Postal News Archives February 2020


NALC posts coronavirus information – Comments (Count)
Ithaca postal carrier cited for careless driving after striking bicyclist – Comments (Count)
Lancaster County mailman let go for refusing to work Sundays due to religious reasons – Comments (Count)
Campbell residents grapple with late deliveries, missing mail amid USPS staffing shortage – Comments (Count)
USPS Postmaster in Roanoke Makes History – Comments (Count)


Amazon continues to expand, currently has 37,000 job listings – Comments (Count)
82-year-old woman walks to post office, shoots herself in the chest – Comments (Count)
WW2 vet receives 300,000 cards, letters and gifts for Valentine’s Day – Comments (Count)


Wedding invitations worth about $1K lost in the mail (gold-colored calligraphy probably not a good idea) – Comments (Count)


Have you ever had timecard issues related to disallowed time or time charged to the wrong code? The USPS OIG wants to know – Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Manual Flats Processing Operations at Birmingham P&DC – Comments (Count)
Postal worker who saved missing boy surprised with Valentine’s Day gifts – Comments (Count)
Postal worker rewarded for doing a job he loves – Comments (Count)
Mail truck driver taken to hospital after wreck – Comments (Count)


Tri-State postal worker honored for decades of service – Comments (Count)
Postmaster removed for inappropriate behavior toward employee he fired – Comments (Count)
Residents not happy about downsizing of post office to mail truck – Comments (Count)
Lubbock USPS collection boxes removed after multiple thefts – Comments (Count)
Virtual, traveling philatelic museum honors black heritage – Comments (Count)
USPS addresses misinformation on mail sent to China – Comments (Count)


Barron County postal worker arrested for meth possession while on route – Comments (Count)
Community shows support at sentencing in postal worker’s hit-and-run death – Comments (Count)
Mailman sentenced to two weeks for keeping undelivered mail in storage unit – Comments (Count)
North Portland Residents Demand End to Postal Service’s Pilot Program – Comments (Count)
Protest Outside Chicago Post Office After Spanish Speakers Allegedly Refused Service – Comments (Count)


LaFox postal employee charged with falsely reporting robbery – Comments (Count)
Blood-smeared mail delivered in Allegany area – Comments (Count)
Mail fraud, employee abuse alleged at Parker, Colorado post office – Comments (Count)
Coronavirus crisis disrupting flow of mail into China – Comments (Count)
Thieves appear to use USPS master key to enter Chicago buildings – Comments (Count)
Lee County woman fed up with constant USPS mix-ups, delivers neighbors’ mail herself – Comments (Count)


USPS suspends some mail to China amid coronavirus outbreak – Comments (Count)
PHOTO: Postal Vehicle Crunched by Falling Tree (1 of 42 photos) – Comments (Count)
Is the ‘unsustainable’ USPS doomed to be Amazon’s next victim? – Comments (Count)
Latinos call on USPS to address discrimination at Pilsen office  |  Discrimination claims spur demands for bilingual staff at Chicago post office  |  Facebook post Comments (Count)


Amazon Flex drivers are using bots to get the best package routes – Comments (Count)
The long history of mail in Wolcott – Comments (Count)


Witness opens up about postal worker’s death – Comments (Count)
Kilmer Postal Employees Wear Red to Raise Awareness of Heart Disease – Comments (Count)
Postal Inspection Service Offers $50,000 Reward For Suspects Who Robbed Carrier – Comments (Count)
USPS nearly ‘breaking even’ if House-passed reform bill becomes law – Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Late arriving mail, scanning issues, late returning carriers found at Allen (TX) Post Office (PDF) – Comments (Count)
‘Nah, I’m not a hero’: Postal worker rescues missing toddler – Comments (Count)
Postal Service OIG Explores Idea of Same Day Deliveries – Comments (Count)


Royal Mail suffers stock market freefall as strikes loom – Comments (Count)
Postal worker finds missing 2-year-old boy – Comments (Count)
USPS carries on during winter weather – Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Finds Building Maintenance and Safety Issues at Greater Indiana District post offices  |  Similar Findings in Mid-Carolinas District Comments (Count)
House votes to end controversial USPS payments for future retirees’ health care (next stop the Senate)  |  309-106  |  Senate Companion Bill  |  NALC Statement Comments (Count)


An Amazon delivery company is laying off more than 400 after Amazon cuts its contract – Comments (Count)
Amazon creating a futuristic fleet of 100,000 electric delivery vans, complete with Alexa and routing software built in  |  Video Comments (Count)
Why the USPS Launched a Premium Tracking Option – Comments (Count)
$200,000 worth of checks stolen from Gretna Post Office drop box – Comments (Count)
Whoops! Somebody Drove Into the Clear Lake Post Office – Comments (Count)
NBC 5 Responds: Battle With U.S. Postal Service – Comments (Count)


House to vote this week on smaller USPS reform bill to eliminate pre-funding benefits – Comments (Count)
CBO predicts USPS will continue to default on retiree health fund payments for the next decade (fund will be depleted by 2030) – Comments (Count)
Today is National Thank a Mail Carrier Day! – Comments (Count)
Aspen postmaster says she’s working to get fully staffed – Comments (Count)
Mauriceville post office to reopen after Imelda – Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Executive Level Justice – Comments (Count)


Faulty mail delivery prompts mayors to act – Comments (Count)
USPS Offers Premium Tracking for a Fee – Comments (Count)
USPS are parking on Jersey City streets, prompting some to ask why – Comments (Count)


Author of ‘Post Office Poem’ has new book with chapters about his Brooklyn letter carrier dad – Comments (Count)
Dear John: An investigation into USPS management is needed, says retired letter carrier – Comments (Count)
Austrian Post has Brexit stamp problem licked – Comments (Count)
Return to sender: It’s a mail mix up as Twinsburg couple gets 55,000 pieces of mail – Comments (Count)


Longtime Toledo postal worker retires – Comments (Count)
Influential journalist Gwen Ifill honored with USPS stamp – Comments (Count)