Postal News Archives July 2020

USPS, Treasury reach agreement on $10B coronavirus relief loan
7.29.2020 – Federal News Network reports: “Four months after Congress approved a $10 billion loan for the Postal Service under the CARES Act, the Treasury Department and USPS leadership have struck a deal on the terms of that loan. According to the terms of the loan, released by top Democrats in the House and Senate, USPS has agreed to give Treasury access to its biggest negotiated service agreements with industry partners.” – USPS will provide Treasury with proprietary info on NSAs Terms (PDF) Comments (Count)

DeJoy Issues Statement on Operational Excellence
7.29.2020 – USPS News Link reports: “Postmaster General Louis DeJoy issued a statement July 27 on the Postal Service’s efforts to achieve operational excellence and financial stability: “The Postal Service is in a financially unsustainable position, stemming from substantial declines in mail volume and a broken business model,” DeJoy writes. “We are currently unable to balance our costs with available funding sources to fulfill both our universal service mission and other legal obligations. Because of this, the Postal Service has experienced over a decade of financial losses, with no end in sight, and we face an impending liquidity crisis.” – Linn’s: PMG DeJoy Says Postal Service Must Make Changes Comments (Count)

NALC: USPS Announces New ESAS Delivery Initiative Test
7.21.2020 – NALC reports: “Under the test, there is to be no casing of mail in the morning. Letter carriers will withdraw hot case preferential flats and are expected to route them in order of delivery on the street. Upon returning to the office, carriers will complete the normal return-to-office afternoon duties. After completion of these duties, carriers will then case and pull down all mail distributed to the route in preparation for the next day’s delivery.” – USPS reduces morning office time for letter carriers for more consistent delivery GovExec: USPS Tests More Mail Delivery Changes as Lawmakers Push Back Comments (Count)

Looking to Cut Costs, New USPS Leader Takes Aim at Overtime and Late Trips
7.15.2020 – GovExec reports: “This operational pivot is long overdue and today, we are talking about the first step in a journey we must take together, for the health and stability of the Postal Service,” management wrote in a prepared “stand-up talk” delivered to employees around the country in recent days. “The shifts are simple, but they will be challenging, as we seek to change our culture and move away from past practices previously used.” – FOX News USPS warns staff of temporary mail delays as it cuts soaring delivery costs Federal Times Comments (Count)

Bipartisan Senate Bill Would Provide $25 Billion to USPS
7.06.2020 – GovExec reports: “The Postal Service Emergency Assistance Act (S. 4174), introduced by Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and cosponsored by Sens. Diane Fienstein, D-Calif., Steve Daines, R-Mt., Doug Jones, D-Ala., and Jon Tester, D-Mt., would provide $25 billion to the mailing agency on the condition the funds be used to cover COVID-19 related losses or expenses.” – Comments (Count)


Car crashes into Robinson Road post office Comments (Count)
UPS stock is jumping after the company delivered smashing earnings Comments (Count)
Delaware County residents ask, ‘Where’s the mail?’ Comments (Count)
Meet Aspen’s new postmaster – though you may already know him Comments (Count)
Obama, at Lewis eulogy, says voting rights being undermined at the Postal Service Comments (Count)
Chattanooga: Local postal workers say your mail could be delayed Comments (Count)
USPS Denies It’s Giving the Trump Administration Undue Influence Comments (Count)


USPS Says Treasury Is Not the Boss of Me Comments (Count)
The USPS will reportedly reduce post office hours to save money Comments (Count)
The Littlest Post Office Comments (Count)
USPS Considers Downsizing, Senator and Union Leader Say Comments (Count)
USPS Launches Loyalty Program for Click-N-Ship Purchases Comments (Count)


NALC: USPS to Initiate Office Activities Study Comments (Count)
eBay Protecting U.S. Sellers From USPS Delays Comments (Count)
Sen. Manchin asks postmaster general for clarification on post office closures across West Virginia Comments (Count)
USPS Announces Holiday Stamps Comments (Count)


