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USPS OIG: Would you support reduced service standards if the USPS lowered costs? - Comments (Count)
Walmart to one up Amazon by delivering groceries straight to the refrigerator - Comments (Count)
Four postal workers accused of smuggling drugs at N. Charleston post office - Comments (Count)
APWU Interest Arbitration Update: APWU Presents Support Service Craft and Replies to USPS Financial Argument - Comments (Count)
UNACCOUNTABLE! USPS Punishes Almost No One for Bad Driving - Comments (Count)
Royal Mail Workers Vote to Strike in Blow to UK Postal Service - Comments (Count)
China says postal fees to rise after US complaint - Comments (Count)
Aspen: The challenges of moving mail - Comments (Count)
She couldn't get her mail for months, then she turned to the news - Comments (Count)
Pitney Bowes Hit in Apparent Ransomware Attack - Comments (Count)
Car catches fire at post office - Comments (Count)
Wisconsin mail carrier plans for last day of deliveries - Comments (Count)
Postal worker delivers stellar performance, flown to LA to film USPS holiday TV commercial - Comments (Count)
Anonymous postal worker sent girl a sweet package after she addressed a letter to 'God' about her dog in heaven - Comments (Count)
A South Carolina mail carrier was gunned down on the job. A suspect is in custody, but questions linger - Comments (Count)
Amazon is firing its delivery firms following people's deaths - Comments (Count)
Mail carriers endure cold, snow to guarantee deliveries - Comments (Count)
Leroy Richmond, postal worker who survived anthrax attack in 2001, dies - Comments (Count)
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USPS Employee Resources
Roseanne Jefferson is happy to answer your postal retirement questions. - Recent - 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010
How a Broken Pay System Forced Postal Supervisors to Take USPS to Court
9.30.2019 - GovExec reports: "NAPS went to court because the Postal Service has violated the law's requirement that it pay managers and supervisors a salary comparable to the pay of their private sector counterparts and that it pay them more than the workers they supervise. These managers and supervisors help to assure the prompt and efficient delivery of mail and the reliability of postal operations." - Comments (Count)
UPU endorses compromise to let US set prices for incoming foreign mail
9.25.2019 - Linn's Stamp News reports: "The day after the Universal Postal Union rejected a Trump administration plan for dealing with a flood of mostly Chinese packages, it overwhelmingly endorsed a compromise plan that will allow the United States -- not the UPU -- to set the prices for incoming foreign mail. "This is a big deal," declared Peter Navarro, who led President Trump's assault on the current international mail system." - NYT: US will remain in treaty after emergency talks - Comments (Count)
Penalty Overtime Exclusion Period 2019 (Nov. 30 - Dec. 27)
APWU: Contract Negotiations Headed to Arbitration After Mediation Fails - Comments (Count)
230 Post Offices to be Test Sites for Consolidated Casing - Comments (Count)
USPS USS Missouri Stamp Event
Enjoy your holiday, we'll be waiting for you tomorrow
Postal vehicle stuck in the grass
"He's friendly"
6ix9ine: Carriers are scanning already passed, when they haven't
Supervisor: Your leave request was denied
Pups on duty
Not sure this uniform is regulation
Comedy: We have email and the Post Office at the same time
When you see a customer's new larger mailbox
My post office lady hates me
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