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Mail from Afton crash has been recovered - Comments (Count) 
California mailman's jaw broken in vicious attack - Comments (Count) 
FedEx did not pay income tax in 2018, and won't fund new-hire pensions - Comments (Count) 
Postal Inspectors ask for help in Charlotte mail thefts - Comments (Count) 
Where does Direct Mail go in 2020 and beyond? - Comments (Count) 
USPS increases reward to $25k for suspects in letter carrier robbery - Comments (Count) 
Boise neighborhood protests relocation of post office - Comments (Count) 
Tool time: Employees see savings from benefits changes - Comments (Count) 
The Post Office is Getting a New CEO. Here's What Could Change - Comments (Count) 
CAGW: USPS's non-stop bleeding could impact your holiday deliveries - Comments (Count) 
Did USPS employees interfere with SeaTac City Council election? - Comments (Count) 
USPS Operation Santa Starts on Monday - Comments (Count) 
Thieves steal reader's identity using USPS mail forwarding scam - Comments (Count) 
Town sends out test letters to test mail service - Comments (Count) 
APWU Fifth Update on Interest Arbitration Hearings - Comments (Count) 
Hackers spoofing USPS to trap victims - Comments (Count) 
USPS loses woman's legs in the mail - Comments (Count) 
USPS defends their record in Richmond - Comments (Count) 
Postal Regulatory Commission Rejects Postal Service's Planned 2020 Rate Increases - Comments (Count) 
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USPS Employee Resources
Roseanne Jefferson is happy to answer your postal retirement questions. - Recent - 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010
Postal Service records $8.8 billion loss for fiscal 2019
Farewell Bonus for PMG
11.14.2019 - reports: "The United States Postal Service's board of governors convened Nov. 14 with a quorum of presidentially appointed members for the first time since 2014. "It's a milestone for us," said board chairman Robert M. Duncan, who noted that a "temporary emergency" board had been overseeing the USPS. But the board's first public meeting produced little to cheer about because the USPS disclosed it recorded a staggering $8.8 billion loss in the 2019 fiscal year ended Sept. 30." ...but sales are growing - Losses double from last year - USPS statement - NALC - Comments (Count)
Post Office Fiddles While Its Mail Trucks Burn
10.21.2019 - reports: "Mail trucks are burning at an alarming rate, and the only people who seem to think it's a problem are the letter carriers who must drive the aging vehicles. Twenty-six of the U.S. Postal Service's aging Grumman LLV delivery trucks have caught fire so far this year. That makes 145 since 2014. If the mail truck were a vehicle model that consumers purchased from a dealer, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would have long ago launched an investigation and issued a recall." - Comments (Count)
Penalty Overtime Exclusion Period 2019 (Nov. 30 - Dec. 27)
APWU: Contract Negotiations Headed to Arbitration After Mediation Fails - Comments (Count)
NALC 132: Chaos and Catastrophe With Consolidated Casing - Comments (Count)
230 Post Offices to be Test Sites for Consolidated Casing - Comments (Count)
Tucson: USPS Plant Manager Celebrates Veterans Day
It's informed delivery, NOT guaranteed delivery
Random act of kindness
USPS semi takes off!
It's a Package Car!!!
The letters of MAILMAN
Huntington Beach
When it's almost 10 AM... - Comments (Count)
USPS Bringing the Holidays Home
Postal Holidays 2019
January 1 - New Year's Day (Tue)
January 21 - Martin Luther King Jr. birthday (Mon)
February 18 - Washington's Birthday (Mon)
May 27 - Memorial Day (Mon)
July 4 - Independence Day (Thu)
September 2 - Labor Day (Mon)
October 14 - Columbus Day (Mon)
November 11 - Veterans Day (Mon)
November 28 - Thanksgiving Day (Thu)
December 25 - Christmas Day (Wed)

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