Postal News Archives February 2021

USPS Chooses Oshkosh Defense for New Delivery Vehicles
2.23.2021 – reports: “The new vehicles will include air conditioning and heating, improved ergonomics, and some of the most advanced vehicle technology — including 360-degree cameras, advanced braking and traction control, air bags, a front- and rear-collision avoidance system that includes visual, audio warning, and automatic braking. The vehicles will also have increased cargo capacity to maximize efficiency and better accommodate higher package volumes stemming from the growth of eCommerce, reports the USPS.” – NFL Thanks USPS for Manning Homage At Odds With Biden AdministrationDid Pixar design the truck? Lawmaker seeks to stop contract with limited EVs Let’s cast new Car characters based on new USPS truck Late-night hosts react to new USPS truck design Massive Windshield Trucks are delivering strong reactions Car and Driver: So much for looking cool Workhorse stock plummets CNN: Radical Change The future of USPS trucks is electric This is the Postal Service’s New Truck NALC Statement Comments (Count)

White House says it’s responding to pressure to act fast on USPS problems
2.19.2021 – CNN reports: “President Biden has made clear his feelings on the current leadership of the Postal Service and the challenges it faces, and his team is working as quickly as possible to fill board vacancies so the USPS can effectively fulfill its vital mission for the country, and live up to the commitments made to its workers,” Biden spokesperson Michael Gwin told CNN.” – Comments (Count)

Lawmakers Renew Bipartisan Push to End Much Maligned Payments Toward Future USPS Retiree Health Care
2.02.2021 – GovExec reports: “A bipartisan, bicameral group of lawmakers is once again pushing to remove mandatory payments toward the health benefits for future U.S. Postal Service retirees, aiming to eliminate a controversial requirement  upon which the cash-strapped mailing agency has defaulted for years.” – Another attempt being made Lawmakers aim to dissolve ‘draconian’ law Comments (Count)


Colorado’s Amber McReynolds tapped for USPS board of governors – Comments (Count)
USPS Warns Memphis Backlog Is Impacting Entire Air Network – Comments (Count)
Farmer receives dead baby chicks in the mail – Comments (Count)
NALC: Recent Letter Carrier Deaths From COVID-19 and Other Causes – Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: How Efficient is the Postal Service Peak Season Hiring Process? – Comments (Count)
Chicago: USPS Investigates More Than $100,000 Dollars in Mailed Checks Stolen by Scammers – Comments (Count)
Southern California: As USPS Performance Improves, First Class Mail Delays Still Happening – Comments (Count)
North Texas mail carriers are working to catch up on missed deliveries because of winter storm – Comments (Count)


Philadelphia man charged with kidnapping and robbing of postal workers – Comments (Count)
United will pay $49 million to settle air mail fraud case – Comments (Count)
Former mail carriers in Chicago charged in conspiracy to steal credit cards from the mail – Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Misrouted Mail Within the Postal Service Network – Comments (Count)
Could the Postal Service be used for fresh produce deliveries? – Comments (Count)
Postal workers in Chicago surprised to learn of dismissals due to ‘lack of work’ – Comments (Count)


Biden’s postal board nominees unlikely to spell quick end to postmaster general’s tenure – Comments (Count)
People still dealing with heavy mail delays from USPS, causing headaches and late fees – Comments (Count)
Congressional Hearing on U.S. Postal Service (with videos and testimony) – Comments (Count)
Under Pressure, Postmaster General Calls for Changes to Mail Delivery – Comments (Count)
USPS says winter weather is to blame for Indy mail delays, local union says it’s more than that – Comments (Count)
DeJoy to Congress: ‘Get used to me, I’m not going anywhere’ – Comments (Count)
Biden nominates three to USPS board of governors – Biden Seeks More Control Over Postal Service With New Appointments Comments (Count)


Wendel Post Office closes; residents told to get mail five miles away – Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Predicting the Unpredictable – Comments (Count)
Chicago: Bronzeville building receives mail month and half late – Comments (Count)
Forbes: Why the U.S. Post Office Is In Trouble – 678,539 Employees and a $9.2 Billion Loss in 2020 – Comments (Count)
Hartford apartment complex residents want answers after weeks without regular mail delivery – Comments (Count)
PMG DeJoy will appear before a congressional panel on Wednesday – Comments (Count)
Waco: Postal carriers out in full force to catch up after winter storm – Comments (Count)
USPS Network ‘Severely Disrupted,’ Suspends Guarantee on Priority Mail Express – Comments (Count)
Amazon, union organizers at odds over ‘pay to quit’ bonuses – Comments (Count)


Postal worker admits to dumping 1,300 pieces of mail in the woods – Comments (Count)
The Postal Service wants to slow down the mail, Congress says not so fast – Comments (Count)
On the Retirement of a Black Postman in Pittsburgh – Comments (Count)
Linn’s: What constitutes a stamp product as limited edition? – Comments (Count)
A ban on mail order chicks? – Comments (Count)
Trump’s postmaster general personally ordered USPS overtime cuts: Report – Comments (Count)
Senator Van Hollen Presses DeJoy on Mail Delays | Letter (PDF) Comments (Count)
How to Check Your Clock Rings in Lite Blue Comments (Count)


