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Senator pushes Amazon for details about Ring doorbell "partnerships" with police - Comments (Count)
Customer says he felt abandoned by postal workers during armed robbery - Comments (Count)
Disabled couple denied door delivery by USPS - Comments (Count)
Levittown postal workers honored for 'a million miles' without accidents - Comments (Count)
Court: USPS Missouri letter carrier's suit against PMG alleging Rehabilitation Act violations can move forward - Comments (Count)
Boris has Brexit, Trump has Pexit - Comments (Count)
Kobe! USPS worker caught on video yeeting package across Minneapolis lawn - Comments (Count)
Postal Banking: Has Bernie Sanders ever been inside a post office before? - Comments (Count)
Mail carrier delivers a stamped coconut to the San Diego Opera - Comments (Count)
The Universal Postal Union: Why Its Upcoming Extraordinary Congress Is A Big Deal - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Mail Delivery Issues - Ypsilanti Main Post Office (PDF) - Comments (Count)
Federal retirement plans spared, again - Comments (Count)
Former varsity football player now delivers for the USPS - Comments (Count)
How fentanyl flowed through the USPS and across the southern border - Comments (Count)
Carrier Scanner Safety Messages - Comments (Count)
Letter Carrier Mary Granados laid to her final rest  |  $47,000 raised - Comments (Count)
Asbestos removal closing a south Minneapolis post office for more than a week - Comments (Count)
USPS employees know these 9 interesting post office facts... do you? - Comments (Count)
New TSP Options Available September 15th - Comments (Count)
U.S. lawmakers demand Amazon cut last-mile contractor ties - Comments (Count)
APWU: Postal workers will serve as key witnesses in next arbitration session - Comments (Count)
Slain postal worker's family receives special recognition in Louisiana - Comments (Count)
Theft ring pried $300K in checks from USPS mailboxes in 5 N.J. counties - Comments (Count)
WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: USPS worker pinned by out of control car at back of mail truck - Comments (Count)
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Court Rules Postal Service's Largest-Ever Price Increase is Illegal
9.13.2019 - GovExec reports: "The five-cent increase -- a 10% jump -- was the largest-ever hike for a stamp and the largest by percentage since 1995. The court, in an opinion written by Circuit Judge Neomi Rao, a Trump appointee who formerly worked in the White House as director of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, called the hike "remarkable" and lacking in justification." - Will prices now drop? - DC Circuit grants postal watchdog's challenge to PRC's approval of rate hike - Comments (Count)
NALC Files Lawsuit on Consolidated Casing Initiative
8.29.2019 - NALC reports: "NALC today filed a lawsuit against the Postal Service in the federal district court in Washington D.C. The suit asks the court to issue an injunction stopping the Postal Service from continuing its Consolidated Casing Initiative until NALC's pending national level grievance is resolved. The grievance over consolidated casing is presently scheduled for arbitration in December. Further developments will be reported as they occur." - Letter Carriers Sue - Shake-Up Alarms Union of Mail Carriers: Extreme exhaustion, physical pain and mental stress - Comments (Count)
APWU: Contract Negotiations Headed to Arbitration After Mediation Fails - Comments (Count)
230 Post Offices to be Test Sites for Consolidated Casing - Comments (Count)
Carrier throws package down driveway on Amazon Sunday
Solitaire! - Comments (Count)
Old mail truck does donuts in burnout competition
300 gather for USPS career conference in Springfield
Received in damaged condition
If you've never had this tan, did you ever carry mail?
Hurricane Proof
Postal trucks gas up ahead of hurricane
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