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Post Office Fiddles While Its Mail Trucks Burn
10.21.2019 – reports: “Mail trucks are burning at an alarming rate, and the only people who seem to think it’s a problem are the letter carriers who must drive the aging vehicles. Twenty-six of the U.S. Postal Service’s aging Grumman LLV delivery trucks have caught fire so far this year. That makes 145 since 2014. If the mail truck were a vehicle model that consumers purchased from a dealer, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would have long ago launched an investigation and issued a recall.” – Comments (Count)

USPS Announces Retirement of PMG Brennan
10.16.2019 – USPS reports: “As Postmaster General, Brennan advanced technology and customer-centric strategies to invest in the future of the Postal Service and to shape growth opportunities for the organization and the industries it serves. These strategies encompassed better use of data and technology, improved speed-to-market of product and service innovations, continuously improved processes throughout the organization, and fully engaged and leveraged the talents of the organization’s 635,000-employee workforce.” – APWU Statement Postmaster general who was target of Trump’s ire announces retirement Comments (Count)


Amazon delivery driver’s vehicle stolen at gunpoint – Comments (Count)
Waterloo mail carrier hailed as hero – Comments (Count)
Hemingford Postmaster Celebrating Retirement – Comments (Count)
Postal clerk is honored for quick action in helping an elderly customer – Comments (Count)


FedEx, UPS begin the great last-mile delivery divergence – Comments (Count)
Composite drawing of man who robbed postal worker – Comments (Count)
Yet another mail truck catches fire and burns – Comments (Count)
Zebra lands $570 million USPS contract for 300,000 scanners – Comments (Count)
Kroger is working with USPS, UPS and FedEx to lure more shoppers to store – Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Customer Service, City Delivery and Vehicle Operations – Workload and Workforce Performance Indicators – Comments (Count)
$25K Reward Offered in Pompano Beach Postal Worker Robbery – Comments (Count)
Probation for Union Grove mail carrier accused of stealing Menards rebate cards from customers – Comments (Count)
Mail advertisements strewn across Florida highway after accident – Comments (Count)
Amazon now using its own branded tractor-trailers – Comments (Count)
Sonoma County post offices forced to close due to wildfires – Comments (Count)
Ex-USPS supervisor sentenced to 11 years for robbing mail trucks in L.A. – Comments (Count)


Postal worker pulls gun on car full of undercover cops – Comments (Count)
APWU Interest Arbitration Update #4 – Comments (Count)
California: Rolling Blackouts for Millions – Comments (Count)


Postal Employees Can Now Use LiteBlue to Request Unscheduled Leave – Comments (Count)
Dedicated postal worker retires after more than a million deliveries – Comments (Count)
Americans Are Still Receiving Unordered Packages from Asian E-Criminals – Comments (Count)
Mail mystery in Johns Creek as postal worker is under investigation – Comments (Count)
USPS employee accused of stealing phones from Portland mail distribution center – Comments (Count)


Philadelphia District Manager Serves Breakfast to Employees at Glenolden, PA for One Year Accident Free – Comments (Count)
NYC reaches $1.5 million settlement with postal worker who unwittingly gave directions to cop killer – Comments (Count)
Hudgins: Postal Service Board of Governors Need to Embrace Innovative Reforms – Comments (Count)
‘Washington Post’ sources say Trump wanted to fire PMG Brennan – Comments (Count)
VIDEO: APWU President Interest Arbitration Update – Comments (Count)
Postal sector powers China’s poverty reduction – Comments (Count)


Buffalo letter carriers create paw print warning signs – Comments (Count)
How you can help fight the illegal rate increase on Forever stamps – Comments (Count)
Dallas: Mail Delivery Affected for Residents After Tornado – Comments (Count)


California and NYC Sue USPS Over Foreign Cigarettes – Comments (Count)
2nd Suspect Arrested in Killing of Letter Carrier – Comments (Count)
PMG Retirement not a Surprise, as Governors Want Their Own Person – Comments (Count)
Postal worker tosses package with glass ornaments up steps – Comments (Count)
Chicago: Postal worker finds toddler wandering alone – Comments (Count), after ending USPS relationship, partners with UPS – Comments (Count)


Postal unions uneasy as USPS chief prepares to step down – Comments (Count)
Google affiliate begins drone deliveries in Virginia town – Comments (Count)
Postal worker recalls terrifying experience of being robbed at gunpoint in Canton – Comments (Count)
Might we see an end to free Priority Mail supplies? – Comments (Count)


Yet another Postal Service ‘cost savings initiative’ results in big expenses – Comments (Count)
Socastee mail carrier caught on camera tossing package – Comments (Count)


Chicago: Mail carrier shot with paintball gun – Comments (Count)
Postal banking needs to make a comeback in the US – Comments (Count)
Mail truck in shambles after accident – Comments (Count)
Cummings remembered as ‘true champion’ for federal workforce – Comments (Count)
Halloween decorations in Brentwood lead to mail delivery issue – Comments (Count)
Postal Service Looking to Hire 340 in Philadelphia for the Holidays – Comments (Count)
Developer balks at USPS mailbox policy – Comments (Count)


