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USPS to Implement New Service Standards October 1st - Comments (Count)
USPS Must Analyze Injury-Related Data Based on Career Status, GAO Says - Comments (Count)
Whole New LiteBlue - Comments (Count)
Video captures two crooks stealing mail from Miami-Dade condo - Comments (Count)
Postal Service Betting on Higher Inflation Through 2024 - Comments (Count)
Houston: Postal worker shoots man after argument near Midtown - Comments (Count)
USPS employee from Jersey City admits stealing $35K worth of cell phones from mail - Comments (Count)
Amazon plans to hire 125,000 workers with an average $18 hour per hour salary and sign-on bonuses up to $3,000 at certain locations - Comments (Count)
Port Huron Rural Carrier Achieves Impressive Milestone - Comments (Count)
Post office inspectors investigating after apparent break-in at E. Houston location - Comments (Count)
USPS to Raise Rates Twice a Year - Comments (Count)
Postal worker caught on camera throwing, kicking packages - Comments (Count)
Postal worker finds body in Benton County - Comments (Count)
Post office disruptions continue to impact Summit County residents amid staffing shortages - Comments (Count)
Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index Reveals 37 Percent Parcel Volume Growth in US for 2020 - Comments (Count)
Neighbors concerned that local mail carrier accused of urinating on mailbox still works route - Comments (Count)
Workhorse voluntarily dismisses its legal challenge to USPS contract - Comments (Count)
I worked as a mail carrier: My boss accused me of "malicious compliance" - Comments (Count)
Postal Service responds to complaints of slow mail delivery in DC - Comments (Count)
A wave of e-commerce logistics startups is threatening to break the UPS and FedEx duopoly - Comments (Count)
Bartlesville postal clerk retires after nearly 40 years - Comments (Count)
New polystyrene cooler insert for Priority Mail Express box is available for mailing perishables - Comments (Count)
Postal worker caught with fake drive-out tags and marijuana, police say - Comments (Count)
Court Appears to Favor Allowing Large Postal Service Price Hikes - Comments (Count)
Mail strewn on road after mail truck crashes with SUV - Comments (Count)
Video game delivers mail in sleepy village in Oregon | Lake Review - Comments (Count)
The postal service in Anchorage predates the city itself - Comments (Count)
Boat that delivers mail on Detroit River hosts first wedding - Comments (Count)
Kilpatrick honored for 40 years with USPS - Comments (Count)
Stock up on USPS Priority Mail packaging now - Comments (Count)
Post office rejects landscaping help - Comments (Count)
Connecticut: Motorcyclist dies after collision with Postal vehicle - Comments (Count)
National Postal Museum: The World Trade Center Attack - Comments (Count)
USPS Service Performance Improvements Continue Across All Mail Categories - Comments (Count)
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USPS Issues Statement on COVID-19 Vaccines
9.17.2021 - USPS reports: "We are working closely with our union leadership so that once OSHA's COVID-19 Vaccination Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) is issued we can move quickly to determine its applicability to our employees and how best to implement." - Wait-and See - FACT CHECK: Postal workers to follow OSHA vaccine guidance, White House says - USPS says vaccination, testing requirements subject to 'mandatory' union negotiations - NALC: Currently it is unclear... - APWU: Waiting to see if rules apply - So is the Post Office subject to Biden's vax mandate or not? - Confusion - FOX News - White House clarifies USPS workers will be subject to vaccine mandate - Some Greater Cincinnati postal workers unhappy about mandate - Comments (Count)
Postal Service to Hire 100,000 Employees in 2021
8.26.2021 - reports: "The hiring campaign started in January of 2021 and will continue into January of 2022, said Dave Partenheimer, a postal spokesman. USPS is looking to stop the bleeding on attrition while also engaging in an annual hiring spree to prepare for the upcoming holiday season, the mailing agency's busiest time of the year." - Comments (Count)
Significant USPS Rate Hike Will Move Forward This Month After Court Rejects Request for Pause
8.24.2021 - reports: "USPS will raise rates for regular, First-Class mail by 6.8% and for package services by 8.8%. A standard stamp will go from $0.55 to $0.58. Large-scale mail users are suing the Postal Service and the Postal Regulatory Commission, arguing the authority postal management used to implement the rate increase is unlawful." - Starting this weekend - Comments (Count)
Postal Service to Move Ahead With Mail Delivery Plan
8.09.2021 - Linn's Stamp News reports: "The United States Postal Service is pressing ahead with Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's 10-year plan to slow mail deliveries despite the efforts of two new members of the Postal Service's board of governors to derail the controversial proposal." - USPS Statement - USPS Finalizes Plan - Starts Oct. 1 - Here's Where Mail Will Slow Down - Federal Register Notice (PDF) - Comments (Count)
I always feel like somebody's watching me
Crate challenge USPS style
When the back pay hits the account
How your route look when you come back from vacation
You'll be back in eight though right?
They tryna kill us lmao
I think this is illegal but I love USPS
Here comes my favorite letter carrier Shaun!
Me walking past the house that has a 15-day vacation hold, but...
Lost Packages
When you pull up at yo job...
Delivering to an old folks home be like...
Rural carriers vs. city carriers
Tips for new CCAs
Wana go grab some lunch?
USPS New Routes @uspstv
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- Temporary Additional Paid Leave for CCAs (PDF)
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- Return to Work Instructions (Jan 28, 21) (PDF)
- Extension of MOUs (May 22) (PDF)
- Sick Leave for Dependent Care (PDF)
- Temporary Additional Paid Leave (PDF)
- Sick Leave for Dependent Care (PDF)
- Temporary Additional Paid Leave for RCAs
COVID-19 Resources
- COVID-19 Dashboard John Hopkins
"Stand Back" sign for postal vehicles, by AngryMan (not official - click to see full size, right click to download)

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