Postal News Archives January 2021


PHOTO: Long line as only one clerk works the window at the Mesquite, TX Post Office – Comments (Count)
Bill Creekbaum: Beloved postal worker missed by community, coworkers – Comments (Count)
OP-ED: Lunar New Year Stamp Has Aztec, Not Asian, Vibe – Comments (Count)
The Postal Service Survived the Election. But It Was Crushed by Holiday Packages – Comments (Count)
USPS Gets Good Grade on Early Pandemic Response | Report: Moving the Mail Through COVID Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Late and Extra Trips at the Los Angeles P&DC (PDF) – Comments (Count)
Steve Hutkins (Save the Post Office) requesting info from PRC on removal of 30,000 collection boxes in 2021, post office closures and hours and COVID numbers (PDF) – Comments (Count)


Philadelphia postal workers say hundreds of thousands of boxes are sitting inside processing and delivery centers – Comments (Count)
USPS transitioning Martinsville neighborhood to curbside and cluster boxes; neighbors are upset – Comments (Count)
More and more carriers want to know: Is Amazon tasking USPS with the larger packages? – Comments (Count)
USPS announces additional stamps for 2021 – Comments (Count)
Amazon’s New Electric Rivian Vans Have a Unique Sound – Comments (Count)
Milford business owner fears delayed payments in the mail could ruin him – Comments (Count)
Judge drops case against homeless woman who stole USPS truck in Brooklyn – Comments (Count)


VIDEOS: Brooklyn woman steals mail truck, takes it on a joyride – Comments (Count)
USPS removing mailboxes for security reasons ahead of inauguration – Comments (Count)
USPS delays continue, angering residents, small businesses with late bills – Comments (Count)


USPS names new vice president for transportation strategy – Comments (Count)
Still waiting for packages that were mailed in December? It could be awhile – Comments (Count)
Woman steals USPS truck, crashes into 14 cars in Brooklyn joyride | Video of apprehension Comments (Count)


Some post offices to close early due to ‘possible civil event’ – Comments (Count)
USPS Moves Past Holiday Shipping Backlog – Comments (Count)
Vehicle hits post office for the second time in less than a year – Comments (Count)
Verizon, UPS team up for drone delivery to large Florida retirement community – Comments (Count)
Christmas card took 18-day trip – Comments (Count)
Some Canadian postal workers dismayed by Epoch Times publication – Comments (Count)
PMG DeJoy names Sheila Holman to oversee stamp program – Comments (Count)
City of Detroit postal workers now eligible for COVID-19 vaccine – Comments (Count)
Many in metro still reporting holiday package delays – Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Late and Extra Trips at the Richmond P&DC – Comments (Count)
USPS Reminder About Mail Restrictions on CBD Products – Comments (Count)
Dozens of Beulah homeowners say they have mail-delivery issues, USPS denies it – Comments (Count)
Ex-con admits cutting female postal carrier during carjacking – Comments (Count)
Cleveland postal workers claim they are not getting paid correctly for overtime hours, and when they are paid, it’s with money orders! – Comments (Count)
Attempted murder of postal carrier leads to 16-year Federal prison sentence – Comments (Count)
Postal Supervisor in Middletown Who Stole Packages is Sentenced – Comments (Count)


A Cape Cod Post Office Has Been Deemed a COVID-19 Cluster – Comments (Count)
Mail destined for Cleveland held up in Pittsburgh, including pre-Christmas advertisements – Comments (Count)
Napoleon Township postal worker, police officer help in rescue of 83-year-old man – Comments (Count)
Medication remains in USPS limbo for weeks – Comments (Count)
NALC Update: Recent Letter Carrier Deaths From COVID – Comments (Count)
Postal Service’s Priority Mail Cubic: Biggest bang for parcel buck? – Comments (Count)


Martin Retires From Altavista Post Office – Comments (Count)
USPS biometrics program leans on its biggest asset: A post office in every neighborhood – Comments (Count)
UK: Homes left without mail for up to a month in 28 COVID “blackspots” – Comments (Count)
How USPS mail carriers work in the winter weather – Comments (Count)
High mail volume, limited staff leading to mail delays in Sumter and beyond – Comments (Count)
Another postal truck fire (A Rural Carrier postal vehicle in Bloomington, IL according to this post) – Comments (Count)


