VIDEO: USPS “People” 15 Second Ad

This is a story about mail and packages. And it's also a story about people. And while the USPS makes more e-commerce deliveries to...

VIDEO: NALC 2017 National Hero Award

Presenting the NALC 2017 National Hero of the Year Award is NALC President Fredric Rolando. Accepting the award is Johnstown, Pennsylvania Branch 451 letter...

Postal Carrier Falls Out of Vehicle

A U.S. Postal Service carrier falls out of his delivery vehicle and the vehicle hits a house. The accident happened in Oklahoma City on...

VIDEO: The Eagle Always Faces Forward

Today’s United States Postal Service is an amazingly sophisticated network connecting every home and business in the country. It’s the engine of e-commerce. It’s...

VIDEO: Drive By “Toss n Go” Courtesy of USPS

A letter carrier is captured on a video driving up to a customer's porch and tossing a package.

VIDEO: Mail Carrier Drives Through Grass and Throws Package

Video uploaded to YouTube by Jamie Jensen shows a U.S. Postal Service rural carrier driving on the grass of a customer's yard and throwing...

VIDEO: USPS Mail Carrier Delivers in Subzero Temperatures

WNEM 5 catches up with a mail carrier out delivering the mail on foot in the frigid cold blast experienced in the first week...

VIDEO: Postal Worker Claims Assault by Supervisor

A 26-year veteran of the USPS alleges he was a victim of 5th degree assault by a supervisor, and little to nothing was done...
Fourth Interest Arbitration Update

VIDEO: APWU Fourth Interest Arbitration Update

President Dimondstein's fourth interest arbitration update highlights the most recent proceedings for a good contract. APWU argued for expanding postal services, guaranteed hours, and...

Porch Pirate Breaks Leg While Stealing Packages

A "porch pirate" falls and seriously injures her leg while stealing packages from a home near Seattle.