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Intel Analyst: Matrix suggests September 11th, anthrax mailings are linked
By Tom Wakefield, 1/15/2002

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An Intel research analyst has developed a matrix that suggests the terror attacks of September 11th and the anthrax mailings are related. The matrix contradicts recent statements by the FBI and Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge that suggests the anthrax mailer (Anamailer) is domestic. (The research analyst wishes to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of recent events.)

The matrix and analysis, portions of which appear below, suggests that the anthrax mailings were designed to be a one-two punch, just as the attacks of September 11th. The first attack of 9/11, according to the analyst, was designed to initiate live TV coverage to increase the psychological impact and scope of subsequent attacks. Furthermore, according to the analyst, the 9/11 attacks targeted (in order of attack), the economy - financial transactions/communications (World Trade Center), the U.S. military (Pentagon), and the U.S. Government (White House? - Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania before reaching its target). The attacks were designed to simultaneously affect America's financial, communications, military, and political infrastructure.

Likewise, the anthrax mailings appear to follow a similar pattern. The first letter was sent to American Media's National Enquirer offices. (Who better to sensationalize a story than the National Enquirer?) Next, after the press (including the National Enquirer) initiated coverage, letters were sent through the U.S. Mail (communications/financial/economic) to other members of the media (communications) and also to political figures (political). Indeed, the anthrax mailing attacks occurred in the same sequence as the terror attacks of 9/11: 1) Initiate coverage 2) Attack critical communications and financial infrastructures (media, mail service and financial impact to U.S. Postal Service) and attack political infrastructures (U.S. House, Senate).

The analyst has also noted that the terror planners used the Internet to research targets, flight times, etc. and wonders if the planners used the Internet to research the U.S. Postal Service and how best to mail a letter to achieve maximum contamination in the mail system. Though, there doesn't appear to be much information on the Internet prior to September 11th about U.S. Postal Service internal distribution systems, there is a fair amount of information now. Stories such as the one where a reporter tracked a letter through the Postal Service from its mailing in Dallas to its final destination in Chicago, and other stories (with illustrations) about how decontamination equipment may be implemented within the postal delivery system, illustrates the point. In light of this possibility, should the USPS restrict information about its processing and distribution systems now that it is a target/delivery system of anthrax?

Though the terror attacks appear to be planned many months, even years in advance, the analyst also wonders if the airline industry and the U.S. Postal Service were selected as targets/delivery systems, in part, because of their worsening financial positions. Both the airline industry and the U.S. Postal Service were recognized in the months prior to September 2001 as being financially suspect. Did the terror planners target these two suspect industries to cripple them?

Below, are excerpts from the analysis. The author notes that the "strategic planning method outlined in the analysis contains references to 'Centers of Gravity', 'Critical Lines of Communication' and 'Critical Infrastructures'. Those terms and the associated methodology are from Von Clauswitzs' discussions regarding focusing of the correct amount of force at the right place, time and element within an enemy's structure to ensure his defeat".

Strategic Planning Method For Terrorist Attacks on a Capitalist Society
by Anonymous

Identify The Strategic Objective of the attack: Eliminate Western Capitalistic influence on Islamic culture.
Identify The Operational Objective of the attack: Destabilize the Western Capitalist Society.
Identify The Tactical Objectives of the attack: Disable Primary and Secondary Centers of Gravity

Determine Societal Primary and Secondary Centers of Gravity (PCOGs and SCOGS)

What is the primary activity which upholds the existence of the society?

The society exists in its current form because of collective, successful economic activities. The economy is then a PCOG.

The successful capitalist society operates in a stable/ safe/ secure environment. Stability, safety and security are so tightly interlaced and impact so many aspects of social function that they are to be considered as PCOG collectively.

The society establishes governmental systems, enacts laws, and selects leaders that enable, enforce, sustain and advance economic activities. The Government is therefore also a PCOG.

The society succeeds because its economic activities are profitable. Profitability is a subset of economic activity therefore it is an SCOG.

The Public trusts the economic and political structures which enables it to reap both social and economic benefits from the society. Public trust is then a SCOG.

Determine individual/ personal (1), and collective/ body politic (2) objectives and expectations within the society.

Primary: (1).Obtain individual wealth and (2). promote/ sustain economic growth.
Secondary: (1). Provide a safe, comfortable and secure personal/ family environment and (2). stable, supportive and non-restrictive community setting. (Local,state,national)
Tertiary: (1). Enjoy personal freedoms and (2).create and maintain an open society.

