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USPS Retreats From Dire Financial Forecast
6.25.2020 – Linn’s Stamp News reports: “Package volume had soared as much as 80 percent ahead of levels a year ago, much to the amazement of postal officials, but more recently has been around 60 percent, according to Stephen Kearney, executive director of the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers. Financial officials at USPS headquarters at L’Enfant Plaza in Washington, D.C., now expect mail volumes to remain 20 percent to 25 percent below pre-coronavirus levels, Kearney said.” – USPS finds surprising financial upside in pandemic Comments (Count)
USPS gets new leader as it deals with big financial concerns
6.15.2020 – MarketPlace reports: “North Carolina businessman Louis DeJoy is scheduled to take over as the new head of the U.S. Postal Service Monday. It’s a job that has come under a lot of political scrutiny, especially now that more people may be voting by mail due to COVID-19. There are also big financial concerns: The Postal Service had an $11 billion shortfall last year, and says it could be worse this year because of COVID-19.” – CNN: USPS Faces Challenges as New Postmaster Takes Over Trump ally takes over crisis-ridden Postal Service Linn’s: New PMG Takes Office June 15 Louis Dejoy self-made billionaire Logistics Expert Philanthropist Comments (Count)


VIDEO: Car rams parked postal vehicle from behind, carrier narrowly escapes injury Comments (Count)
VA receives funding from PTSD semipostal stamp Comments (Count)
Dog attacks on LA mail carriers soar Comments (Count)
Postal workers adapt procedures, emphasize safety during COVID-19 pandemic Comments (Count)
Gicker Appointed Head of Stamp Services at USPS Comments (Count)


Amazon’s Vision for Autonomous Delivery Comments (Count)
Letter carriers honor memory of colleague Comments (Count)
Amazon gives front-line workers a $500 coronavirus bonus Comments (Count)
Effective July 1, USPS Hikes International Shipping Rates as Shippers Consider Alternatives Comments (Count)
Postal Workers Union in Iowa Takes Up Fight to Save USPS Comments (Count)


PHOTO: 20-year-old postal worker crashes vehicle into ditch Comments (Count)
A Woman of Many Addresses Comments (Count)
Tidal wave of packages is keeping Postal Service afloat Comments (Count)
Snail mail is getting people through this time Comments (Count)


Collision with small truck heavily damages mail vehicle Comments (Count)
FedEx in Michigan turns to USPS as it struggles with delivery delays Comments (Count)
Postal Unions Turn Up Heat On GOP to Rescue Postal Service Comments (Count)


Australian Postal Service Enables Customers to Buy Bitcoin at 3,500 Locations Comments (Count)
Former postal worker gets three years in prison for drug trafficking at post office Comments (Count)
Democrat’s infrastructure bill has a special delivery: Electric mail trucks Comments (Count)
Mobile post office launches in Minneapolis after two locations destroyed in riots Comments (Count)
Retiring postal worker’s open letter to family and friends Comments (Count)
Medford Post Office Mural a Grim Reminder of Past Comments (Count)
Local Postal Worker Spotted Not Wearing PPE Comments (Count)
29-year-old postal worker dies of COVID-19 Comments (Count)


Vote-by-mail ballots may have been lost in postal truck fire Comments (Count)
USPS offering $50,000 after carrier shot with paintball gun Comments (Count)
3 business lessons from the surprisingly tech-savvy USPS Comments (Count)
Royal Mail to cut 2,000 management roles Comments (Count)
Mail-in ballots thrust Postal Service into presidential race Comments (Count)
USPS to Release Forever Hip Hop Stamps on July 1st Comments (Count)
Two Federal Employees Suspended Without Pay for Violating Hatch Act Comments (Count)
Stockton post office closes, then reopens with limited service after worker tests positive for COVID-19 Comments (Count)
BBC: The surprising origins of the postal service Comments (Count)


Portland: March Across the Hawthorne Bridge to Save the Postal Service Comments (Count)
Linn’s: Zollars, Moak join USPS board of governors Comments (Count)
5 Big Initiatives New Postmaster General Should Deliver Comments (Count)
The USPS lifted my family out of poverty. We can’t let it die Comments (Count)
USPS Ends What it Calls ‘Redundant’ Proof-of-Delivery Service Comments (Count)
USPS workers look to government for bailout, projected to run out of money soon Comments (Count)


‘Save the USPS!’: USPS Workers Calling on Congress to Provide Funding in Next Stimulus Bill Comments (Count)
Dallas: Beloved Lake Highlands’ Mail Carrier Retires Comments (Count)
Petition Calls for Name Change at Andrew Jackson Post Office Comments (Count)
Dog attacks on Southwest Georgia mail carriers rise in COVID-19 quarantine Comments (Count)
Reward offered in Minneapolis post office arsons Comments (Count)
2 Coloradans held in theft of mail, key Comments (Count)
USPS is hiring postal workers in the Richmond area Comments (Count)


