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Information on this page is provided by Roseanne Jefferson. Roseanne is a retired USPS employee with an extensive background in USPS retirement, disability retirement, OWCP, EEO, Labor Relations and HR. She conducts individual and group counseling and is able to comprehensively discuss the pros and cons of employees who are on OWCP, disability retirement and regular retirement. Roseanne will be happy to answer your postal retirement questions. Contact Roseanne at
Postal Retirement Q&A March 2014
Good Day Postal Employees - As always a round of thank you's to all who have and continue to pray for Hope's recovery. We truly appreciate the care and concern. She is in remission and we pray for positive updates on this horrible disease.

Much does not shock me as I get older, but one letter this month had my jaw drop to the floor�I will copy and paste this letter, because IT IS EXTRA SANITIZED and you will understand my reaction when you read it.

Roseanne, I hope you can help me almost immediately. I am doing our 2012 taxes that have to be completed by the end of February and we are missing my husband's "Paul Carrier", income from his post office pension plan. I might be missing 2013 statement also. His social security number is 123-45-6789. He retired from the "Smithville" Post Office I believe in 1988. PLEASE HELP US IF YOU CAN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If you could email the information that would be great or fax it to my accountant at 888-123-4567. Thank you for your help in this matter.

* The social security number of employee; name of both husband and wife; former office of employment, approximate year of retirement and accountant's actual phone number were sanitized

MY RESPONSE: Hi Mrs. P Carrier, I am absolutely floored by your request on so many levels. YES I can help�..but NOT the way you think�...I have no access to any information on anyone, relative to their personal finances, taxes, or any other information that is stored on postal computers, or OPM computers. If your husband is a retiree from the Post Office, then he (like me as well) receives his monthly annuity checks from OPM (Office of Personnel Management). You can call them at 1-888-767-6738 to request that they send you what is called a 1099 for his annuity payments for 2012 and 2013. In fact, that information is on-line. Your husband as a retire can use his CSA number and request a PIN and be able to review all information such as federal taxes, life insurance information, or even if you would decide to change banks, that too can be done on line. Understand this CORE FACT, I know HOW the system(s) work�.but that does NOT mean that I have any access to restricted employee information, working or retired. I know the phones at OPM are very busy�.BUT this is too important for you to not continue to call them until you get them. Additionally, you can go to and sort of surf their site, it's very informative and quite user friendly. Roseanne

HER RESPONSE: Thanks to you mission accomplished. Mrs. Postal Carrier


Let me start out by saying I help employees and retiree's in many different areas, as my expertise is Human Resources�total HR�not just personnel, not just retirement, which is why I am able to have the insight to answer questions and guide employees (and retirees) in the right direction that are not always JUST retirement related questions. My understanding of the various systems used, CMS, data keeper, SAP naming only a few�.(for those of you HR types reading this�and jump out and say�.datakeeper is a system not used anymore�.check yourself, before you try to check me�.OK!�I have a data keeper report for late 2013�.do you!!!); understanding cut off dates in form 50 processing, and over 25 solid years of being HR. I say all that to say this if this:


What I respond to in my Q&A's are what YOU the writer/employee write me. If you contact me with a question and YOU tell me you are CSRS, I MUST take you at your word for that. I can't look it up anywhere to be able to say to that writer/employee, OH NO, YOU ARE NOT A CSRS employee you are a CSRS/Offset employee. (Two very different retirement systems, with different answers). Again this is no different than the old computer lingo we used in the past "garbage in-garbage out". So responses are based on your email, and additional email dialog if there is something that needs more clarification before I answer. And typically, that is when I find out that "you" are not CSRS but perhaps a CSRS/offset, just by our email conversation, or you don't REALLY have 30 years, you have 26 because 4 were RCA time, or 4 was military that was NOT paid back�.a zillion different things that could change the course of the answer. This is why being specific is SO important.

