Postal News Archives June 2021


Wells residents forced to drive miles away after town’s post office shuts down Comments (Count)
USPS plan would slow package delivery for long-distance hauls Comments (Count)


Biden signs into law establishing Juneteenth as federal holiday | But USPS employees are working, at least for this year Comments (Count)
USPS struggled to keep records of employees taking COVID leave Comments (Count)
OSHA fines USPS nearly $237K for safety violations at Lehigh Valley hub. Union leader says improvements are on the way Comments (Count)
Houston: Residents fear mail issues will get worse if USPS doesn’t act now Comments (Count)
Chicago USPS postmaster is out after delayed mail complaints | Congressman Bobby Rush called for Prater’s ouster early last year Comments (Count)
Lexington: Statement to PRC on Proposed First Class Mail Service Standard Changes Comments (Count)


Phoenix postal workers train employees on how to avoid dog attacks Comments (Count)
Port Angeles neighbors bring special delivery to 21-year postal carrier on final day Comments (Count)
Workhorse challenges USPS decision to award vehicle contract to Oshkosh Comments (Count)
Australia Post restructuring will continue despite end of Alternative Delivery Model Comments (Count)
Postal worker risks life to warn KCMO apartment residents of fire in building Comments (Count)
USPS ceasing North Austin Station operations June 18 Comments (Count)
USPS mail delivery issues remain throughout Baltimore Comments (Count)


Tulsa postal carriers among 4 indicted in meth conspiracy Comments (Count)
Postal worker pleads guilty to stealing over $90,000 in cash and stamps from Postal Service Comments (Count)
Amazon continues to carry cargo for USPS as fleet grows Comments (Count)
Mystery Message in New USPS Forever Stamps Comments (Count)
Kid Trax has a new ride-on toy USPS mail truck for children Comments (Count)
Community meeting planned to address Estes Park USPS issues Comments (Count)
Video shows thieves ransacking mail truck in San Jose Comments (Count)


Congress must pass $8 billion USPS electrification proposal to jump-start US EV leadership Comments (Count)
Postmaster who stole from the mail to support her drug addiction avoids federal prison sentence Comments (Count)
Postmaster General Envisions Generational Change for U.S. Mail Service Comments (Count)
How a village postmaster in Doylestown helped shape the USPS Comments (Count)
Over 5,800 letter carriers were attacked by dog in 2020, USPS says Comments (Count)


NALC: Annual leave option in lieu of holiday pay begins July 4th holiday (PDF) Comments (Count)
Chicago: Shooting victim’s car crashes into parked USPS truck Comments (Count)


FedEx driver sends truck tires down stairs, causing hundreds in damage Comments (Count)
Amazon predicted to overtake Walmart as largest U.S. retailer in 2022 Comments (Count)
USPS honors Wichita mail carrier for 60 years of service Comments (Count)


Lubbock Postal Worker Should Be Locked Up For A Long Time If Found Guilty Comments (Count)
Denver ranks 5th in nation on dogs attacking USPS carriers Comments (Count)
Cleveland: Body camera video reveals more about what led to shooting of mail carrier Comments (Count)
USPS Service Performance Shows Continued Improvement Comments (Count)
USPS Releases Dog Attack National Rankings Comments (Count)
Amazon ramps up its own delivery service Comments (Count)


Seven-foot alligator sneaks into Florida post office Comments (Count)
Dundalk residents still enduring mail delivery problems Comments (Count)
Mail carriers reveal 11 things they wish everyone knew Comments (Count)
Union County Man Admits Offering Bribes to Postal Service Employees Comments (Count)
New Jersey USPS mail carrier charged with workers’ compensation fraud Comments (Count)
USPS defends slower mail to achieve more reliable mail delivery Comments (Count)


Pawtucket: Postal worker abducted at gunpoint by two masked men Comments (Count)
Retired professor questions USPS cost-cutting moves Comments (Count)
Congresswoman calls for investigation into 3 Houston area post offices after reports of stolen, lost mail Comments (Count)
Hate crime charge for man who threatened Asian postal worker in Daly City Comments (Count)
New Britain resident charged in USPS tire-stealing incident Comments (Count)


