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January 2018
Local postmaster transitions to retirement - Comments (Count)
Strako is new USPS marketing vice president overseeing stamp program - Comments (Count)
$25,000 Reward for Information About Who Robbed Dallas Mailman - Comments (Count)
USPS employee marks 50 years of federal service - Comments (Count)
Postal Views Podcast #78 (USPS Community Blues) - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: Porch Pirate Breaks Leg While Stealing Packages - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: The Postman's Shuffle - Comments (Count)
EEOC Administrative Judge Awards $250,000 to Disabled USPS Employee - Comments (Count)
Family of postal worker killed in Fayetteville collision wants answers - Comments (Count)
Safe Postal Carriers Honored in Aurora - Comments (Count)
Three Queens Congress Members Call on Head of USPS to Improve Borough Service - Comments (Count)
Breaking the cycle: Cyclists demand city stop USPS from parking on new bike lane - Comments (Count)
The Postal Service Gets a New Real Estate Provider - Comments (Count)
Nuns miss months of mail after address change - Comments (Count)
Phoenix: USPS looking for suspects who stole vehicle with mail inside - Comments (Count)
Two suspects sought after mail carrier robbed in Dallas - Comments (Count)
Amazon Expands Delivery Trial That Could Hurt FedEx, UPS - Comments (Count)
Mailman in Italy stashed half-ton of mail in his garage, police say - Comments (Count)
Temporary Emergency Committee of the Postal Board of Governors to Meet February 9 - Comments (Count)
APWU: President Dimondstein Talks About Voluntary Early Retirement - Comments (Count)
NALC: Food Drive Task No. 1: Register - Comments (Count)
Fairlawn residents fed up with mail delivery issues - Comments (Count)
'You've heard of the Bridge to Nowhere? This is the Post Office for No One!' - Comments (Count)
'It's a scream I'll never forget, says witness who helped mail carrier being attacked - Comments (Count)
Man points gun at North Memphis mail carrier - Comments (Count)
Got mail? Fargo/West Fargo residents say not always - Comments (Count)
St. Louis mail carrier says she was bullied at work - Comments (Count)
PRC Issues 2017 Annual Report to the President and Congress (PDF) - Comments (Count)
Postal worker in Kansas City caught on camera dumping mail in the woods - Comments (Count)
Stacks of mail delivered to wrong homes in Sugar Land - Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Inbound ePackets Cost Attribution - Comments (Count)
Suspect disguised as mailman leads violent Philly home invasion - Comments (Count)
Armed witness disrupts attempted sexual assault of mail carrier - Comments (Count)
Maserati-Driving Postman Busted for Stealing Credit Cards in 'Sock Man' Scheme - Comments (Count)
Time card scandal involves more than a dozen post offices in Boston - Comments (Count)
China exploits USPS as opioid shipments surge - Comments (Count)
Canada Post to end community mailbox conversions, but won't restore door-to-door - Comments (Count)
Postal Worker Honored for Rescuing Elderly Woman From Burning Home - Comments (Count)
Three Congress Members Demand Mail Problems Be Addressed in Queens - Comments (Count)
Last 'Special Delivery Messenger' Retires After 53 Years - Comments (Count)
Are whistleblowers being targeted at a Manassas Post Office? - Comments (Count)
Postal truck backs into pedestrians in Manhattan, injuring three  |  3 miraculously survive, driver faces charges  |  Shocking Footage - Comments (Count)
Some in Gretna have been without reliable mail service for two years - Comments (Count)
USPS helps woman keep her mother from losing $500 in scam - Comments (Count)
Brooklyn postal worker who stole gift cards to buy sex toys pleads guilty - Comments (Count)
Mont Alto post office shut down after pickup crashes into building - Comments (Count)
Louisiana postman admits he stole veterans' medication - Comments (Count)
Postal Views Podcast #77 (In a USPS State of Mind) - Comments (Count)
Slain postal worker honored with memorial - Comments (Count)