Michigan postal workers to rally Tuesday as part of campaign to #SaveThePostOffice Comments (Count)
Postal Worker Worries About Threats to Rural ‘Lifeline’ During Pandemic Comments (Count)
Latrobe mail carrier helps brighten customers’ days Comments (Count)
In the stream: Netflix still mailing DVDs Comments (Count)
The U.S. Postal Strike of 1970 and Present-Day Crisis Comments (Count)
Another LLV goes up in flames (Ulster Park, NY) Comments (Count)
One year later: Family of USPS worker killed on the job held memorial balloon release Comments (Count)
USPS: Nearly 10K New Yorkers change address to CT at height of coronavirus  |  Thousands of Michiganders put in COAs Comments (Count)


NRLCA Files National-Level Step 4 Grievance Over COVID-19 Issues Comments (Count)
Small is beautiful: Holyoke gallery features mail art from across the country and overseas Comments (Count)
India: In lockdown, postal employees deliver against all odds Comments (Count)
Maine Rep Jared Golden joins push to save postal service Comments (Count)


Sioux City neighborhood no longer receiving mail due to threatening dogs Comments (Count)
CA: Vote by Mail Bill Signed Into Law by Newsom | NJ: Some Ballots Not Delivered Due to Insufficient Address Comments (Count)
Senate Confirms Moak and Zollars to Postal Board, Restoring Quorum to Board Comments (Count)
Post Office Pensions Update: Playing a Game of Historical Revisionism Comments (Count)
Mail theft at El Verano Post Office Comments (Count)


USPS OIG Audit Report: Processing Network Optimization and Service Impacts Comments (Count)
Essential Portraits of Colchester: USPS Comments (Count)
Unmasked postal clerk calls cops after customer questions mask rules Comments (Count)
USPS rated most important US business by public – Comments (Count)
USPS alarms neighbors with Civic Center post office closure letter – Comments (Count)


Union: Consolidated Casing Initiative test to end in Saco and other communities – Comments (Count)
L.A. Postmaster: ‘Angelinos Love the Postal Service’ – Comments (Count)
USPS discusses safety as Toledo ranks high in dog attacks – Comments (Count)
USPS, facing fiscal calamity, confronts new challenges to international parcel competitiveness – Comments (Count)
Amazon driver arrested following incident he parked on wrong side of street to deliver package – Comments (Count)
Caravan of protestors call on Congress to fund USPS – Comments (Count)
Postmark Toledo – Comments (Count)
Mail carriers suffer thousands of dog bites in 2019 – Comments (Count)
Union workers raise awareness in Cape Coral to save USPS – Comments (Count)


Bystanders help pull USPS driver out of vehicle after fiery crash in Darke County – Comments (Count)
USPS to set up mobile post office in south Minneapolis – Comments (Count)
PRC endorses USPS plan to end customized program – Comments (Count)
NPMHU and USPS Reach Agreement on Temporary Extensions on Step 3 and Arbitration Appeals – Comments (Count)
Final Delivery: My Double Oak Years – Comments (Count)
Douglas Morgan retires from Ballinger post office – Comments (Count)
Protesters across country show support for Post Office funding – Comments (Count)


More USPS delivery concerns uncovered across the Denver metro – Comments (Count)
NALC Announces Stamp Out Hunger Donor Drive – Comments (Count)
Don’t Just Save the Postal Service. Reinvent It – Comments (Count)
Houston ranks first in country for postal workers bitten by dogs – Comments (Count)
Lincoln Park postal carrier is local face of USPS’ National Dog Bite Awareness Week – Comments (Count)
DeJoy Honors Brennan With Benjamin Franklin Award – Comments (Count)
New Postmaster General Louis DeJoy praises postal employees, Megan Brennan in a new video message  |  New PMG Outlines Trajectory for Success Comments (Count)


Linn’s: Mail delays abound, but seem to be improving – Comments (Count)


USPS Celebrates the Great Outdoors With New Stamps – Comments (Count)
Retiring Wysox postmaster gave her all – Comments (Count)
Rep. Latta wants northwest Ohio mail to be processed in Ohio, not Michigan – Comments (Count)


Jacksonville postal worker says he was taunted, cursed because of his race – Comments (Count)
Seller Questions USPS Signature-Required Fees Amid COVID – Comments (Count)
USPS union says property and vehicles ransacked, letter carriers assaulted and robbed during nationwide protests – Comments (Count)


Come rain or shine, the USPS always delivers – Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Transportation Network Optimization and Service Performance – Comments (Count)
USPS carrier has passion for people on St. Marys route – Comments (Count)
Downtown Boise mailboxes temporarily removed due to ‘civil unrest’ – Comments (Count)


