Postal News Archives February 2020

Turnover high among non-career USPS, dissatisfaction with supervisors cited
2.26.2020 – FedWeek reports: “Those employees who left in 2019 had worked just 81 days for USPS on average, it added. The main reasons they cited in exit surveys were inflexible schedules, dislike of supervisors, and the physical demands of the work. Working too many or too few hours also was cited.” – Comments (Count)

Trump 2021 Budget Proposes $97B USPS Savings Package, Including Pay and Service Cuts
2.11.2020 – GovExec reports: “The White House included in its fiscal 2021 budget proposal all of the recommendations made by a task force President Trump created in 2018 to put USPS on a better course, saying the reforms would save the mailing agency from an existential threat. Absent changes, the administration estimated the agency would lose $7 billion this year and $8 billion per year through 2030.” – White House Dusts Off USPS Reform Plan Comments (Count)

USPS Reports 1st Quarter Fiscal 2020 Results
2.07.2020 – USPS reports: “The net loss for the quarter totaled $748 million, a decrease in net loss of $789 million, compared to a net loss of $1.5 billion for the same quarter last year. Controllable loss for the quarter was $387 million, compared to a controllable loss of $103 million for the same quarter last year.” NALC Statement Package and Shipping Volume Drops 5% Comments (Count)


A postmaster general’s legacy and USPS support of the Postal Museum – Comments (Count)
Portland mail carrier found guilty of stealing $37,000 from Famous Footwear cash deposit packages – Comments (Count)


Woman accused of attacking Florida postal worker – Comments (Count)
Schumer urges Postmaster General to come to the table on Tioga Street USPS branch – Comments (Count)
1920: After 41 years of service, 79-year-old letter carrier finally calls in sick – Comments (Count)
Walmart is working on an Amazon Prime competitor called Walmart+ – Comments (Count)
South Wichita residents are raising questions about USPS after being forced to install curbside boxes – Comments (Count)
USPS moves post office in small North Idaho city to a van – Comments (Count)


South Bay Letter Carriers Say Mail Problems Linked to Consolidated Casing Experiment – Comments (Count)
Missouri couple fighting to be found on map by post office – Comments (Count)
Mail destroyed after carrier vehicle catches fire in N.H. – Comments (Count)


USPS OIG Management Alert: Nationwide Delivery Scanning Issues – Comments (Count)
Are your packages safe from the coronavirus? – Comments (Count)
Top USPS Suppliers for Fiscal Year 2019 (PDF) – Comments (Count)
Durango postal worker caught on video throwing mail from vehicle – Comments (Count)


Video shows heartwarming reunion after missing 2-year-old rescued by postal worker – Comments (Count)
Mail delivery lags in South Burlington neighborhood – Comments (Count)
Police look for truck that struck USPS wall and drove away – Comments (Count)
Money Mailer Now Offering Companion Postcard Alongside Each Shared Mailer – Comments (Count)
Chicago mail thieves make improvised Arrow keys from scissors – Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: The Churn and Heartburn of Employee Turnover – Comments (Count)
The Postal Service Fired Thousands of Workers For Getting Injured (USPS is aggressively fighting claims over a decade later)  |  Have you been injured? Comments (Count)
Arcanum postal carrier injured in dog attack – Comments (Count)


Opposition grows to new cluster mailbox – Comments (Count)
Where is the country’s smallest post office – Comments (Count)
U.S. Postal Inspectors cracking down on Jamaican lottery scams – Comments (Count)
NALC and USPS mutually agree to postpone national-level grievance over Hatch Act – Comments (Count)


Dog attacks scare postal workers away from hardscrabble trailer park – Comments (Count)
Western North Dakota newspaper reps, residents express frustration with Postal Service – Comments (Count)


Oklahoma: USPS offers up to $50,000 reward to find people who robbed letter carrier at gunpoint – Comments (Count)
Retired postal workers reflect on their careers – Comments (Count)
APWU: Join the Feb 25 USPS Fairness Act Nationwide Call-In Day – Comments (Count)
The NALC Veterans Guide is Now Available – Comments (Count)
Oilton residents frustrated about paying for mail service – Comments (Count)
USPS mail carrier robbed by two men in Oak Hills – Comments (Count)


Royal Mail Offers 16% Pay Raise in Bid to End Labor Dispute – Comments (Count) surges 63% on earnings report – Comments (Count)
Internet Glitch Forces Inwood Post Office to Shut Down – Comments (Count)
USPS Keeps Its Long Island City Warehouse – Comments (Count)
Missing Mail Found Dumped on Chicago’s Southwest Side – Comments (Count)
GAO: Checking in with the USPS on its 228th Anniversary – Comments (Count)
Message from employees prove the USPS is in disarray – Comments (Count)


Possible hazmat situation at west Phoenix post office sends 2 to hospital – Comments (Count)
Disabled man confused about demand to move mailbox – Comments (Count)
Some coronaviruses can linger on surfaces up to 9 days  |  China destroying cash to stop virus spread on infected bank notes Comments (Count)
Georgia court OKs $125K verdict in postal worker dog bite suit – Comments (Count)
Bronx Church Prays for Deliverance After Post Office Brings Mail Once in Two Weeks – Comments (Count)


NALC posts coronavirus information – Comments (Count)
Ithaca postal carrier cited for careless driving after striking bicyclist – Comments (Count)
Lancaster County mailman let go for refusing to work Sundays due to religious reasons – Comments (Count)
Campbell residents grapple with late deliveries, missing mail amid USPS staffing shortage – Comments (Count)
USPS Postmaster in Roanoke Makes History – Comments (Count)