TikTokers are obsessed with these $1 mystery packages of lost mail – Comments (Count)
Late bills, missed checks: Residents continue to fume over postal service – Comments (Count)
Postal worker helps save Santa Fe man’s life – Comments (Count)
Mail delays bedevil area residents, customers around the country – Comments (Count)
Mail for some in central PA still arriving late – Comments (Count)
Second stimulus check: IRS urges people to watch mail for these envelopes – Comments (Count)
USPS searching for woman’s ashes amid holiday delays – Comments (Count)


Postal Service has just two workers repairing vandalized mailboxes in San Antonio – Comments (Count)
USPS delays are threatening small-town newspapers – Comments (Count)
Philadelphia Postal Workers Union President Blames Hiring Freeze, No Allotted Overtime for USPS Delivery Delays – Comments (Count)


Mail carrier resigns after participating in Capitol riot – Comments (Count)
Amazon’s Prime Pantry delivery service is no more – Comments (Count)
What Democrats’ Senate Majority Means for Federal Agencies – Comments (Count)
Report suggests USPS may have another rate hike in 2021 – Comments (Count)
Man who shot postal worker sentenced to 16 years – Comments (Count)
NPMHU National President Paul Hogrogian Statement on Georgia Run-offs and Assault on U.S. Capitol – Comments (Count)
APWU President Dimondstein’s 2021 New Year Address – Comments (Count)


Long-time Chanhassen Post Office clerk retires – Comments (Count)
Bridgeport Post Office stops window service because of COVID – Comments (Count)
President of St. Louis postal union stole $80,000, feds say – Comments (Count)
Va. has released the outlines for who’s next for COVID vaccine, including postal workers – Comments (Count)
Baton Rouge business complex consistently without mail – Comments (Count)
News 8 viewers frustrated by late fees due to delayed mail delivery – Comments (Count)


Statement of NALC President Rolando on Yesterday’s Events in Washington – Comments (Count)
Many still seeing mail delays as USPS says employees are working around the clock – Comments (Count)
Charges: MN postal worker stole more than $74K from Postal Service – Comments (Count)
Refused Packages: Another Repercussion of Holiday Crush – Comments (Count)
New USPS Vice Chairwoman to Support a “Vibrant Postal System for Years to Come” – Comments (Count)
How Biden Can Save the USPS | Urgent steps for President Biden on postal reform Comments (Count)
Thieves ransack mailboxes at condominiums – Comments (Count)


COVID measures enacted at Ketchum Post Office – Comments (Count)
Safety, Security Issues Plague Postal Facilities – Comments (Count)
Longtime postal worker retires after decades on the job – Comments (Count)
USPS suffered most in holiday package deluge – Comments (Count)


Amazon buys 11 new planes to support growing customer base – Comments (Count)
North Yarmouth residents: Retiring mailman delivered the goods – Comments (Count)
Former Buffalo postal worker pleads guilty to not delivering over 700 pieces of mail – Comments (Count)
A Thank You to My Postal Carrier – Comments (Count)
Southern California: USPS Has Immediate Job Openings – Comments (Count)
Carolina Forest residents fed up with USPS, citing stolen and undelivered mail – Comments (Count)


How the pandemic could lead to a big USPS price hike – Comments (Count)
APWU: Message from Legislative and Political Director Judy Beard – Comments (Count)
Late fees are piling up as bills get stuck in Postal Service backlog – Comments (Count)
Readers sound off on slow mail – Comments (Count)
USPS leaving people package-less – Comments (Count)
NPR: Widespread Mail Delays as USPS Faces Unprecedented Backlog – Comments (Count)


First-class carrier: Bergen County postman retires after 50 years – Comments (Count)
USPS asks for help following multiple armed robberies in Albuquerque – Comments (Count)
Shipping expert says delayed holiday packages should arrive by the end of the week – Comments (Count)


VIDEO: Old Timer Supports USPS in TV Ad – Comments (Count)
Eight postal workers robbed at gunpoint in Albuquerque – Comments (Count)
Customers still waiting for packages in new year – Comments (Count)


USPS spokesperson: Alabama no longer has holiday package backlog – Comments (Count)
Post Office finally delivers critical document to Virginia couple – Comments (Count)
USPS, stretched to its limits in 2020, sees light at the end of the tunnel in new year – Comments (Count)