Photo: Chickaloon, Alaska Post Office 99674, by Jimmy Emerson, some rights reserved. Photo shared under the Creative Commons License.


Really USPS??? This is how your going to deliver our packages to us? This is a photo sent to us by our opening staff in Walnut Creek this morning. Apparently the postal woman decided to leave all of these packages outside of our door before the store was open for business. There is at least $5000-$7000 worth of merchandise here laying on the street for anyone to grab. Who the FUCK hired you lady?? This is not the 1st wack ass experience we have had with #USPS as a matter of fact we have a few packages missing from vendors over the past few months between our store locations. Are we the only ones having these issues?? Please comment, we are curious. Is this just us? People need to figure out what WORK ETHIC really is. This is wack! 😤😤😤 #thecavesmokeshop #uspostalservice #fireeveryone #whostheboss #gofuckyourself PS TO ALL OF OUR VENDORS, PLEASE DO NOT USE USPS TO SEND US PACKAGES, HIT US UP FOR OUR UPS ACCOUNT NUMBER, WE HAVE THE FEWEST DISCREPANCIES WITH BROWN #postmaster #federal

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I’m pretty jealous of the mail lady. #mailmanlife #usps #southbeach #miamibeach

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when people think you're trash despite you explicitly stating otherwise. #brokenheart #usps

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#smilesarefree #appreciation #priceless #usps #postalproud

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