USPS back on the roads after winter storms – Comments (Count)
More long lines at Chicago post offices – Comments (Count)
Clayton residents missing two weeks’ worth of mail – Comments (Count)


Wisconsin: Photos of mail in ditch, including ballots, released to FOX 11 – Comments (Count)
Chicago: Residents Call For Firing of Postmaster Prater as Delivery Problems Persist – Comments (Count)
Evansville resident helps USPS by offering her driveway for mail delivery – Comments (Count)
Baltimore: Dundalk Residents Frustrated With USPS Mail Delays – Comments (Count)


Back to the Future: The USPS, PRC, and Mailers revisit the meaning of PAEA – Comments (Count)
How robots would help the Postal Service – Comments (Count)
What’s behind mail delays in Akron? Union says stress piling up, along with snow – Comments (Count)
$50,000 reward offered for suspect who rammed U.S. Postal Inspectors in San Francisco – Comments (Count)
Chicago: Politicians say enough is enough with USPS delays – Comments (Count)
Democrats demand answers about USPS delays and question postmaster general’s leadership – Comments (Count)
World News Daily Report: Woman sues USPS for $1.1M in child support after having 6 children with 5 different mailmen – Comments (Count)


Three USPS plants in Dallas area were suspended or redirected due to weather – Comments (Count)
South Shore woman says she and her neighbors haven’t received mail for over a month – Comments (Count)
Memphis mail delivery experiencing some delays due to winter weather – Comments (Count)
Austin hasn’t received regular mail since Feb. 13 – Comments (Count)
USPS names 4 worst-performing post offices in Chicago – Comments (Count)
How USPS Came to Overstate Its Pandemic Fallout – Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Pandemic Volume and Revenue Projected Scenarios – Comments (Count)
Lexington: Postal Service Should Nix Plan to Further Slow Mail Delivery – Comments (Count)
80 House Democrats Tell Biden to Fill Postal Service Board Vacancies to Oust DeJoy – Comments (Count)
Town designates outgoing Postmaster Steve Culpovich as Honorary Rockport Resident – Comments (Count)
Zero-emission vehicles can help transform the Postal Service – Comments (Count)
Linn’s: DeJoy’s plan for USPS calls for rate hikes and slower deliveries – Comments (Count)


Where’s my mail? Delivery irregular in Oak Park – Comments (Count)
Due diligence not just for first contract, Postal IG says – Comments (Count)
Postal carriers brave the harsh temps to make deliveries – Comments (Count)
The Guardian: Democrats urge Biden to fire USPS chief Trump ally who decimated mail service – Comments (Count)
USPS suspends service in parts of Alabama due to winter weather – Comments (Count)
USPS resumes mail operations in Tulsa after temporary suspension due to power outages – Comments (Count)
Officials search for suspect who stole USPS vehicle in Yuma – Comments (Count)


Drones Seen Capturing 30% of Express Delivery Market by 2040 – Comments (Count)
Broadview Heights couple’s certified mail still undelivered after two months – Comments (Count)
Inspector General Report Shows Tens of Thousands of Pieces of Delayed, Undelivered Mail in Chicago – Comments (Count)
Mail delays wreaking havoc with bill-paying – Comments (Count)
NJ: Worsening Mail Delays Frustrate Local Residents – Comments (Count)


The 2020 Mail Delays: Stats & Charts – Comments (Count)
Britain: 7.5 million packages lost or stolen since lockdown. Are they being auctioned off on eBay? – Comments (Count)
Police say no one injured after runaway Amazon van rolls into house – Comments (Count)
Postal worker struck by hit-and-run driver in Bell Gardens – Comments (Count)
Cold weather face-off: Postal workers battle frigid temps – Comments (Count)


House Oversight Committee Announces Hearing With PMG and Stakeholders on Legislative Proposals to Help Postal Service – Comments (Count)
USPS encouraging staff to seek COVID vaccine by any means available – Comments (Count)
Mailboxes remain empty in Robertson County neighborhood after USPS regulation change – Comments (Count)
USPS Chicago mail delivery delays: Chicago letter carriers union asks for reinforcements from other districts to deliver the mail – Comments (Count)


Pittsburgh: Postal Service suspends door delivery after pit bull bites mail carrier – Comments (Count)
Congressman introduces USPS bill to restore overnight local delivery – Comments (Count)
Maryland members of Congress investigating mail delays – Comments (Count)
Chicago: USPS blamed short staffing for problems with the mail, but one man says he looked for job hoping to help but found nothing – Comments (Count)
Watch: USPS mail carrier hits mailbox, drives off – Comments (Count)


South Minneapolis post office destroyed in riots to be rebuilt – Comments (Count)
Letter lost in postal system could cost worker nearly $1 million in retirement – Comments (Count)
Cleveland: USPS officials speak out about what’s being done to fix the mail mess – Comments (Count)
USPS increased revenue by 11% in Q1, but the PMG still wants to restructure – Comments (Count)