Man found dead on top of semi-truck at postal facility – Comments (Count)
USPS Releases Dog Attack National Rankings – Comments (Count)
Burned post offices in Minneapolis leave a void – Comments (Count)
Post Office Portraits at the USPS in Jamaica, Queens – Comments (Count)
CAGW: USPS will not be saved with more money – Comments (Count)
For postal workers, an online shopping frenzy during the pandemic means they are busier than ever – Comments (Count)
Cross-Border Postal Rates Will Increase on July 1 – Comments (Count)
House, Senate lawmakers urge USPS to reassess expected losses from coronavirus – Comments (Count)
Fact Check: No Evidence Dianne Feinstein Helped Husband Secure a USPS Real Estate Contract – Comments (Count)


Will Pandemic and Politics Put Postal Service in Peril? Here Are the Facts. – Comments (Count)
House GOP Leaders Balk at Need for Postal Subsidy – Comments (Count)
Chicago: $25K reward offered in postal worker robbery – Comments (Count)
What comes next for south Minneapolis’ recently destroyed post offices? – Comments (Count)
Tulsa postal carrier catches porch pirate in the act – Comments (Count)
USPS to Launch Loyalty Program for Shippers – Comments (Count)
You have two days left to order PhotoStamps – Comments (Count)


Postal Service Revenue Topped Projections During Pandemic, Lawmakers Say – Comments (Count)
Pandemic Doesn’t Pause USPS in Western New York – Comments (Count)
Pandemic increases workload, health risks for postal and delivery employees – Comments (Count)
Australia Post’s new delivery model will slash jobs, union warns – Comments (Count)
UPS deliveries delayed in Chicago, nationwide due to protests and road closures – Comments (Count)
Postal Service Hiring for Rural Carrier Associate Positions in Western Pennsylvania – Comments (Count)
Postal workers join march against police brutality – Comments (Count)


The mailman was a lady! – Comments (Count)
USPS truck involved in crash on Route 302 – Comments (Count)
USPS Faces Extra Coronavirus Woes  |  Nothing can stop this letter carrier Comments (Count)
Post offices, beloved community hubs, fight virus-era threat – Comments (Count)
Audiobook Reviews by Jonathan Lowe: Interview With Clive Cussler – Comments (Count)
Bush retires from Post Office after 38.5 years – Comments (Count)
VIDEO: $50,000 Reward in Failed Armed Robbery of Letter Carrier in Pomona – Comments (Count)


Amazon Warehouse in California Destroyed by Fire – Comments (Count)
TSP Board Chairman to Resign Following White House Intervention in Retirement Program – Comments (Count)
Federal Agents Release Coronavirus Masks Seized in the Mail – Comments (Count)


NALC: Consolidated Casing Grievance Settled – Comments (Count)
Reward offered for details in Chicago post office looting  |  Postal Inspectors are working hard to gather evidence in Minneapolis Comments (Count)
Bonaire neighborhood upset over USPS delivery problems – Comments (Count)
Letter carrier refusing to wear mask is causing important mail for seniors to be delayed – Comments (Count)
USPS board nominees see no ‘easy answers,’ but common ground for postal reform – Comments (Count)


Up to 4,000 postal workers may have coronavirus – Comments (Count)
Amazon Air to Add 12 More Aircraft to Fleet – Comments (Count)
Thoren Retires From USPS – Comments (Count)
Front Line Heroes: USPS Met With High Demands – Comments (Count)
Lexington: The Postal Service’s Hiring Spree – Comments (Count)
Ogden Park Post Office in Chicago Closed Wednesday Due to Damage From Looters – Comments (Count)
USPS Board Nominees Vow to Protect Agency but Offer Little Expertise on Postal Issues – Comments (Count)


USPS, Denver health department still at odds over if distribution center had COVID-19 outbreak – Comments (Count)
Disastrous at a time like this: USPS is on the brink of crisis – Comments (Count)
2 Minneapolis post offices deemed total losses after fires  |  Post offices destroyed by fire relocate; delivery resumes Comments (Count)
This dog sure loves her postal carrier – Comments (Count)
Former Postal Employee Pleads Guilty to Stealing $40K – Comments (Count)
USPS tells employees to carry papers amid civil unrest, pandemic – Comments (Count)


Statement of NALC President Rolando on justice for George Floyd and civil unrest – Comments (Count)
PHOTO: Rioters destroy Minneapolis Post Office 55406  |  Message on side of post office says we will be back to serve you Comments (Count)
Ashes of Montana veteran found after being lost in mail for months – Comments (Count)
Multiple post offices in Chicago temporarily suspend service or limit delivery – Comments (Count)
TSP funds drop after April surge – Comments (Count)
Video shows looters raiding Amazon van in Santa Monica – Comments (Count)


Postal workers honor their own as heroes – Comments (Count)
Threatened cutbacks to the USPS would hit rural Pennsylvania hardest – Comments (Count)
NPR: As More Americans Prepare to Vote by Mail, Postal Service Faces Big Challenges – Comments (Count)