THEN THE VERY GLARING ISSUE in this subject email, sending me OR ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER, a social security number. DON'T DO THAT�.EVER. NOT JUST TO ME, TO ANYONE. And I think that it IS done because of the assumption that if you give me a social security number, I can "look-up" information using that social security number. I say IS done, because this is not the first time I have had someone send me an SS in an email. I no longer work for the Postal Service, I am retired and so any access I had to postal employee records was revoked when I retired; and I have never had any access to records at OPM. Even when I do an Air Mail Retirement for some of you that have requested my services�.your social security numbers are not on ANYTHING I type, or the copies I maintain for our session. When I send back your package, my copies immediately are sanitized with black ink on all SS numbers on the retirement papers. Identity theft is BIG BUSINESS now, PLEASE PROTECT YOURSELF�don't give out your SS to anyone, especially on email.

Q 1. Hi Roseanne, Thanks for all your good information. I am a traditional clerk, I am under the CSRS retirement system, I have 31 years of service, will be 55 next year and have 2500 hours of sick leave. My question is, was I foolish to be so conservative with my sick leave or will it be helpful when I retire? Also, will there be a considerable difference in my retirement if I stay an additional 4 years? Thank you, KS

A 1. Hi KS, It's NEVER foolish to conserve sick leave, it's really an "insurance policy" of sorts if you don't abuse it, and also good fortune to maintain a healthy status, so you are able to conserve it, understanding that many employees are not. That being said, any years or months added to your overall years in service is an advantage�.in your case you have over a year in sick leave, which equates to 2% extra per year�.so it really does add up. If you stay 4 years, that is an additional 8% and of course at the higher 3 average salary, and that is saying you get any significant raises in the next four years. It REALLY was a wise decision to conserve your sick leave, and you will benefit from it in retirement. Roseanne

Q 2. Hi Roseanne, my question is I am a FERS employee letter carrier hired in 1984 and have bought 5 1/2 years of military time back which has already been accredited to my retirement years. I am planning on retiring in Dec 2018 giving me 40 years total including my military time, How does the social security supplement work? and how much will I receive? I am 55 and been working since 1976, Any information you can give me would be helpful. thanks, M

A 2. Hi M, As a FERS employee when you reach your MRA(56-57) AND have 30 (or more) years, you are entitled to the special supplement. It is a bridge of money in between your MRA retirement date and becoming age 62, when you are eligible for Social Security. The supplement is figured around $30-$35 per month, times the number of POSTAL years worked. I say that because the military time (yes even paid back); is not counted in the special supplement�don't shoot the messenger, it's just NOT. Take care, Roseanne

Q 3. Hi Roseanne, I just was reading over your February column and I don't want any incentive .... just Early Out would be all I need to go and never look back. Do you have any idea on how far in the future that Early Outs may be coming? If I decide to resign if nothing is offered in the near future ... will I be eligible for reinstatement if I leave on good terms? If so is there any time limits on when a person can come back? I am 50 years old with 21 years of service. My parents have told me for years that I can quit anytime and I know I could with the way they have set everything up financially for me and I can have time to learn from them and know when they are gone that I can carry on their businesses. I still keep hanging on at the post office (craaazy me) for what??? Chronic Stress!! I love all my customers and they feel like family but it's time for me to enjoy life and my Real family and that Early Out would give me just the extra push to leave my Retail Family World!! Thank you, S

A 3. Hi S, I really don't have any insider info on early outs, I just know that everyone is complaining and something has to give�..just not sure yet, what is going to give and when. If you resign, yes you are always eligible to be reinstated. But don't by any means take any refund on FERS retirement contributions�or even THINK about touching that TSP! But how about this as an idea, before you just chunk federal years and walk away�.why not try to transfer to another federal agency. I think we are the very best of the federal worker force! When they complain about federal workers, generally they NEVER mean us�.postal employee's really work their asses off. AND that being said, go to, and try to preserve your federal employment, long enough to retire. However, if you do resign and then come back, you may be under a different retirement calculations rather than if you stayed federal. At least try that before you make such a big decision. Federal retirement is SO worth�don't just throw it away now! Roseanne

Q. 4 Roseanne, I am thinking of retiring either 2014 or 2015. I will reach 30 years of service on November 8 2014 and will be 61+. It is my understanding that if I retire before reaching age 62 in July 2015 my annuity will be reduced by .1%. Is this true? Also if a VERA were to come and I decided to retire before age 62 does that still hold true that I would receive the reduced annuity of .1%? Thank you in advance for your time. GA