Amazon continues to expand, currently has 37,000 job listings – Comments (Count)
82-year-old woman walks to post office, shoots herself in the chest – Comments (Count)
WW2 vet receives 300,000 cards, letters and gifts for Valentine’s Day – Comments (Count)


Wedding invitations worth about $1K lost in the mail (gold-colored calligraphy probably not a good idea) – Comments (Count)


Have you ever had timecard issues related to disallowed time or time charged to the wrong code? The USPS OIG wants to know – Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Manual Flats Processing Operations at Birmingham P&DC – Comments (Count)
Postal worker who saved missing boy surprised with Valentine’s Day gifts – Comments (Count)
Postal worker rewarded for doing a job he loves – Comments (Count)
Mail truck driver taken to hospital after wreck – Comments (Count)


Tri-State postal worker honored for decades of service – Comments (Count)
Postmaster removed for inappropriate behavior toward employee he fired – Comments (Count)
Residents not happy about downsizing of post office to mail truck – Comments (Count)
Lubbock USPS collection boxes removed after multiple thefts – Comments (Count)
Virtual, traveling philatelic museum honors black heritage – Comments (Count)
USPS addresses misinformation on mail sent to China – Comments (Count)


Barron County postal worker arrested for meth possession while on route – Comments (Count)
Community shows support at sentencing in postal worker’s hit-and-run death – Comments (Count)
Mailman sentenced to two weeks for keeping undelivered mail in storage unit – Comments (Count)
North Portland Residents Demand End to Postal Service’s Pilot Program – Comments (Count)
Protest Outside Chicago Post Office After Spanish Speakers Allegedly Refused Service – Comments (Count)


LaFox postal employee charged with falsely reporting robbery – Comments (Count)
Blood-smeared mail delivered in Allegany area – Comments (Count)
Mail fraud, employee abuse alleged at Parker, Colorado post office – Comments (Count)
Coronavirus crisis disrupting flow of mail into China – Comments (Count)
Thieves appear to use USPS master key to enter Chicago buildings – Comments (Count)
Lee County woman fed up with constant USPS mix-ups, delivers neighbors’ mail herself – Comments (Count)


USPS suspends some mail to China amid coronavirus outbreak – Comments (Count)
PHOTO: Postal Vehicle Crunched by Falling Tree (1 of 42 photos) – Comments (Count)
Is the ‘unsustainable’ USPS doomed to be Amazon’s next victim? – Comments (Count)
Latinos call on USPS to address discrimination at Pilsen office  |  Discrimination claims spur demands for bilingual staff at Chicago post office  |  Facebook post Comments (Count)


Amazon Flex drivers are using bots to get the best package routes – Comments (Count)
The long history of mail in Wolcott – Comments (Count)


Witness opens up about postal worker’s death – Comments (Count)
Kilmer Postal Employees Wear Red to Raise Awareness of Heart Disease – Comments (Count)
Postal Inspection Service Offers $50,000 Reward For Suspects Who Robbed Carrier – Comments (Count)
USPS nearly ‘breaking even’ if House-passed reform bill becomes law – Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Late arriving mail, scanning issues, late returning carriers found at Allen (TX) Post Office (PDF) – Comments (Count)
‘Nah, I’m not a hero’: Postal worker rescues missing toddler – Comments (Count)
Postal Service OIG Explores Idea of Same Day Deliveries – Comments (Count)


Royal Mail suffers stock market freefall as strikes loom – Comments (Count)
Postal worker finds missing 2-year-old boy – Comments (Count)
USPS carries on during winter weather – Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Finds Building Maintenance and Safety Issues at Greater Indiana District post offices  |  Similar Findings in Mid-Carolinas District Comments (Count)
House votes to end controversial USPS payments for future retirees’ health care (next stop the Senate)  |  309-106  |  Senate Companion Bill  |  NALC Statement Comments (Count)


An Amazon delivery company is laying off more than 400 after Amazon cuts its contract – Comments (Count)
Amazon creating a futuristic fleet of 100,000 electric delivery vans, complete with Alexa and routing software built in  |  Video Comments (Count)
Why the USPS Launched a Premium Tracking Option – Comments (Count)
$200,000 worth of checks stolen from Gretna Post Office drop box – Comments (Count)
Whoops! Somebody Drove Into the Clear Lake Post Office – Comments (Count)
NBC 5 Responds: Battle With U.S. Postal Service – Comments (Count)


House to vote this week on smaller USPS reform bill to eliminate pre-funding benefits – Comments (Count)
CBO predicts USPS will continue to default on retiree health fund payments for the next decade (fund will be depleted by 2030) – Comments (Count)
Today is National Thank a Mail Carrier Day! – Comments (Count)
Aspen postmaster says she’s working to get fully staffed – Comments (Count)
Mauriceville post office to reopen after Imelda – Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Executive Level Justice – Comments (Count)


Faulty mail delivery prompts mayors to act – Comments (Count)
USPS Offers Premium Tracking for a Fee – Comments (Count)
USPS are parking on Jersey City streets, prompting some to ask why – Comments (Count)


Author of ‘Post Office Poem’ has new book with chapters about his Brooklyn letter carrier dad – Comments (Count)
Dear John: An investigation into USPS management is needed, says retired letter carrier – Comments (Count)
Austrian Post has Brexit stamp problem licked – Comments (Count)
Return to sender: It’s a mail mix up as Twinsburg couple gets 55,000 pieces of mail – Comments (Count)


Longtime Toledo postal worker retires – Comments (Count)
Influential journalist Gwen Ifill honored with USPS stamp – Comments (Count)