Photo: Fifield, Wisconsin Post Office 54524, by Jimmy Emerson, some rights reserved. Photo shared under the Creative Commons License.


Big yellow mail box!! #roadtrippin #famlydrive #usmail #usps

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I always take different back roads going to a friend's place that lives kind of up north and I did a double take as I was racing by this…… Located somewhere in the vast void between Mount Pleasant and Lansing you'll come across the little town of Elm Hall with a population of 73. Once I got to a signal I had to look this place up and going by what I can find it appears to be the smallest Post Office in Michigan and the second smallest Post Office in America! It's so small that the PO boxes are outside! My Honda Accord is wider and longer than this building. I think next time I have a release I'll have to bring them all here to ship, haha. #puremittigan #puremichigan #ruralameriaca #usps #mittenlove #postoffice #postmandan

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