“This is inexcusable”: Maryland elected officials say mail delivery has only gotten worse Comments (Count)
USPS OIG FY 2022 Congressional Budget Justification (PDF) Comments (Count)
Postal advocate testifies against reducing USPS service standards Comments (Count)
Amazon delivery driver arrested for assault; says she punched 67-year-old in self defense Comments (Count)
USPS to deliver new North Haven street, reversing previous stance Comments (Count)
Postal Service seeks help finding new home for Mandan post office Comments (Count)
After years of complaints, News 4 puts USPS to the test Comments (Count)


NALC: Recent letter carrier deaths from COVID-19 and other causes Comments (Count)
USPS now offering up to $50,000 reward after mail carrier shot in Cleveland Comments (Count)
UK: Students celebrate success of their postal drinks venture Comments (Count)
PMG DeJoy under pressure to resign, but he’s not going anywhere: ‘Get used to me’ Comments (Count)
Mail Delivery Speed: Slower is the New Normal Comments (Count)
USPS chief DeJoy evokes Trump style in Biden era Comments (Count)
Town recognizes USPS employee for response to medical emergency Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Vote by Mail and the Postal Service: A Primer Comments (Count)
Church Street post office closed after damage from fire Comments (Count)
Royal Mail will let customers choose delivery time and date as it looks to take on Amazon Comments (Count)
FBI Inquiry of USPS Chief DeJoy Threatens Bipartisan Overhaul Bill Comments (Count)


A Fishy Leak: FBI Goes Postal Comments (Count)
$50K reward offered after USPS carrier zip-tied during robbery Comments (Count)
Child was inside car during crash with USPS truck Comments (Count)
USPS on-time delivery picks up, but doesn’t cross pre-pandemic threshold Comments (Count)


Postal Service says fence around post office is to protect employees, customers Comments (Count)
Retailers, newspapers, printing firms oppose U.S. postal rate hikes Comments (Count)
Viral TikTok video showing USPS driver hassled by ‘Karen’ was actually a staged prank Comments (Count)
After mold closes post office, Kansas town forced to drive miles for mail Comments (Count)
Man shows difference between FedEx and USPS in shocking doorbell footage Comments (Count)
USPS offering up to $10,000 reward after mail carrier shot on Cleveland’s east side Comments (Count)


Save the Post Office: Is ending air mail unfair? Comments (Count)
Postal Carrier Shot on Cleveland’s East Side on Wednesday Comments (Count)
USPS Projects Continuing Mail Delays, Setting Targets Well Below Historical Standards Comments (Count)
PMG DeJoy Reportedly Faces New FBI Investigation Comments (Count)
2 sought after USPS mail carrier ziptied during robbery, DC Police say Comments (Count)
Amazon’s cost-saving routing algorithm makes drivers walk into traffic Comments (Count)
Gearing up for bargaining, Canadian union pushes for a better, greener Postal Service Comments (Count)
2M miles and counting: Mail carrier earns rare honor Comments (Count)
A snail’s pace: Phoenix ranks second in the nation for delayed mail Comments (Count)
USPS Mail Truck Catches Fire in Redmond, Oregon | USPS Truck Catches Fire in Frankenmuth, Michigan Comments (Count)


Donna Rumelhart: A Postal Tribute (Special Delivery) Comments (Count)
Driver arrested after crashing into post office Comments (Count)
Business groups support proposed postal reforms under some conditions Comments (Count)
USPS Honors Postal Customer Council Leaders for Accomplishments During the Pandemic Comments (Count)
Hajjar Joins USPS Board of Governors Comments (Count)


Busy Postal Service, Busy OIG Comments (Count)
Lexington: Postal Reform Should Eliminate Private Sector Subsidies Comments (Count)
USPS deploys new sorting machines for packages Comments (Count)
With Biden reshaping USPS leadership, what’s next for DeJoy? Comments (Count)
Amazon delivery driver shot in face during dispute in Brooklyn Comments (Count)
A US postal worker goes out of his way to help Alaskan bride-to-be Comments (Count)
Postal facilities closures could delay Northwoods mail service Comments (Count)