Chicago woman fit to be tied with no mail delivery for more than a month – Comments (Count)
Democrats called to save the Postal Service, but now they’re in power and struggling to save the agency – Comments (Count)
Another! Post Office Can’t Find Mother’s Missing Remains – Comments (Count)
Insurance company drops woman after USPS delays payment – Comments (Count)
USPS carrier robbed, truck stolen – Comments (Count)
Chicago residents upset with USPS, told to come and get their mail themselves | Come get your mail yourself Comments (Count)
Washington postal workers push for vaccine after outbreak in Kent facility – Comments (Count)
House letter to PMG DeJoy about alarmingly high number of coronavirus infections and deaths suffered by postal workers (PDF) – Comments (Count)


Former Obama official named U.S. Postal Service board chair – Comments (Count)
USPS 10-year strategy will address ‘unacceptable’ service delays, DeJoy tells board | Key commitments of plan Comments (Count)
Are changes coming to the USPS? Board of Governors to meet Tuesday – Comments (Count)
Coalition warns USPS alcohol delivery ‘not safe’ – Comments (Count)
PMG DeJoy reportedly preparing to unveil plans for operational changes soon – Comments (Count)
What can Dems do to get the USPS back on track? – Comments (Count)
Why Biden Can’t Fire Postmaster General DeJoy – Comments (Count)


Hays postal carriers carry on despite rain, sleet, or… bitter cold – Comments (Count)
More than a month after Christmas, USPS is still scrambling to deliver millions of pieces of mail – Comments (Count)
Amazon warehouse workers begin historic vote to unionize | Alabama vote Comments (Count)
Decades later, watch honoring postal service career returned to family who lost it – Comments (Count)
Silverman: Why can’t the Post Office provide a great customer experience? – Comments (Count)


As Trump trial looms, Congress quietly preparing bill to make Postal Service profitable again – Comments (Count)
Weary postal workers hope Biden will bring new tone, change – Comments (Count)
NYC postal workers call on state to elevate their COVID-19 vaccine eligibility – Comments (Count)
Biden inherited a USPS crisis. Here’s how Democrats want to fix it (subscription) – Comments (Count)


Postal workers want to know when they will be receiving the COVID vaccine (no link) – Comments (Count)
Lexington: The Reckless Calls to Fire the Entire USPS Board of Governors – Comments (Count)
Entire Blue Collection Box Stolen in Phillipsville – Comments (Count)
USPS hiring to fill 65 CCA positions in Cincinnati – Comments (Count)


Plains Post Office suspends services after car crash – Comments (Count)
Taylor Swift Hand Paints Message to Fan Who Writes Letters to Postal Workers – Comments (Count)
Honoring postal workers on National Thank a Mail Carrier Day – Comments (Count)
Weeks of no mail provokes anger among Englewood aldermen, residents | Residents venture to Post Office in brutal cold Comments (Count)
Central PA residents losing trust in USPS – Comments (Count)
Washington: Hundreds of local USPS employees test positive for COVID | Almost 1,600 postal workers in DC region Comments (Count)
Congressmen criticize ‘logjams’ at Richmond USPS facility – Comments (Count)
Amazon is forcing its warehouse workers into ‘megacycle’ shifts – Comments (Count)


South Side Chicago aldermen call for action after residents complain for weeks of missing mail – Comments (Count)
Maryland Delegation Members Press DeJoy on USPS Delays – Comments (Count)
Biden looks to reform the USPS, but firing DeJoy might happen – Comments (Count)


String of postal worker, delivery truck thefts in Maryland and DC – Comments (Count)
After dark: USPS seeing staffing shortage – Comments (Count)
Chicago: New details emerge in disappearance of pregnant postal worker – Comments (Count)
It may be February, but holiday post office delays have yet to end – Comments (Count)
USPS apologizes for Milford landscaper’s massive mail delay – Comments (Count)
USPS creating dashboard to address performance data demands – Comments (Count)
Employee availability due to virus affecting Tahoe mail delivery – Comments (Count)
Biden urged to fire Postal Service board for complicity – Comments (Count)
Sanders leading effort to have U.S. distribute high quality masks through the Postal Service – Comments (Count)


Two Canadian postal workers suspended for not delivering Epoch Times | The Epoch Times Wiki Comments (Count)
USPS tests geospatial data collection on mail trucks – Comments (Count)
Postal Service may expand international parcel, mail delivery services – Comments (Count)
New postmaster assigned to Myrtle Grove Post Office plans to address delivery issues – Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Delivery Problems in the Granite State – Comments (Count)


USPS cancels mail delivery for northern New Jersey amid blizzard – Comments (Count)
Postal Workers Union President Calls Mail Delays After Holidays Unacceptable – Comments (Count)
Senators urge PMG to address mail delays – Comments (Count)
Op-Ed: Biden’s USPS electric fleet mandate a shock to taxpayers – Comments (Count)
NALC: Newly-retired, 82-year-old letter carrier Anthony Puccio passes away – Comments (Count)
This 630-HP Drag-Racing Postal Truck Has a 6.0 Liter Small-Block Engine – Comments (Count)
Buffalo: Postal Service again prodded to fix dangerous traffic flow at Williamsville branch – Comments (Count)