Postal worker and father of three struck and killed by lightning while riding jet ski Comments (Count)
USPS Board of Governors to Meet August 7th Comments (Count)
Mail delays continue as USPS grapples with financial crisis Comments (Count)
Senate Republicans Propose Bailout Funds for Homeland Security Department, But Not Postal Service Comments (Count)
Staffing shortages have impacted eight post offices in Berkeley and Albany Comments (Count)
APWU members make almost 30,000 calls to Congress Comments (Count)


Protesters Picket Outside Dulles Postal Service Facility Comments (Count)
Frustrated Norfolk residents say they’re missing a week’s worth of USPS mail Comments (Count)
Help Fund the USPS With This Extraordinary $20 Crop Top  |  Envelope Crop Top at USPS Store Comments (Count)
USPS: 18-year-old arrested in connection to paintball assault on mail carrier Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Informed Delivery Sign-Up Communication and Implementation Comments (Count)
Junction crash takes out mailbox Comments (Count)
BFB Da Packman Has a 9-5 Mailman Job Comments (Count)
Caught on camera: Woman uses ‘C-word’ slur towards Asian employee at Los Altos post office Comments (Count)


Reports of strange seeds arriving in the mail from China Comments (Count)
NPR: Postal worker talks about how a new rule change affects her work Comments (Count)
What’s behind the mysterious shutdown of Berkeley’s Post Office services? Comments (Count)
Lines, delays and confusion at the Center Post Office Comments (Count)


Police investigate after dog poo mailed to Indiana Township car shop Comments (Count)
Chicago: Where is your mail? Comments (Count)
Postman not ringing at all in some neighborhoods Comments (Count)
Package volume delaying delivery to many island residents Comments (Count)
Baltimore people facing long waits for mail delivery Comments (Count)


FSA Update: Changes Allowed During Limited Period Comments (Count)
High Volume of Mail Sparks Longer Wait Times at Bethel Post Office Comments (Count)
USPS Address Sorter Sought for Contact Tracing Comments (Count)
Chicago customers warn USPS mail delivery delays could cause credit issues Comments (Count)


One dead in crash involving USPS vehicle | Child killed Comments (Count)
ANOTHER! Mail truck catches fire in Williamsburg Comments (Count)
N.J. residents go days without mail. Congressman wants answers Comments (Count)
NPR: Critics Say Changes to USPS May Completely Transform the Post Office Comments (Count)
Area post offices preparing customers for changes to lobby hours Comments (Count)
Collective of film/TV professionals launch #StandByYourMail campaign Comments (Count)
Bayview residents growing frustrated with spotty USPS mail deliveries Comments (Count)


Postal Unions Mobilize for National Call-In to Senators Comments (Count)
Late deliveries, missing mail: Hundreds of Salinas residents want answers from USPS Comments (Count)
USPS Acknowledges Leaked Directives That Could Slow Mail Comments (Count)
Maine letter carrier files complaint with IG over over allegations that Amazon packages are receiving special treatment Comments (Count)
Chicago: Congressman Bobby Rush Holds Town Hall to Address Reports of Missing Mail Comments (Count)
Police: Postal worker robbed at gunpoint while on the job in Philadelphia’s Nicetown neighborhood Comments (Count)
USPS’s Informed Delivery transforming mail experience for Americans Comments (Count)


USPS/NALC Working With Richland Co. Food Bank Comments (Count)
Complaint says postmaster ordered Amazon packages sorted first Comments (Count)
Auburn Gresham residents frustrated by weeks of missing mail delivery Comments (Count)
Audit Faults Handling of Informal Grievances at USPS Comments (Count)
USPS Recognizing Letter Carrier Who Helped Officer Denny Wright Comments (Count)
APWU: Message to Members In Response to DeJoy’s New Policies Comments (Count)
Postal customers see slower mail delivery Comments (Count)
Product Catalog From USPS Brings Summer Cheer Comments (Count)
Judge Rejects 5 OSHA Heat Danger Cases Against Postal Service Comments (Count)
How Will USPS Policy Changes Impact Shippers and the Agency Itself? Comments (Count)
House democrats press USPS on plans to delay mail Comments (Count)