Identifying Critical Lines of Communications and Infrastructures or CLOCI.

The society establishes physical, technological, psychological and historical links and infrastructures to support the economic system. These links or Lines Of Communication and Infrastructures (LOCI) will be called Critical Lines of Communications and Critical Infrastructures or CLOCI for brevity sake when they are found to be essential to the continued success of the economic system.

Identifying CLOC/CIs: CLOCS/CI may be readily identified by determining their level of importance relative to the identified PCOGs and SCOGs in addition to the degree to which society relies on them.

CLOCI which are essential to the conduct of business and which are in themselves also major significant economic activities are:

Means of transportation such as: Airlines, railroads, commercial maritime shipping, and trucking.
Means of communication such as: Conventional mail/ parcel, electronic mail, landline and satellite telephone.
Means of information dissemination such as: Radio and television broadcast and cable systems, newspapers.
Means of energy source production storage and distribution such as: Conventional and nuclear fired electrical power systems, natural gas and petroleum production, storage, and distribution facilities.

Critical nodes within the above listed examples offer high value and high payoff targets which, if successfully attacked, will significantly impact the economy.

Reconnaissance and Target Identification: Internet research yields detailed information regarding potential targets: physical location, level and types of functional activity and historical data to support target prioritization and selection analysis. Once completed the selected targets are subjected to physical reconnaissance.

Achieving multi-layered effects from attacking any CLOCI element is an operational objective of terrorism.

Timing: Target attack must affect:
HUMAN Sensibilities

Airline attack features: Flight Scheduling was researched on the Internet.

The schedules were selected to ensure all flights depart within 30 min of each other. This required scheduling permitting the four teams to report status within a tight time window, ensuring that the mission could be scrubbed if all components of the event were not synchronized.

Desired tactical effects: Assure media coverage, initiate a psychological impact chain.

8:45 am American Airlines Flight 11 out of Boston, Massachusetts, crashes into the north tower of the World Trade Center
9:03 a.m.: A second hijacked airliner, United Airlines Flight 175 from Boston,
9:43 a.m.: American Airlines Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon
10:10 a.m.: United Airlines Flight 93, also hijacked, crashes in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, southeast of Pittsburgh.

  • American Airlines Flight #11 - Boeing 767; scheduled 7:45 a.m. departure from Boston, MA, to Los Angeles, CA
  • United Airlines Flight #175 - Boeing 767; scheduled 7:58 a.m. departure from Boston to Los Angeles
  • United Airlines Flight #93 - Boeing 757; scheduled 8:01 a.m. departure from Newark, NJ, to San Francisco, CA 8:42 a.m.: United Airlines flight 93
  • American Airlines Flight #77 - Boeing 757; scheduled 8:10 a.m. departure from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles
Air Attack Coordination Table (UAL 93 Parenthetic entries based on normal departure time. UAL 93 was delayed 31 minutes on the runway at Newark, vice the normal 12-15 min delay window.) Analysis of flight paths indicate the terror teams planned and navigated courses that would result in times on target shown below this chart.
Scheduled Departed Time of
Impact Time Delta COG/
AAL 11,
7:45 am
8:00 am
45 min 8:45 am WTC
0 Economy/
UAL 175,
7:58 am
8:14 am
49 min 9:03 am WTC
18 min Economy/
AAL 77,
8:10 am
8:22 am
81 min 9:43 am Pent. 58 min Military/
UAL 93,
8:01 am
8:42 am
(100 min)
84 min
(9.56 am WH/
10:06 am
(71 min) Military?
The air attack time on target schedule was to be: WTC1 8:45 - Initiate media coverage

WTC2 9:00 Cameras on scene
Pent.1 9:45 Initiate media coverage
(Pent.2? 10:00) Cameras on scene

3 Attacks were carried out within .03% of schedule.


Airline Attacks Target/ Symbol Primary Objectives Anthrax Attacks Target/ Symbol Primary Objectives
AAL 11 WTC/ Economic Power (COG) Impact Air Travel (CLOC)/ / General economy Boca Raton Enquirer/ Print Media Begin/ Ensure Publicity. Begin psychological impact (fear)
UAL 175 WTC/ Economic

Power (COG)

Impact Air Travel (CLOC)/ General economy New York City


NBC/ Electronic Media Impact USPS Economics NY,NJ (CLOC))/ Advance Publicity/ fear
AAL 77 Pentagon/ Military