343 Apple Computers Stolen by Postal Contractor in Alaska - Comments (Count)
Friends and family plan vigil to honor slain postal worker - Comments (Count)
USPS issues statement on operations during government shut down - Comments (Count)
Man arrested for mail theft and 'stink bombing' - Comments (Count)
Former Fitchburg letter carrier, feeling stressed, fails to deliver 758 pieces - Comments (Count)
Car crashes through post office in Cape Cod - Comments (Count)
Postal worker claims $4 million prize from lottery scratcher - Comments (Count)
Neighbors throw party for beloved postman, 'Mr. Bill' - Comments (Count)
Rep. Meeks calls for 'congressional oversight' of postal service - Comments (Count)
Continuing postal problems in Westchester - Comments (Count)
Postal carrier saves the life of a stranger - Comments (Count)
Where's the mail? Newburgh residents go days without mail service - Comments (Count)
Mail carrier honored for heroic actions - Comments (Count)
Mail truck crashes into house - Comments (Count)
Mail issues add another level of frustration to Montecito evacuees - Comments (Count)
Deputies search for man who snatched wedding ring from postal worker - Comments (Count)
USPS tops Gallup poll favorite agency list once again - Comments (Count)
Feds say letter carrier from Worcester caught delivering cocaine in Marlboro - Comments (Count)
The Postal Service is Hiring Hundreds in the Denver Area - Comments (Count)
APWU: $36 Million Settlement for Violations Regarding Sales Retention Teams - Comments (Count)
Rolando: Another view of the U.S. Postal Service - Comments (Count)
What a government shutdown this Friday would mean  |  Archives: Mail deliveries will continue as usual - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: USPS mail carrier delivers in subzero temperatures - Comments (Count)
NALC: CCA Back Pay Update - Comments (Count)
Postal Service carriers have a cold job this time of year - Comments (Count)
10News gets results for neighborhood having mail delivery issues - Comments (Count)
NALC: Legal claims challenging 2017 ratification have been dismissed - Comments (Count)
Ice jam floods Johnson Post Office - Comments (Count)
Sears was the original mail order giant - Comments (Count)
East Oakland mail carrier the glue holding 'hood together - Comments (Count)
Retired postal worker from South Bend laughs at winter's bitter cold - Comments (Count)
Video: Dozens of USPS mail trucks in Oakland vandalized with graffiti - Comments (Count)
Congresswoman urges USPS to fix mail issues in Ypsilanti - Comments (Count)
Postal Service breaks its silence on criticism of Amazon shipping agreement - Comments (Count)
Polson postal contractors arrested for trafficking meth on their routes - Comments (Count)
Sprint Saturday January 13th for Postal Employees - Comments (Count)
Postal Vehicle Flips Over - Comments (Count)
Former Postal Carrier Admits Burning US Mail for Months - Comments (Count)
There's more than one reason why the USPS is losing money - Comments (Count)
40 USPS trucks tagged with graffiti in Oakland - Comments (Count)
Mail delivery issues left unresolved in Hampden - Comments (Count)
Mailbox bank broken into overnight - Comments (Count)
APWU: Warning! Voluntary Early Retirement Has Potential Side Effects - Comments (Count)
Bezos richest person ever? - Comments (Count)
US must pay postal worker $21,000 for slip-and-fall injury - Comments (Count)
Island postmaster retires after 32 years in USPS - Comments (Count)
Mail inspectors are finding drugs in 880 percent more packages this year - Comments (Count)
Letter carriers in Media join million mile club - Comments (Count)
Queens residents say mail's been MIA since snowstorm - Comments (Count)
Rolando at The Hill: The Postal Service: A service Americans should appreciate - Comments (Count)
Postal worker discovers 'community gun' in Cincinnati mailbox - Comments (Count)
Investigators found 40 pounds of pot in Kansas mailman's postal vehicle - Comments (Count)
Amazon And The "Fake" Delivery Attempt - Comments (Count)
Sellers Deal With USPS Online Postage Crackdown - Comments (Count)
NALC responds to White House tweet on the Postal Service - Comments (Count)
