A new feature rolled out on the Postal Service’s delivery scanner on Saturday, June 9th, 2018, warning letter and rural carriers if the delivery scan for a package is being made away from the actual physical location. The new feature will certainly be useful for increasing the integrity of scans and warning carriers about potential delivery mistakes. For example, a carrier could be at 329 E. Coral Street about to make a misdelivery at 329 E. Cober Street. As pictured in the above photo, the scanner will return a message warning if the location differs. However, carriers on Instagram, Facebook and online forums are reporting some instances of the scanner sending the warning message even if the carrier is on location, or if the package is being delivered to parcel lockers away from the actual physical location. Overall, this will be a useful feature for improving the integrity of scans, but only if the GPS location data is correct. Otherwise it will be another unnecessary added-on process in the day of a carrier.