Photo: Twin Rocks, Pennsylvania Post Office, by Jimmy Emerson, some rights reserved. Photo shared under the Creative Commons License.


Keep scrolling if you don’t want to partake in the sap story to follow. 🙂 Today marks Mikhail’s last day as a USPS Postman, as he will from now on be pursuing opening his dream coffee shop @santocoffeeco. I just need to take a moment to praise this man for not only sticking with the USPS for 12 solid years, but for his consistency in working SO hard, cultivating deeper relationships with his coworkers and customers, and being a pillar of positivity in an industry that is known to be notoriously tough, and from which the term “going postal” (aka crazy) is derived. Thank you for working hard and loving so well, from visiting old customers on old routes to see if they’re okay while going through tough life moments, to working hours and hours of mandatory overtime without complaining, to going out of your way to serve the customers on your route and customizing your service for them in ways no one else would, to always leaving organic heart shaped dog treats for the doggos on your route, even if they’re not home. For bringing donuts for your coworkers after everyone’s had a really tough month of mando because “we deserve it”, to giving your boy Phoonsak a ride to work every day so he doesn’t have to walk so far, to Cultivating such deep and rich relationships with the people on your route that they invite us to dinner at their homes and give you homemade jam and honey (that I ravenously eat), taking a leap of faith and praying with people on your route when they’re going through hard times, to texting me to see how my day is in the middle of a crazy day yourself, to walking 10-14 miles (a total of at least 12,000 miles) every single day for years while carrying heavy mail and packages. I should stop now because I could go on forever. Most people haven’t seen your investment, but I do, and I honor and respect you for the way you give everything your all, with a heart full of love. I believe no matter what you do, you will be successful for all these reasons and more. I love you. Here’s to the next chapter, my love! 🥂#USPS #santocoffee

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