds Up Deliveries With New EDVs – Comments (Count)
Shanghai: Postal Savings Bank to Raise Up to $4.7B in World’s Third-Biggest IPO – Comments (Count)
Chicago: Mail stolen from USPS carts – Comments (Count)
USPS Ready to Deliver 800 Million Christmas Packages – Comments (Count)


Teen pulls fake gun on postal worker, tries to steal mail truck – Comments (Count)
USPS Board of Governors to Meet Nov. 14 – Comments (Count)
Nvidia will provide the USPS with AI tech to boost efficiency – Comments (Count)
Amazon’s Toy Catalog Just Dropped (By Mail)  |  Online Comments (Count)
VIDEO: PMG Brennan Updates Employees on Business – Comments (Count)


NPMHU: Make the Most of Open Season – Comments (Count)
Where Did America’s Mail Trucks Come From? – Comments (Count)
Postal Retirement Q&A November/December 2019 by Roseanne Jefferson – Comments (Count)


Russia: 83-year-old postwoman still works same mountain route – Comments (Count)
Hard work pays off for new postmaster in Independence – Comments (Count)
Teenager arrested in attempted robbery of USPS worker – Comments (Count)


Return to Sender? Just One Missed Letter Can Be Enough to End Medicaid Benefits – Comments (Count)
USPS, Regulator Pursue Different Paths in Fighting Court Ruling on Rate Hikes – Comments (Count)


Six carriers honored as NALC’s Heroes of the Year – Comments (Count)
Police: Man threatens postal worker inside locker room, steals winter coat – Comments (Count)
Escaped Python Found by Postal Worker – Comments (Count)
A red-ink-drenched Postal Service – Comments (Count)
APWU Health Plan – Comments (Count)
The Post Office Has a Lesson for Corporate America – Comments (Count)