A 4. Hi G, In reviewing this month's emails it appears that I did not respond�.if I did it must have deleted because I don't see it. So, a bit late but here is your answer. NO your annuity is NOT going to be reduced by .1%. You will have MORE (age years) than the required age of 55 if CSRS and required 56-57 if FERS with 30 years of employment. There is SO MUCH wrong with your email about retirement information. You have a correct percentage (.1%) but ALL THE WRONG INFORMATION ABOUT THE .1%. FIRST�.in FERS if there is a reduction it's 5%, not .1% for each year under 62, and that is only under MRA+10 retirement.

The .1% is an additional component in adding your retirement. As an example if you were 57 with 30 years, your retirement would be calculated at 1% of your high 3 average salary, X 30 years�added up�divided by 12, that equals your monthly annuity. However, if you were 62 with 30 years as an example, your retirement would be calculated at 1.1% of the high 3 average salary, X 30 years�.added up�divided by 12, and that would equal your monthly annuity. So it's NOT a loss of .1% (anywhere), it's an addition of .1% to the overall calculation�.and this is for FERS employee's only. Roseanne

Q 5. To Roseanne, I retired with the early out incentive on 1/31/13 with 30+ years with the post office. With all the issues they are having keeping PSE's (with a lot of them quitting etc.) would the PO ever consider rehiring on a part-time basis retired postal clerks. We would have experience and I think some of us are just looking for part-time work. Is there any position (other than contract carrier position) that retired postal clerks could do? Thank you, B

A 5. Hi B, Yes there are VERY VERY specific positions that a federal retiree can work in a federal position�..BUT�.I will tell you it's a very slippery slope. Too many things can go wrong, and I have seen it first hand. Post offices will willingly try to hire an annuitant for a TRC position. In order to do this "according to regulations" the Post Office really has to jump through a few hoops before "re-hiring" a federal annuitant. Based on my emails, those in the positions in the districts at "Local Services (personnel) offer these positions, without going through the proper paperwork that is REQUIRED to rehire an annuitant. Many have no clue�that is HAS TO BE APPROVED BY OPM�Many don't know that when the Inspection Service comes in an does their yearly review of hiring and they see a TRC annuitant, and the proper paperwork has not been filed�.not so good�ya feel me!! Sometimes ignorance is not an excuse if you are in a position that REQUIRES BY VIRTUE OF YOUR occupation code and salary you earn, that you didn't know you can't just hire an annuitant without going through some extensive paperwork.

That being said, I personally don't recommend it, for so many reasons�..I know so many things in my head as to why this is a HORRIBLE decision�.so let me be frank with you��of ALL THE EMPLOYERS IN THE UNITED STATES, why, why, why ??? TRY to go back to the same employer that you just retired from???? It truly baffles me, because you take on the responsibility of ensuring your days in a calendar are not over the limitation�the PO isn't going to do that�.and what do they care if you work over the limit, and the OPM cuts your retirement check DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR EARNED� this is NOT a good idea..AT ALL. I know what nearly everyone else does not�.and I have the ability to share it�.because no one else will tell you the real truth. Lets look at this another way. As a retired federal employee, you are a employers' "dream employee". You don't want to work 40 hours a week, you don't need health benefits, and by working ANYWHERE OTHER THAN A FEDERAL EMPLOYER, there is no possibility of your OPM annuity check being reduced. DONT DO IT!! YOU will be screwed. There are really isn't anyone left at the local level (District Office..HRLocal Services) that truly understands how to accomplish this rehiring of an annuitant, legally, & legitimately. This is crucial to making sure you- the annuitant, don't see a reduction in your annuity check, by working as a TRC/annuitant.

I get emails from HQ employees, TO HELP FIX THEIR screw ups ON THIS�.of course I would never get the credit for it, no one would admit that they run outside to use their cell phone to call me to give them an answer so they can run back in and complete or respond to an instruction

....but TRUST me on this�.if you just gotta work - work anywhere, BUT NEVER a federal employer�.not just the PO, any FEDERAL employer� asked and that was far more than a 2 cent answer.

Till we speak again��Roseanne

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