Photo: Fort Supply, Oklahoma Post Office 73841, by Jimmy Emerson, some rights reserved. Photo shared under the Creative Commons License.




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1. This is Todd, he’s my mailman. 2 & 3. This is Stella. Here’s their story. As Todd was getting packages out of his truck for delivery, Miss Stella jumped in! Upon arriving home Todd said “I think I have your dog” um, nope, not mine. So, while Todd did his route I took photos and called the @marinhumane society with her tag number and we were able to reach Stella’s momma!! Stella is helping deliver packages with Todd until her momma can get to her. She has treats and water for the road. This is what love, compassion and kindness looks like!! Please license your pets, help their collars and tags on even at home, dogs escape and if we’re lucky, someone like Todd the mailman finds them. #usps #mailman #novatoproud #stella #lostdog #grateful #holidaymagick

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