USPS: Going Where Others Don’t Comments (Count)
Chambersburg postal workers refuse to wear masks, and the state can’t do anything about it Comments (Count)
Santa Barbara mail carrier surprises boy with special Easter delivery Comments (Count)
Georgia man convicted of armed assault of federal mail carrier Comments (Count)
Schumer warns U.S. post offices could close without federal relief, imperiling elections Comments (Count)


This reusable postal package has electronic ink screen, sensors, camera, mic and speaker Comments (Count)


PostalNews: New delivery initiative has carriers going straight to the street in the AM, sorting mail in the PM Comments (Count)
Chicago police suspend investigation into disappearance of pregnant postal worker Comments (Count)
Nearly 5,400 postal employees have tested positive for COVID-19 Comments (Count)
San Jose residents plan surprise baby shower for postal worker, decorating her route in an effort that has gone viral Comments (Count)
Postal Supervisors Can’t Take Pay Gripe to Court, Judge Says Comments (Count)
Man who killed U.S. postal carrier in fiery crash sentenced to 20 days in jail Comments (Count)


Recent mail truck fire is the 11th in New Jersey as Postal Service tries to replace aging fleet Comments (Count)
How USPS can keep up with changing volume Comments (Count)
Seven USPS Employees at West Sacramento Processing Plant Test Positive for COVID-19 Comments (Count)
Hampton Roads residents feeling the impact of Postal Service delays Comments (Count)
USPS package surge keeps agency afloat, but puts toll on employees Comments (Count)


Beloved Phoenix Postmaster Humberto ‘Junior’ Trujillo dies from COVID-19 Complications Comments (Count)
Worker Shortage Leaves Eatontown Residents Without Mail for Days Comments (Count)
New Albany postal worker expresses concerns of racial discrimination while on the job Comments (Count)
Pedestrian killed after being hit by USPS truck in South Nashville Comments (Count)


USPS gets complaint about Rutland postmaster’s social media posts Comments (Count)
Residents of Munds Park scramble as the post office closes suddenly Comments (Count)
USPS struggles to keep up mail deliveries in Chicago amid pandemic Comments (Count)
Mail delivery concerns growing in East Baton Rouge parish and surrounding areas Comments (Count)
Sheehan: About those slides… | Shock the System: The Science of Change Comments (Count)


Bomb squad called to mailbox after letter carrier leaves beeping scanner inside Comments (Count)
Amazon begins rolling out bigger UPS and FedEx-style delivery trucks Comments (Count)
Some Eatontown residents didn’t get mail as post office faces worker shortage Comments (Count)
Investigation Into Service at Mt. Greenwood Post Office Sought Comments (Count)
USPS Won’t Confirm Reports of ‘Leaked’ Directive Comments (Count)


Minneapolis Weighs Deal to Lease Kmart Space to USPS Comments (Count)
Accident between postal truck and sedan injures two in Woodland Comments (Count)
Unverified: USPS Directives Could Result in Delayed Mail Comments (Count)
Postal Retirement Q&A May – June – July 2020, by Roseanne Jefferson Comments (Count)


Post Office reopens after odor sends two employees to hospital with breathing problems Comments (Count)
Report: Memo details new PMG’s plan to turn the Postal Service around – no  OT, no POT, details discontinued, new focus on OWCP, 4 park points per route, more… Comments (Count)


Another LLV Burns in Spectacular Fashion Comments (Count)
Low profile, high impact: USPS gets the job done Comments (Count)


