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USPS chief DeJoy said to cut post office hours, lengthen delivery times in 10-year plan
3.23.2021 – Washington Post reports: “PMG Louis DeJoy will unveil the largest rollback of consumer mail services in a generation as part of a 10-year plan for the USPS, according to two people briefed on the proposal. The announcement, set for Tuesday, is part of DeJoy’s strategic vision for the agency, one that has left postal advocates wary of any changes that could further diminish operations. Mailing industry experts have warned that substantial service cuts could drive away business and worsen the Postal Service’s already battered balance sheet.” – Full Plan (PDF) USPS: Delivering for America (PDF) Video offers 10-year plan overview USPS 10-Year Plan NALC: “Good Starting Point” APWU: “Some Deep Concerns” GovExec CNN First Class Mail to Take Extra Day Comments (Count)

Postmaster General to Propose $40 Billion Investment in USPS in Forthcoming Plan
3.11.2021 – GovExec reports: “The funds would go toward infrastructure updates such as larger facilities and new package sortation equipment, DeJoy told a panel of the House Appropriations Committee on Thursday, and reducing turnover in the USPS workforce. The postmaster general did not specify where the money would come from.” – Testimony of PMG DeJoy Before House Appropriations Subcommittee PMG acknowledges ‘extreme delays’ in some mail, says USPS needs big changes DeJoy Gives himself an ‘A’ grade Comments (Count)
Membership Ratifies New NALC-USPS Collective Bargaining Agreement
3.08.2021 – NALC reports: “The active membership of the National Association of Letter Carriers has overwhelmingly ratified the tentative 2019-2023 National Agreement with the United States Postal Service. Over 94% of participating eligible members voted to accept the tentative agreement that was announced on November 25. The vote to ratify was 60,111 to accept the agreement versus 3,341 to reject it.” – NALC Bulletin: Details of Contract: 24-month conversion of CCAs, elimination of MSPs, more… (PDF) Comments (Count)
USPS offers early retirements to non-union employees in agency reorganization
3.03.2021 – Federal News Network reports: “To avoid a reduction in force, the Postal Service is offering voluntary early retirements to most eligible non-bargaining unit employees at its headquarters, as well as at area and district offices. The Voluntary Early Retirement Authority (VERA) goes into effect April 30, and doesn’t come with any monetary incentive. USPS employees who take advantage of the offer would essentially benefit by being able to tap into their retirement funds early.” – Early Outs but Not Buyouts Comments (Count)
USPS announces next phase of organizational changes
3.03.2021 – The Hill reports: “The United States Postal Service announced on Wednesday the start of its next phase of organizational changes over the next two months. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said in a statement that this second phase of changes will consolidate 67 service districts into 50 districts. The changes also include plans to realign its logistics and processing operations to add an additional division, bringing the total to 13.” – WP: DeJoy’s Latest Plan Could Increase Bureaucracy and Slow Delivery GovExec: USPS Announces Workforce Attrition Measures to Accompany Reorganized Structure (with map)USPS News Link: Restructuring Update USPS News Release Comments (Count)


Post office clerk retires after four decades in Toutle, Castle Rock – Comments (Count)
Man in custody after brazen Boston shooting that left postal truck with bullet holes | Surveillance video captures chaos Comments (Count)
USPS Carrier, Old Lyme Resident Parrack Receives OL Kindness Committee’s March Award – Comments (Count)
Opinion: Will There Be DeJoy in USPS-Ville? – Comments (Count)


NALC: Two MOUs Agreed Upon as Parties Work to Implement Terms of New National Agreement – Comments (Count)
USPS truck hit by bullets in daytime Boston shooting | Postal truck left with bullet holes after brazen shooting Comments (Count)
Ludeke Receives Postal Service Life Saving Hero Award – Comments (Count)
Former postal carrier from Poolesville sentenced for disability fraud – Comments (Count)
Watchdog to Review How Postal Inspectors Handle Cryptocurrency – Comments (Count)
USPS hiring tractor trailer operators in metro Detroit – Comments (Count)
Will USPS Changes Be Another Nail in the Paper Check’s Coffin? – Comments (Count)


PRC: Service Problems With Numerous Market Dominant Products (PDF) | Annual Compliance Determination Report (PDF) Comments (Count)
U.S. lawmakers urge USPS board to halt delivery vehicle contract – Comments (Count)
APWU Cancels National Convention – Comments (Count)
NALC: Recent letter carrier deaths from COVID and other causes – Comments (Count)
Family calls for traffic safety, community support for South Beloit mail carrier struck by semi-truck – Comments (Count)


Waiting for the mail, and longing for the return of the Pony Express – Comments (Count)
‘We Not Human At All.’ Why the Fight to Unionize an Alabama Amazon Warehouse Could Spur a Labor Union Resurgence – Comments (Count)
‘Way past time to fire DeJoy’ Says Bernie Sanders – Comments (Count)
USPS: New guaranteed delivery time of 6PM for Priority Mail Express proposed | USPS to Slow Priority Mail Express Delivery Time Comments (Count)


