Postal News Archives October 2019


NALC mourns passing of Rep. Elijah Cummings – Comments (Count)
Postal carrier overwhelmed by birthday cards for ‘Courageous Carter’ – Comments (Count)
Bossier City neighborhood struggles with missing mail – Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Would you support reduced service standards if the USPS lowered costs? – Comments (Count)
Walmart to one up Amazon by delivering groceries straight to the refrigerator – Comments (Count)
Four postal workers accused of smuggling drugs at N. Charleston post office – Comments (Count)
APWU Interest Arbitration Update: APWU Presents Support Service Craft and Replies to USPS Financial Argument – Comments (Count)


UNACCOUNTABLE! USPS Punishes Almost No One for Bad Driving – Comments (Count)
Royal Mail Workers Vote to Strike in Blow to UK Postal Service – Comments (Count)
China says postal fees to rise after US complaint – Comments (Count)
Aspen: The challenges of moving mail – Comments (Count)
She couldn’t get her mail for months, then she turned to the news – Comments (Count)
Pitney Bowes Hit in Apparent Ransomware Attack – Comments (Count)


Car catches fire at post office – Comments (Count)
Wisconsin mail carrier plans for last day of deliveries – Comments (Count)
Postal worker delivers stellar performance, flown to LA to film USPS holiday TV commercial – Comments (Count)


Anonymous postal worker sent girl a sweet package after she addressed a letter to ‘God’ about her dog in heaven – Comments (Count)
A South Carolina mail carrier was gunned down on the job. A suspect is in custody, but questions linger – Comments (Count)


Amazon is firing its delivery firms following people’s deaths – Comments (Count)
Mail carriers endure cold, snow to guarantee deliveries – Comments (Count)
Leroy Richmond, postal worker who survived anthrax attack in 2001, dies – Comments (Count)


APWU Interest Arbitration Update: Management’s Financial Presentations – Comments (Count)
USPS Worker Steals $100K in Disability Benefits – Comments (Count)
Post Office would become a bank and offer a homebuyer assistance program under a Beto plan – Comments (Count)
Downtown Milwaukee post office eviction case tossed out by judge – Comments (Count)


Delivery scanning issues at the Stafford Post Office – Comments (Count)
Man accidentally shoots himself in the leg at post office – Comments (Count)
FedEx and UPS Could Benefit From Higher Postal Prices – Comments (Count)
Did postal worker steal Amazon package from porch? – Comments (Count)
Residents: USPS letter carrier is burning rubber on private road – Comments (Count)


Postal Service Announces New Prices for 2020 – Comments (Count)
Postal worker charged with making false police report about armed robbery at post office – Comments (Count)
APWU: Dimondstein Re-Elected National President – Comments (Count)
Postal Service problems in Silver Cliff – Comments (Count)


Post office employee finds two missing children in two weeks – Comments (Count)
Car crashes into Eau Claire post office – Comments (Count)
Hold the mail: Jeep recalls newer right-hand-drive Wranglers – Comments (Count)
USPS temporarily suspends package delivery due to porch pirates in Katy neighborhood – Comments (Count)


VIDEO: Another Inane ‘1st Amendment Audit’ at Post Office – Comments (Count)
Former postal employee sentenced in armed robbery of USPS truck – Comments (Count)
Postal Realty Strikes Another Deal for a USPS Portfolio – Comments (Count)
FedEx loses after Amazon ditch – will it recover? – Comments (Count)
UPU Compromise “A Huge Win” For US Small Business – Comments (Count)
Peoria USPS mail carrier celebrates 50 years of service – Comments (Count)
Chicago: Mailman chases after stolen mail truck | Left unlocked with the keys inside – Comments (Count)


Sisters haven’t seen their mother’s ashes since they were mailed months ago – Comments (Count)
Houston hacker redirects mail, steals banking information from Round Rock couple – Comments (Count)
The Bronx gets its 12th postmaster – Comments (Count)


USPS Store selling mail carrier costumes for kids – Comments (Count)
USPS spending more to deliver less, audit finds – Comments (Count)
Paper mail down, package shipping up – Comments (Count)


Communities and Postal Workers United Fall 2019 Newsletter (PDF) – Comments (Count)
CPC International Postal Update – Comments (Count)
Electronic Signatures Coming to USPS Deliveries – Comments (Count)
Portland: Shirtless woman takes mail truck on joyride, which ends in crash and arrest  |  Faces nine charges Comments (Count)


Postal Hub Podcast Episode 172: We Need to Talk About the USA – USPS and UPU – Comments (Count)
Does USPS’ Expedited Packaging Supplies Program Effectively Increase Revenues and Manage Costs? – Comments (Count)
New postmaster gets to work in Avon – Comments (Count)
Mail carrier with long-chain disability claim convicted – Comments (Count)
Hawarden woman retires from USPS – Comments (Count)
Loss of Parcel Select business could hit USPS hard, consultancy says – Comments (Count)
TSP Rates of Return September 2019 – Comments (Count)


USPS gathering $2 Jenny Inverts to sell through Stamp Fulfillment – Comments (Count)
New USPS truck contract worth $6.3 billion may be awarded in 2020 – Comments (Count)
Mom desperate for answers 1 year after pregnant postal worker Kierra Coles’ disappearance – Comments (Count)
$10K reward for information about men who stole from a postal vehicle – Comments (Count)
Update: Wilmette mail carrier under investigation for elder abuse – Comments (Count)


UPS gets FAA approval to operate an entire drone delivery airline – Comments (Count)
Most postal trucks don’t have AC. That’s bad news for birth control – Comments (Count)
APWU Workers Testify During Interest Arbitration Hearings – Comments (Count)
Update on NALC’s Case Consolidation Lawsuit – Comments (Count)