Power (COG)

Impact Air Travel Economics(CLOC) / General Military New York City


CBS/ ABC Electronic Media Impact USPS Economics NY, NJ(CLOC)/ Advance Publicity/ fear
UAL 93 (Pentagon/ Military Power) (COG) Impact Air Travel Economics(CLOC) / General Military Washington


Political Impact USPS Economics DC, VA, MD(CLOC)/ Impair Congress/ Advance Publicity/ fear


Political Impact USPS Economics DC, VA. MD(CLOC)/ Impair Congress/ Advance Publicity/ fear
Due to the tactics used to strike the WTC (Strike 1 pause 15 minutes to ensure video coverage, Strike 2 to be viewed live by nation) it is believed that the same 1-2 tactic was planned for the Pentagon. The anthrax contamination sequence including focus on CLOC and COGS shows strikingly similar strategic planning signature. The fact that both the airlines and the USPS were on financially shaky grounds prior to the attacks is believed to be part of the target selection process.

End of Analysis

From the Archives: U.S., British scientists aided Iraq's biological warfare program
The Observer
Page 003
(Copyright 1998)

THE FATHER of Iraq 's biological warfare programme benefited from a three-day anthrax workshop hosted by scientists from the Government's chemical and biological research centre at Porton Down, Wiltshire.

The embarrassing British link to Iraq 's deadly anthrax research, revealed by United Nations sources, comes only days after Foreign Secretary Robin Cook's assertion that Saddam Hussein makes enough anthrax every week to fill two missile warheads.

President Clinton warned last week on American TV: 'Think how many people can be killed by just a tiny bit of anthrax and think about how it's not just that Saddam Hussein might put it on a Scud and send it to the city he wants to destroy. Think about all the terrorists and other bad actors who could parade through Baghdad and pick up their stores if we don't take action.'

Anthrax toxin is classified as a weapon of mass destruction capable of killing millions within days. Exposure to minute amounts leads to an excruciatingly painful death. UN inspections of suspected storage sites have been suspended because Iraq has blocked access and the chief UN weapons inspector, Richard Butler, says his talks with the Iraqi authorities were characterised by 'moments of abuse and denigration' of his staff.

The West's role in providing Iraq with anthrax know-how began at a key workshop in Winchester in 1988. Among 80 scientists from around the world were Dr Nasser el-Hindawi and his assistant, Dr Thamer Abdel Rahman, microbiologists working for Iraq 's secret biological weapons programme. The programme's aim was to develop weapons to spread anthrax , gas gangrene, botulism toxin, brucellosis, rabbit foot and tetanus.

Hindawi, who is still active in Iraq , was the academic supervisor of another British trained Iraqi, Dr Rihab el-Taha, widely known as Dr Death. Taha, trained at the University of East Anglia, was in charge of the Al Hakam biological weapons factory blown up in 1996 by UN inspectors.

As a professor at Baghdad University, Hindawi was commissioned by Iraq 's ruling Baath Party to help develop biological weapons in the shortest possible time. By the time he arrived in Winchester, he had a shopping list of what was needed.

UN officials describe the workshop as a 'Who's Who of anthrax research'. They say the three-day meeting was devoted entirely to anthrax with 'a full exchange of ideas and materials'. Among the British participants was Harry Smith, now emeritus professor of microbiology at Birmingham University. A world authority on anthrax , he says: 'To be perfectly frank, I didn't know {the Iraqis} were there.'

'My God, it's quite astounding that no one caught on,' said Dr Alastair Hay, reader in chemical pathology at Leeds University, who has been following Iraq 's chemical and biological programme. 'By 1985, Iran had already accused Iraq of carrying out chemical warfare and Iraq 's interest in weapons of mass destruction had already been flagged up. Why bring these people here?'

UN inspectors say the Iraqis launched their biological warfare programme in mid-1986 at Salman Pak, outside Baghdad. Soon after, the Iraqis started large-scale production of anthrax for deployment in bombs and Scud missiles.

Germ culture to grow the anthrax was freely imported from the US military's centre for chemical and biological research at Fort Detrick, Maryland, via civilian laboratories operated by ATCC, the American Type Culture Collection.

American investigators have established that several shipments of biological material, including 21 batches of anthrax, were licensed for export from the US to Iraq between 1985 and 1988. They were sent to the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Trade in Baghdad.


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