has received information that alleges a NALC union vice president in Pennsylvania has been arranging “kickbacks” from awarded grievance money. Allegedly, the vice president distributes grievance money to individuals, including a shop steward, on the condition they give some of the money back to the vice president. Reportedly, the vice president has stated the “kickbacks” are given to assist letter carriers who have been put “off the clock.” However, according to information received at, no one has come forward to say they were helped. has obtained screen shots of text messages (below) that appear to show the collusion. contacted the vice president about the allegations. The vice president replied back:

“Your talking about something that never happened. Also any money that would have come back would have been used to help unjustly disciplined carriers in need. Nevertheless. It was decided by the branch to not go through with it.”

The allegations have reportedly roiled local NALC union members and several union stewards have quit. The local NALC union has reportedly tried to calm the situation to no avail. is forwarding this and identifying information to the USPS OIG for possible investigation.