Postmaster Prepares For New Adventure – Comments (Count)
Going postal over the quality of my mail – Comments (Count)
House Democrats Introduce ‘DeJoy Act’ to block postal service changes – Comments (Count)
Amazon’s Next Movie Delivers the USPS as Super Spies – Comments (Count)
NBC News: Postal Banking, Alcohol Delivery Could Save the USPS, Experts Say – Comments (Count)
Carper statement on proposed U.S. Postal Service’s 10-Year Plan – Comments (Count)


Postal Service searching for ‘alternate quarters’ after Wendel post office closure – Comments (Count)
Senator Demands Postal Board Fire DeJoy Over ‘Pathetic’ 10-Year Plan to Weaken USPS – Comments (Count)
Federal Contractor Indicted for Stealing Over $1.2 Million from the USPS – Comments (Count)
Electric vans are all the rage at DHL, UPS – maybe even USPS, too – Comments (Count)
New USPS changes could impact everyone on the delivery route – Comments (Count)


Seattle: Bicyclist fatally struck by Postal Service semi – Comments (Count)
Amazon denies workers pee in bottles. Here are the pee bottles. – Comments (Count)
Mail truck broken into, mail stolen during delivery in Arcata – Comments (Count)
Longtime clerk McAleer set to retire from USPS – Comments (Count)
USPS announces more rollbacks and delays in Baltimore continue – Comments (Count)


Save the Post Office: What the 10-year plan may have to say about future rate increases – Comments (Count)
Lexington: Postal Service’s Strategic Plan Deserves Fair Hearing and Careful Study – Comments (Count)
San Diego Postal Service clerk sentenced for stealing money orders from 21 customers – Comments (Count)
Why isn’t the USPS fully electrifying its fleet? It’s a mystery – Comments (Count)
Mail delays linked to shortage of mail carriers; workers calling off because of COVID issues – Comments (Count)
Milwaukee USPS hiring tractor-trailer drivers at $23.74 an hour – Comments (Count)


PMG and Leadership of Union and Management Associations Form Joint Task Force on Service Performance – Comments (Count)
USPS takes lead on new emergency leave fund – Comments (Count)
USPS to hire for 100 positions in Toledo | 150 positions in Cleveland, Akron Comments (Count)
Two bodies discovered by USPS mail carrier in Fair Oaks – Comments (Count)


For this Amazon driver, AI-powered camera in his van was the last straw – Comments (Count)
USPS in need of more carriers in Cedar Rapids area – Comments (Count)
UPS Getting 10,000 Electric Delivery Vans; Take That, Postal Service – Comments (Count)
NYT: Postal Service Struggles to Speed Up Delivery, Compounding Its Troubles – Comments (Count)


NALC Cancels Saturday Hunger Drive But Goes Forward With Donor Drive – Comments (Count)
NALC: 3rd Contract COLA Set at $416 – Comments (Count)
Local lashes out about Alberton Post Office’s COVID-19 adherence – Comments (Count)
USPS Delivery Improvement is Nothing to Write Home About – Comments (Count)


Tune in to Dolly and Take a Postal-Themed Small Town Texas Tour – Comments (Count)
PHOTOS: Columbus Mail Carriers Prepare for Delivery – Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Mail Delivery and Customer Service Operations – Holiday City Station, Memphis, TN – Comments (Count)
Feds reveal booty from CNY postal box thefts: ‘Bank robbers often flee with less’ – Comments (Count)
Mobile County USPS employee picks up fallen American flag while out on delivery – Comments (Count)


District managers of the newly-configured USPS districts named – Comments (Count)
Vandals smash out Oakhurst post office windows – Comments (Count)
Chicago Postal Service Has Plan For Full Staffing by June, Mayor Lightfoot Says – Comments (Count)
USPS hiring for Buffalo area CCAs starting at $17.29/hour – Comments (Count)
USPS: Overall Mail Delivery Performance Recovers From Severe Winter Storms; Peak Holiday Demand – Comments (Count)


Dozens of Lawmakers Call on Biden to Replace Entire USPS Board – Comments (Count)
USPS OIG audit finds thousands of improper ‘stop-the-clock’ scans at Milwaukee branch – Comments (Count)
‘This office has been terminated’ – Comments (Count)
USPS debunks ‘whistleblower’ ballot-tampering claims driving Trump election conspiracy theory – Comments (Count)
Postal inspectors are auditing a Pa. mail processing plant where delays have been an issue – Comments (Count)


Postmaster retires after productive tenure in Woodacre – Comments (Count)
Spokane: Local postal worker indicted for hiding more than 1,000 pieces of mail – Comments (Count)
Postal worker attacked, knocked unconscious in North Salt Lake – Comments (Count)
From Amazon to FedEx, The Delivery Truck is Going Electric – Comments (Count)
Dianna Stevens retires from USPS after 37 years – Comments (Count)
Baltimore: Current state of USPS delays | PHOTOS – | Mail-in ballot four months late? Comments (Count)