Post Office catches up as weather allows - Comments (Count)
Davenport USPS workers suffer winter weather injuries - Comments (Count)
Postal Bulletin: USPS Updates RIF Info (Page 13, PDF) - Comments (Count)
Postage Due Comic Strip Week 10 - Comments (Count)
Postal Service, Census Bureau mull plan to use letter carriers for 2020 count - Comments (Count)
Overwhelmed by mail thefts in Broken Arrow - Comments (Count)
FedEx is not certified mail, court rules - Comments (Count)
Postal Service: We're fighting opioid crisis - Comments (Count)
2-Alarm fire causes significant damage to Millersville post office - Comments (Count)
Mail delivery halted in portion of Rocky River due to 'aggressive' wild turkeys - Comments (Count)
VIDEO: Postal driver plows through foot of snow - Comments (Count)
New link: US Drive Right (RHD vehicles for rural carriers) - Comments (Count)
Frigid temps don't deter letter carriers - Comments (Count)
Former APWU President in Illinois Sentenced for Embezzlement - Comments (Count)
Buffalo: Postal carriers fight brutally cold temperatures - Comments (Count)
USPS responds to 'misleading rant' at The Hill - Comments (Count)
Postal Retirement Q&A January 2018 by Roseanne Jefferson - Comments (Count)
Fleagle retires after 37 years with USPS - Comments (Count)
Postal carriers brave weather extremes to deliver mail - Comments (Count)
Even a bomb cyclone can't keep Central Mass. letter carriers from their task - Comments (Count)
Mistaken for a thief in the dark by retired police officer, postal worker threatened with a gun - Comments (Count)
Stolen Montecito mail being dumped in Painted Cave area - Comments (Count)
USPS workers in D.C. brave frigid temperatures - Comments (Count)
How Amazon is Investing in Customer Experience by Reimagining Retail Delivery - Comments (Count)
USPS Gets Top Rating From Public - Comments (Count)
Gillette postmaster the subject of residents' petition in Long Hill - Comments (Count)
New video released of man accused of killing two postal workers - Comments (Count)
Toni McEuen Retires From USPS - Comments (Count)
USPS Loses Executive Responsible for Flat Rate Priority Mail - Comments (Count)
Number of packages mailed in Colorado with marijuana spikes - Comments (Count)
Mail carriers walk to stay warm 'when it's this extreme' - Comments (Count)
Amazon reveals it shipped over 5 billion items to Prime members in 2017 - Comments (Count)
Jacksonville USPS Distribution Center to Replace Mail Handling System - Comments (Count)
Connecticut postal carriers battle cold conditions - Comments (Count)
The Hill: USPS cronyism is unaffordable for shippers and customers - Comments (Count)
A day in the life of mail carrier Michael Welch - Comments (Count)
Analyst predicts Amazon will buy Target in 2018 - Comments (Count)
Trump Is Wrong, Mostly, About Amazon and USPS  |  Trump is Wrong: The Postal Service is an American Treasure - Comments (Count)
Audiobook Reviews January 2018 by Jonathan Lowe - Comments (Count)
Communities and Postal Workers United Winter 2018 Newsletter: No More Moon-Lit Delivery (PDF) - Comments (Count)
What does a gentrifying city look like? Talk to the postman - Comments (Count)
New USPS Postage Rates Take Effect January 21
1.21.2018 - reports: The new prices include a one cent increase in the price of a First-Class Mail Forever stamp from 49 cents to 50 cents. Postcard stamps and metered letters also have a one cent increase. The changes will raise Mailing Services product prices approximately 1.9 percent, and most Shipping Services products will average a 3.9 percent price increase. - Comments (Count)
USPS to Offer VER to Eligible Mail Handlers and Clerks
1.04.2018 - reports: The Postal Service will extend voluntary early retirement (VER) offers to eligible mail handlers and clerks, beginning Jan. 8. The offers will contain three retirement-effective dates from which eligible employees may choose: Jan. 31, Feb. 28 and March 31. - APWU: Insufficient Notice - APWU: Letter Details VERA Eligibility Requirements (PDF) - NPMHU - Comments (Count)


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