Photo: Nanty Glo, Pennsylvania 15943 Post Office, by Jimmy Emerson, some rights reserved. Photo shared under the Creative Commons License.


Another crazy day for this mailman. So I decided to switch things up on my route today and did my last apartment complex first because of the rain. I’m finishing up my last box and I hear a loud thump then hear someone yelling for help. I couldn’t see anyone so I just ran to the voice. This lady fell down the stairs and hit her head, I immediately called 911 and stayed by her trying to calm her down until the ambulance came. I am so thankful I was there at that time. Her husband called me me a couple hours later and gave me an update. She had a mild concussion and broke her arm. He began to tell me God placed you as her angel to be there for her. It was an emotional experience and glad she’s okay #usps #mailmanlife

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