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Letter: Postal workers enter field with little training - Comments (Count)
You can mail a coconut to anywhere in the world from this post office in Hawaii - Comments (Count)
In Colorado mountain towns, the U.S. Post Office no longer delivers like it used to - Comments (Count)
Fentanyl from China to U.S., marijuana from U.S. to China - Comments (Count)
NALC: House resolution supporting door delivery reaches majority of support - Comments (Count)
Australia Post delivery driver is caught urinating in a pot plant - Comments (Count)
Sedan crashes into Cotuit Post Office  |  Woman arrested after crashing car into Indianapolis post office - Comments (Count)
Amazon's new contracts could displace other e-commerce delivery - Comments (Count)
Understanding Next Week's Postal Rate Hike - Comments (Count)
Deweyville family says mail carrier killed their dog - Comments (Count)
Cranwood post office to temporarily relocate following car crash - Comments (Count)
Postal worker retiring after working 37 years in Seal Beach - Comments (Count)
USPS changes parcel pricing strategy, shipping impact unclear - Comments (Count)
Uber says it will start delivering food by drone in San Diego this summer - Comments (Count)
New video of Florida stolen mail truck police chase - Comments (Count)
Senators Urge USPS to Swiftly Improve Albuquerque Post Office Facilities - Comments (Count)
Confessions of a USPS worker: Delivering Amazon packages 'till we drop' - Comments (Count)
OIG: USPS Must Better Manage Its Cyber Funds - Comments (Count)
Van crashes into Palm Springs post office - Comments (Count)
Postal workers caught throwing packages over fence at Florida City home - Comments (Count)
Apartment mailboxes broken for six months at Denver complex - Comments (Count)
What should Congress expect from USPS' new 'business plan'? - Comments (Count)
USPS on the hunt for more mail carriers - Comments (Count)
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USPS Employee Resources
Roseanne Jefferson is happy to answer your postal retirement questions.
Jonathan Lowe pens a monthly audiobooks review column.
Postal Service Wants to Slash Benefits for Postal Workers
6.18.2019 - HuffPost reports: "The change to pension contributions would amount to a cut in take-home pay for hundreds of thousands of workers, while saving the agency nearly $7 billion. The change in employee leave policy would combine vacation with sick days, likely resulting in fewer overall days off for workers. That element is estimated to save the agency more than $5 billion." - Comments (Count)
APWU: Contract Negotiations Headed to Arbitration After Mediation Fails - Comments (Count)
230 Post Offices to be Test Sites for Consolidated Casing - Comments (Count)
Just ruined this USPS driver's day.
Stack that DPS over by the left side door.
Rain, shine or ice cream time!
USPS Honors George H.W. Bush With Forever Stamp
You can find us almost anywhere, even in the middle of the Mojave Desert
UPS electric trucks to be tested in London and Paris
Knickerbocker Station, NY
Toutle, Washington Post Office
When that package you thought wouldn't fit in the box, fits in the box!
Time for a detour on my route
No matter where you are, we always deliver to you.
Rose, NY Post Office
Why you wear high socks to work
After 42 years with the USPS and sending 5 kids to college!
Honorary mail carrier
School bus vs mail truck. School bus won
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