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Information on this page is provided by Roseanne Jefferson. Roseanne is a retired USPS employee with an extensive background in USPS retirement, disability retirement, OWCP, EEO, Labor Relations and HR. She conducts individual and group counseling and is able to comprehensively discuss the pros and cons of employees who are on OWCP, disability retirement and regular retirement. Roseanne will be happy to answer your postal retirement questions. Contact Roseanne at
Good Day Postal Employees

Today is my first column and I am honored to be able to share with you knowledge, tips and encouragement to my extended postal family. If any of you have gone to a training facility; or a class that employees from other post offices; districts or Area's attended, I am sure you have found that your issues, problems and concerns were shared by all. Typically this information is found out during break-out sessions, or perhaps when groups gather for dinner. A clerk in San Antonio will have the problems that a clerk in Chicago will have. But that's not to say that all post offices run the same. They DO NOT. The "standards & procedures" may be the same, but each office, each Postmaster and each Supervisor will run their operations differently. We have strived for years to standardize our operating procedures in every function that we do, (sometimes to the point of being ridiculous) but carrying out those standards are always office, plant, BMC, district and area specific. That is a FACT. I am sure I would be challenged on that statement, but nevertheless, it's true.

I am laying a foundation in PostalMag for us to build upon as we journey through answered Q&A's, and columns that I will write addressing specific subjects. I had a statement that I used for years during my employment (specifically when I was in Management) "My integrity is not for sale, and it is not for rent either". Not a popular statement with upper management. I have always felt that postal employees deserved far more than what they were getting, in many different circumstances, information being the biggest. Not so much what is going on with the organization, although that true, but of benefits, and your rights. More times than not, you find out something about the PO through the 6pm news broadcast. If you work in a district, you may even have 3 or 4 flat screen TV's dedicated to postal news. But that only touches the very few. You may have the same in a Plant or BMC, but with a 15 minute break or 30 minute lunch, you have little time to digest your food, let alone postal information. I have come to understand many things in the various positions I held, both Form 50 positions and details, and that is YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU. Yes, I know easy statement, hard to live by in the environment you work in. Understand I am not talking about the slackers, and we all know who they are. They are in every facility that we have. I am talking to you, those who care about their job and their employer as well. As employees we can't take, take, take and not give back to this organization with a fair day's work, because we all know we are paid very well. Be proactive about your health & safety, your career and your finances. I am looking forward to a great relationship with you all....Roseanne

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