El Paso mail carriers taking precautions in the extreme heat Comments (Count)
USPS audit blames mail carrier and label problems for spring election mail problems Comments (Count)
An anonymous thanks to postal workers Comments (Count)
Members of Congress Address Growing Complaints About Postal Service in Chicago Comments (Count)
West Virginia mail carrier admits attempted election fraud Comments (Count)
One Billionaire vs. the Mail: A new report details Charles Koch’s 50-year war on the USPS Comments (Count)


Rose Black Retires From Postal Service Comments (Count)
Computer-vended postage varieties fun to collect Comments (Count)
More Chicagoans Say They Haven’t Been Getting Mail; Union President Says Chicago Post Office is Failing Comments (Count)
Mail Troubles Popping Up for Baton Rouge Residents Comments (Count)
NALC: USPS Management changes time standard for parcels from 90 seconds to 60 seconds each (PDF) Comments (Count)


Biden-Sanders Task Force Calls for Postal Banking Comments (Count)
Procession for postal carrier who died just after he retired Comments (Count)
How the New USPS Hip-Hop Stamps Came About Comments (Count)
Woman, 23, killed in car crash while delivering mail Comments (Count)
Man sentenced to probation in mail truck crash that injured carrier Comments (Count)
Chicago: Some Hyde Park Residents Say They’ve Gotten No Mail For Weeks Comments (Count)
$50,000 reward offered for tips about post office arsons Comments (Count)


COVID-19 case connected to Roanoke postal processing center Comments (Count)
Postal worker found dead on route in Portsmouth Comments (Count)
VICE: Post Office Delivery Trucks Keep Catching Fire | 3,954 Pages of Fire Investigation Reports (PDF) Comments (Count)
Large Employer Union Wage Growth Weighed Down by USPS Contracts Comments (Count)
Sen. Carper Talks About the Future of the Postal Service Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: The Postal Service: An Essential Building Block Comments (Count)


Postmaster: ‘It’s time for me to go’ Comments (Count)
After 50 years, a change of address for post office in Alamo Heights Comments (Count)
Mobile Phone Plan Unveiled by Israel Postal Service Comments (Count)
Coronavirus has put the USPS on the brink of extinction. Will anybody save it? Comments (Count)


A Wareham neighborhood’s special deliveries to a special postal carrier Comments (Count)
Houston Ranks No 1, Dallas No. 5 for Postal Carrier Dog Attacks Comments (Count)


Jeanerette residents call for mural depicting slavery in city’s post office to be covered up Comments (Count)
Fire department responds to mail truck fire Comments (Count)
Postal carriers present donation to Daily Bread Comments (Count)


Congress should deliver postal reform – not gimmicks – in the next 12 months Comments (Count)
Golden retriever waits on his driveway every day to greet mail carrier Comments (Count)
Montana’s senators introduce bill that would provide the USPS with $25 billon House-passed bill provides $25B for e-vehicles, facilities updates Comments (Count) generates $4 million in sales for “Last Week Tonight” Custom Postage Stamps in Support of USPS Comments (Count)
#MailedIt: Celebrities Show Support for U.S. Postal Service Comments (Count)
Overwhelmed by Volume, Strained Postal Workers Struggle to Keep Up Comments (Count)


Celebrating Postal Worker Appreciation Day Comments (Count)
Mail carrier behavior riles Woodmere residents Comments (Count)
15-year-old boy on bicycle dies after being hit by USPS vehicle in Kansas City Comments (Count)
America’s Postal Service is made up of real heroes. This is no time to let it die Comments (Count)


Today is National Postal Worker Day! Comments (Count)
USPS driver taken to hospital after Charleston crash Comments (Count)
On this 50th anniversary for the USPS, mail a letter to a friend Comments (Count)
Amazon driver quits job on Twitter, abandons package-filled van in Detroit suburb Comments (Count)
‘The worst it’s ever been’: Reno-Sparks direct mail, sorting companies forge ahead Comments (Count)
Main Street postman, artist Gino Nardo, set to retire Comments (Count)
Sen. Daines of Montana asking postal service inspector general for ‘full investigation’ after vet’s remains go missing Comments (Count)