NALC mourns passing of Rep. Elijah Cummings – Comments (Count)
Postal carrier overwhelmed by birthday cards for ‘Courageous Carter’ – Comments (Count)
Bossier City neighborhood struggles with missing mail – Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Would you support reduced service standards if the USPS lowered costs? – Comments (Count)
Walmart to one up Amazon by delivering groceries straight to the refrigerator – Comments (Count)
Four postal workers accused of smuggling drugs at N. Charleston post office – Comments (Count)
APWU Interest Arbitration Update: APWU Presents Support Service Craft and Replies to USPS Financial Argument – Comments (Count)


UNACCOUNTABLE! USPS Punishes Almost No One for Bad Driving – Comments (Count)
Royal Mail Workers Vote to Strike in Blow to UK Postal Service – Comments (Count)
China says postal fees to rise after US complaint – Comments (Count)
Aspen: The challenges of moving mail – Comments (Count)
She couldn’t get her mail for months, then she turned to the news – Comments (Count)
Pitney Bowes Hit in Apparent Ransomware Attack – Comments (Count)


Car catches fire at post office – Comments (Count)
Wisconsin mail carrier plans for last day of deliveries – Comments (Count)
Postal worker delivers stellar performance, flown to LA to film USPS holiday TV commercial – Comments (Count)


Anonymous postal worker sent girl a sweet package after she addressed a letter to ‘God’ about her dog in heaven – Comments (Count)
A South Carolina mail carrier was gunned down on the job. A suspect is in custody, but questions linger – Comments (Count)


Amazon is firing its delivery firms following people’s deaths – Comments (Count)
Mail carriers endure cold, snow to guarantee deliveries – Comments (Count)
Leroy Richmond, postal worker who survived anthrax attack in 2001, dies – Comments (Count)


APWU Interest Arbitration Update: Management’s Financial Presentations – Comments (Count)
USPS Worker Steals $100K in Disability Benefits – Comments (Count)
Post Office would become a bank and offer a homebuyer assistance program under a Beto plan – Comments (Count)
Downtown Milwaukee post office eviction case tossed out by judge – Comments (Count)


Delivery scanning issues at the Stafford Post Office – Comments (Count)
Man accidentally shoots himself in the leg at post office – Comments (Count)
FedEx and UPS Could Benefit From Higher Postal Prices – Comments (Count)
Did postal worker steal Amazon package from porch? – Comments (Count)
Residents: USPS letter carrier is burning rubber on private road – Comments (Count)


Postal Service Announces New Prices for 2020 – Comments (Count)
Postal worker charged with making false police report about armed robbery at post office – Comments (Count)
APWU: Dimondstein Re-Elected National President – Comments (Count)
Postal Service problems in Silver Cliff – Comments (Count)


Post office employee finds two missing children in two weeks – Comments (Count)
Car crashes into Eau Claire post office – Comments (Count)
Hold the mail: Jeep recalls newer right-hand-drive Wranglers – Comments (Count)
USPS temporarily suspends package delivery due to porch pirates in Katy neighborhood – Comments (Count)


VIDEO: Another Inane ‘1st Amendment Audit’ at Post Office – Comments (Count)
Former postal employee sentenced in armed robbery of USPS truck – Comments (Count)
Postal Realty Strikes Another Deal for a USPS Portfolio – Comments (Count)
FedEx loses after Amazon ditch – will it recover? – Comments (Count)
UPU Compromise “A Huge Win” For US Small Business – Comments (Count)
Peoria USPS mail carrier celebrates 50 years of service – Comments (Count)
Chicago: Mailman chases after stolen mail truck | Left unlocked with the keys inside – Comments (Count)


Sisters haven’t seen their mother’s ashes since they were mailed months ago – Comments (Count)
Houston hacker redirects mail, steals banking information from Round Rock couple – Comments (Count)
The Bronx gets its 12th postmaster – Comments (Count)


USPS Store selling mail carrier costumes for kids – Comments (Count)
USPS spending more to deliver less, audit finds – Comments (Count)
Paper mail down, package shipping up – Comments (Count)


Communities and Postal Workers United Fall 2019 Newsletter (PDF) – Comments (Count)
CPC International Postal Update – Comments (Count)
Electronic Signatures Coming to USPS Deliveries – Comments (Count)
Portland: Shirtless woman takes mail truck on joyride, which ends in crash and arrest  |  Faces nine charges Comments (Count)


Postal Hub Podcast Episode 172: We Need to Talk About the USA – USPS and UPU – Comments (Count)
Does USPS’ Expedited Packaging Supplies Program Effectively Increase Revenues and Manage Costs? – Comments (Count)
New postmaster gets to work in Avon – Comments (Count)
Mail carrier with long-chain disability claim convicted – Comments (Count)
Hawarden woman retires from USPS – Comments (Count)
Loss of Parcel Select business could hit USPS hard, consultancy says – Comments (Count)
TSP Rates of Return September 2019 – Comments (Count)


USPS gathering $2 Jenny Inverts to sell through Stamp Fulfillment – Comments (Count)
New USPS truck contract worth $6.3 billion may be awarded in 2020 – Comments (Count)
Mom desperate for answers 1 year after pregnant postal worker Kierra Coles’ disappearance – Comments (Count)
$10K reward for information about men who stole from a postal vehicle – Comments (Count)
Update: Wilmette mail carrier under investigation for elder abuse – Comments (Count)


UPS gets FAA approval to operate an entire drone delivery airline – Comments (Count)
Most postal trucks don’t have AC. That’s bad news for birth control – Comments (Count)
APWU Workers Testify During Interest Arbitration Hearings – Comments (Count)
Update on NALC’s Case Consolidation Lawsuit – Comments (Count)