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Information on this page is provided by Roseanne Jefferson. Roseanne is a retired USPS employee with an extensive background in USPS retirement, disability retirement, OWCP, EEO, Labor Relations and HR. She conducts individual and group counseling and is able to comprehensively discuss the pros and cons of employees who are on OWCP, disability retirement and regular retirement. Roseanne will be happy to answer your postal retirement questions. Contact Roseanne at
Postal Retirement Q&A March 2011 (Special Edition)

Good Day Postal Employees:

Big changes are coming!! Some districts are going away (no I don't know yet which ones...nor do I think any final decisions have been made). DUO is implemented in test area's, and coming very soon to the rest of the offices. I have had so much email traffic from the carriers throughout the country wanting to retire because of DUO.

The majority of my emails this month have been employee's relating their fear of retirement. Some have attempted to calculate their own retirement, and some have no understanding that each retirement system(s) are so different from each other. Many employees seem to be paralyzed in limbo, due to the lack of information they want, when they call the Shared Services number. As the former Manager of Personnel in the Greensboro District, I could look out my window and see HRSSC, as they are across the parking lot from the district office. Understand however, the employees in our district DID NOT get any special treatment because of the proximity of the HRSSC site. We were told that right upfront...don't even go there because WE (HRSSC) are across the street. They did not feel that Greensboro NC employees should have any advantage to their office, and they were right, it would be unfair to the rest of the country. In being honest many of my staff (personnel employees) choose to apply at HRSSC and why wouldn't they! They knew their jobs were being eliminated. All of them were chosen for positions there. I trained 2 additional (detailed) personnel staff's (aside from my original staff) while all of the HRSSC changes were being implemented, and all my employees (detailed) were selected for positions at HRSSC.

I had an upfront understanding of the vast and overwhelming changes, and how it affected the nature of information being given to the employees. This was most evident as it related to retirement information. The employees that work throughout the Greensboro district were and are far more knowledgeable about retirement, and not because of HRSSC being in that city, it's because I am still here. I have said many times, how can you ask questions that you don't know to ask or even what to ask? Even when you do ask, there is only so much information the Service Center is able to give you. The rest is up to you...but what if you don't have a clue as to what "the rest" of it is!!!

The AWPU has hired me to do 4 group retirement seminars in Greensboro North Carolina, in the month of March and April. The NALC is negotiating with me in the Greensboro District as well. I have been to Atlanta this month to do a few individual sessions. They were so spur of the moment, that I did not have time to even post in this column that I was going to be there so see if anyone was interested in having me do any individual sessions. Therefore, I am announcing that I will be in the Orlando/ Ocala/ Daytona Beach area at the end of March to the beginning of April. If anyone is interested in an individual session please contact me at If there are any unions that would be interested in discussing a future group session, please contact me, as the summer dates are filling up fast. As information on my individual seminar, I will go over what an employee/pre-annuitant can expect. I review will your annuity statement, fill out all of your retirement paperwork, explain the mysteries and the misleading information that is on the annuity statement as it relates to your basic life insurance; I calculate your federal taxes, explain spousal benefits and show you how to maximize this benefit for your spouse as it relates to health insurance; I discuss and guide you on your TSP (if applicable); military buy-back (if applicable), and finally expose some social security myths. At the end of the session, you will have a clear and concise understanding of how money NET money you will have to live on when you retire, and isn't that what everyone really wants to know!!!

As far as disability retirement and OWCP as they relate to each other, I have completed many employee's papers. I explain the reasoning of disability retirement approvals and disapproval. I will show how a social security disability retirement is so different from a FERS or CSRS disability retirement. Again, if there are any interested in an individual session or union's wanting some dialogue for a group session please contact me for available dates and                 fees. - Roseanne

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