USPS 2017 Holiday TV Ad: Biggest Gift

The U.S. Postal Service's new holiday TV ad features the heart-warming story of a boy and the small gift that makes his holiday complete.

VIDEO: The Eagle Always Faces Forward

Today’s United States Postal Service is an amazingly sophisticated network connecting every home and business in the country. It’s the engine of e-commerce. It’s...

VIDEO: Vermont Teddy Bear Counts on USPS

Getting a Vermont Teddy Bear in the mail is like no other experience. It allows the person sending the bear to connect at a...

VIDEO: Postal Worker Claims Assault by Supervisor

A 26-year veteran of the USPS alleges he was a victim of 5th degree assault by a supervisor, and little to nothing was done...

VIDEO: USPS Hurricane Harvey Recovery

Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of South Texas. But through it all, Postal Service employees, some of whom lost their own homes, rose above the...
Amazon Warehouse

VIDEO: Amazon Throws Up Yet Another Massive Warehouse

Amazon is taking over the world in more ways than one. Their already massive operations are becoming even more massive. Here's video of the...
Fourth Interest Arbitration Update

VIDEO: APWU Fourth Interest Arbitration Update

President Dimondstein's fourth interest arbitration update highlights the most recent proceedings for a good contract. APWU argued for expanding postal services, guaranteed hours, and...