Photo: Cincinnati, Iowa Post Office 52549, by Jimmy Emerson, some rights reserved. Photo shared under the Creative Commons License.


Looky what I got here! #usps MAIL BOX #thieves, I #hate thieves more than anything in this world. First time in 11 years. I'm expecting several packages from awesome people like my first custom built holster from @anrdesignllc it's supposed to show up today as well as a new rifle upper from @bear_creek_arsenal in the next couple days and a custom horizontal sheath for my new knife. Nothing I can do about it cuz my mailbox is down the block from my house. If it were in front of my house, #cameras m*th=rfβ˜†ck€r. I would be hunting you f%#ckers down. Now everything is going to be delayed. I better not ever catch you or anyone that does this sh!t. May the Lord help you if I do! #porchpirates #bankaccounthackers #scum #ghetto #thisishowyougetfedtocoyotes #cocksuckers #furious #neverbefore #whattodo #timeforthe12guage

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