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Anamailer is probably tied to September 11th
FBI analysis suggesting anthrax mailer is domestic may be wrong

By Tom Wakefield, 11 November 2001
Dallas - The growing consensus among FBI officials that the anthrax mailer is a domestic terrorist may be wrong, according to an analysis by PostalMag.com’s Tom Wakefield. FBI profilers have developed a profile of the bioterrorist that seems largely based on the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski. In addition, an analysis of the words written on the anthrax-tainted envelopes and letters seems to be skewed to known facts about the Unabomber. The profile of the Anamailer, which was recently released by FBI officials, describes the perpetrator as a loner male who has little contact with the public, lacks social skills, is a nonconfrontational person who holds grudges, is familiar with the Trenton, N.J. area, and has a scientific background. James R. Fitzgerald, who heads the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, has stated that the linguistic and behavioral findings have prompted the FBI to look "in the direction of that (the perpetrator) being domestic." The FBI's overall analysis, however, seems to read into some insignificant clues, while ignoring blatantly obvious clues. The anthrax-tainted envelopes and enclosed letters are pictured below.
Anthrax Letters
A few initial observations:
  • The Anamailer probably used an envelope with pre-printed postage to reduce the chances of leaving forensic clues (licking stamp, leaving prints by affixing stamp, etc.) Does a postal clerk remember selling such envelopes to someone wearing gloves?
  • The Anamailer probably handled the letters and envelopes with gloves. This, in part, accounts for the block letters and the uneven and downward slant on the envelopes.
  • Linguistics experts point to the Daschle letter with the word "building" on a separate line. They say that this could suggest a foreign person unfamiliar with addressing envelopes in the U.S. Another explanation is that the Anamailer does not normally address envelopes in big, block letters and simply ran out of room.
  • Some experts have suggested that the dates 09-11-01 offer clues, since the Anamailer used dashes instead of slants, and 09 instead of 9. The date format could indicate that the Anamailer has spent some time in the United States as the format month/day/year is prevalent in the U.S. In some European countries the format used is day/month/year (11/09/2001). The format varies in  other countries around the world.
  • The text in the three letters is limited to avoid leaving tell-tale clues of the Anamailer's identity. Nevertheless, wording indicates that English is a second language for the Anamailer ("THIS IS NEXT", "CAN NOT"). The phrase "YOU DIE NOW" is especially indicative and could possibly be the way a person who speaks Arabic might phrase the statement.
  • The references to Penacilin (though misspelled) may indicate that the Anamailer himself used Penicillin to protect against anthrax, as opposed to using Cipro or another antibiotic. Some experts have said the misspelling was deliberate, but why would someone misspell a word? The Unabomber didn't go out of his way to misspell in his manifesto. More probably, the misspelling indicates that the word is indeed confusing to spell and that the Anamailer probably didn't have access to a dictionary. More on this later in the article. (The Anamailer lived in temporary quarters just for the mission).
The envelopes and letters do not indicate that the Anamailer is domestic. Nor do they indicate many of the other general traits attributed to the Anamailer by the FBI.

Instead, facts and circumstances point to an Arabic person connected to the events of September 11th as the perpetrator of the anthrax letters. Among key points:

  • The anthrax letters were mailed soon after the events of September 11th, indicating a unified attack. The letters contained the words "DEATH TO AMERICA", "DEATH TO ISRAEL", and "ALLAH IS GREAT". FBI officials, who always look for a motive, are missing the key point here. The motive is written in bold, block letters. Some in the FBI have stated that these phrases are an attempt by the Anamailer to "throw off" authorities. However, the Unabomber never tried to portray his motive as something else to "throw off" authorities.
  • FBI officials suggest that the perpetrator is an "opportunist" who just happened to have a supply of anthrax laying around the house in anticipation of an opportunity such as the events of September 11th. But who could have anticipated these events, or other equally horrifying events? Each American, and the Anamailer, could have gone a lifetime without seeing such events.
  • Overall, the Anamailer's objective and motive was to instill terror in America and disrupt America's way of life. Specifically, the Anamailer selected the National Enquirer to make a point. The tabloid National Enquirer has not been kind to Osama bin Laden. Moreover, the National Enquirer is known for delving into the sick underside of celebrities and American figures. Someone, (an Arabic) might see the National Enquirer as a symbol of a sick America. Recall the scene in the movie Three Kings where the American soldier played by Mark Wahlberg is captured and tortured. The Iraqi who tortures the soldier brings up Michael Jackson as a symbol of a sick America.
  • Moreover, it appears that the motive behind the anthrax mailings was to disrupt the American economy, just as this was part of the motive behind the events of September 11th.
  • The letters are all symbolically dated 09-11-01, the same date as the hijackings.
  • Some of the hijackers of September 11th had connections to New Jersey, the place where the anthrax letters were mailed. New Jersey is directly adjacent to New York, where the Twin Towers were and where at least two of the letters were mailed to. Some of the hijackers had connections to Florida, the place where the National Enquirer's American Media is located. The connections between the events of September 11th and the anthrax mailings are mainly geographically specific to Florida and New York/New Jersey and nearby Boston and Washington D.C. These connections are more than a coincidence. Furthermore, it is more than a coincidence that this so-called "opportunist" just happened to live in the New Jersey area, as opposed to Montana, California, Idaho or some other location in the U.S.
  • Mohamed Atta, the so-called ringleader of the September 11th hijackings, is said to have visited a drugstore seeking treatment for hand lesions (possibly caused by anthrax). Atta, who coordinated the individual cells in their hijackings may have also coordinated with the Anamailer.
Based on the conjecture above and known facts about Osama bin Laden's terror network, a more likely scenario emerges. Several years ago bin Laden and his top aides were discussing how to attack America. They realized their options were limited since they had limited military resources and America was thousands of miles away. One of the options surely discussed was a nuclear, biological, or chemical attack on America. This option presented one of the very few means to attack America. Bin Laden directed his organization to find a committed individual, who preferably had a medical or scientific background, to travel to America and wait for the time of the coordinated attack. The individual, with possibly no more than one or two others, was (were) probably recruited from Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, countries that have individuals with access to American and European universities (including those with medical and scientific studies). This person(s) traveled to America (just like the September 11th hijackers) and found a quiet out-of-the way modest one-bedroom apartment in the New Jersey area. There, with financing from bin Laden's network, he (and possibly others) either developed the anthrax spores in the apartment or was supplied with them from a go-between such as Atta. Then, after the initial shock of the events of September 11th had been realized, the Anamailer went into action by mailing the anthrax-tainted letters, thusly beginning the second wave of terror attacks. The effects were just as insidious as the first.

The FBI states that it is not like Osama bin Laden to not claim responsibility for terror attacks, thusly it must be someone else. But bin Laden has two reasons for not claiming responsibility. First, the nature of the anthrax attacks are compounded by the fact that we don't know who it is. It is part of the terror. Now we are looking inward at a domestic possibility. America would find some assurance if we knew for certain that it was bin Laden since that is who we are seeking in Afghanistan. Second, bin Laden may not want to escalate retaliation. Iraq was warned by the United States during the Persian Gulf War not to employ nuclear, biological or chemical agents against coalition forces with the threat of having such capabilities used against them (Iraq). Similarly, bin Laden doesn't want the United States to feel justified in using such capabilities against him. In reality, nuclear, biological or chemical attacks are bin Laden's biggest threats. Nuclear bombs could collapse the cave(s) he is hiding in and biological or chemical agents could be used to poison the cave's air and water supply.

So what has become of the Anamailer? The lethality of the letters could suggest that the Anamailer succumbed to his own poison. After all, his dwelling (with all his belongings and clothes), and his car are probably infected with anthrax spores. Perhaps the Anamailer survived, since there is a possibility that he used the readily available Penicillin to protect against anthrax. If he is still alive there is a great possibility that he has returned to his homeland of Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. (After the anthrax mailings in America, several anthrax-tainted letters were received in Pakistan).

Though the FBI is still pursuing all possibilities, the FBI should assume that the anthrax mailings are related to the events of September 11th unless and until concrete evidence points to other sources.

Date Format Used By Anamailer is East Coast
By Tom Wakefield, PostalMag.com
The date format used by the anthrax mailer (Anamailer) in letters to Senator Daschle, Tom Brokaw, and the editor of the New York Post suggests an East Coast (USA) connection. An analysis of recent orders at PostalMag.com indicates the date format 00-00-00 is more prevalent on the East Coast and the date format 00/00/00 is more prevalent west of the Mississippi River. The Anamailer included the date 09-11-01 in the letters. Experts, lacking solid clues and leads, speculated the date format used indicated someone that possibly worked with computers or a related field. Tom Wakefield (president of PostalMag.com) believes that too much is being made of the date format and that no relevant clues can be discerned from the fact. However, the East Coast date format is consistent with where the letters were mailed from and where they were mailed to. Wakefield believes the date format preferences can be explained by differences between the established Eastern U.S. and the newer Western frontier states. (The 00-00-00 format is consistent with the old(er) economy of the established Eastern United States. The 00/00/00 format is more consistent with the new(er) economy of newer-established states west of the Mississippi.) Wakefield notes that a small sample set was used and that further investigation needs to be conducted using a larger sample.



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