Sen. Durbin calls for U.S. Postmaster to step down – Comments (Count)
In the U.S., postal workers not a priority for COVID shots – Comments (Count)
The new USPS mail truck might look like a duck, but it’s a better design – Comments (Count)
NALC: New Emergency Federal Employee Leave benefit now available for letter carriers affected by COVID | APWU: Up to 15 weeks of emergency paid leave Comments (Count)
NALC: 2019-2023 NALC-USPS National Agreement Now Available Online – Comments (Count)
Postal Service workers take rare snow day after Colorado blizzard – Comments (Count)
SC family demands USPS find grandmother’s ashes 1 year after being lost in transit – Comments (Count)
Politicians mad USPS won’t have more EVs in its new postal truck fleet – Comments (Count)
What you should know about USPS – and how it descended into crisis – Comments (Count)


Central Wyoming storm severely impacts mail delivery – Comments (Count)
She got $662/month to run a tiny Washington town post office. When asked for more, USPS shut it down – Comments (Count)
Colorful postal vans deliver cheer in Canada – Comments (Count)
Fewer than half of states are giving vaccine access to USPS workers – Comments (Count)
USPS to employees: Don’t disclose commercial information – Comments (Count)


Arizona: Metro transit and postal workers get vaccinated at pop-up site – Comments (Count)
Big changes are coming to the USPS – and advocates remain skeptical – Comments (Count)
House Oversight Committee demands release of $6B USPS vehicle contract – Comments (Count)
VIDEO: PMG DeJoy Testifies Before House Appropriations – Comments (Count)


USPS OIG Management Alert: Excessive Wait Times to Accept Commercial Mail Shipments at the Cleveland P&DC – Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Partnering for Health: Potential Postal Service Roles in Health and Wellness – Comments (Count)
Dimondstein: An Imperfect Storm at the Postal Service – Comments (Count)
Lawmaker: Use Postal Service to test vehicle-miles-traveled fee – Comments (Count)


Postal carrier recognized for helping save Chicago senior who had fallen at home – Comments (Count)
Mail vehicle struck by semi-truck, USPS worker injured – Comments (Count)
USPS offers to buy more electric vehicles, if Congress puts up billions – Comments (Count)
Royal Mail to trial delivering parcels on Sundays as customer demand surges – Comments (Count)
Phoenix mural honors front-line workers – Comments (Count)
Maricopa County to vaccinate public transit, USPS and funeral home workers this weekend – Comments (Count)


Two postal workers charged with COVID unemployment fraud – Comments (Count)
From late fees to Valentines in March, postal service delays still plague Northeast Ohio – Comments (Count)
Postal problems pop up again in Decatur neighborhood – Comments (Count)
USPS mail truck contract hits snag as lawmakers ask, “why not totally electric?” – Comments (Count)


Don’t Make the USPS an Energy Policy Guinea Pig – Comments (Count)
FedEx completes shift for former Postal Service business, rebrands service – Comments (Count)
An El Paso Mailman’s Poor Delivery Skills Caught on Camera – Comments (Count)
Stimulus check update: When will I get my payment? – Comments (Count)
Cleveland: Postal delivery getting better, but still not back to pre-pandemic levels – Comments (Count)
Postal workers carried us through the pandemic but still ineligible for vaccine? | New York: Postal workers eligible March 17th Comments (Count)
Stitch Fix Feels the Pain of Postal Service Delays – Comments (Count)
Postal Service is Pushed to Get More Electric Vehicles – Comments (Count)


USPS worker and four others arrested for shipping heroin and fentanyl through the mail – Comments (Count)
USPS Is Already Facing Legal Action Over DeJoy’s Forthcoming Mail Slowdowns – Comments (Count)
Three U.S. lawmakers call on USPS to freeze Oshkosh vehicle contract – Comments (Count)
Postal Worker and Pooch are Best Buds – Comments (Count)
Why did the USPS driver go through my yard? – Comments (Count)
USPS early outs and you: Good deal, or return to sender? – Comments (Count)
Homeowners late on taxes blame Postal Service delays – Comments (Count)


Crisis comms lessons from the USPS – Comments (Count)
Beleaguered postal workers report a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases, further delays – Comments (Count)
U.S. lawmakers introducing bill to give USPS $6 bln for EV delivery vehicles – Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: When Mail Takes a Wrong Turn – Comments (Count)
Canada Post sending every household a postcard to send to a loved one for free – Comments (Count)
“Save the Post Office” launches new Service Performance Dashboard – Comments (Count)
Questions Raised About $4.5 Billion-Plus Order For New Fleet of Mail Trucks – Comments (Count)
House Committee on Oversight and Reform: Chairwoman Maloney Introduces New Postal Bills – Comments (Count)
Big Trade in Oshkosh Shares Before Postal Award Spurs Questions – Comments (Count)


NALC: Branch 825 Member Richard Treonis Passes Away – Comments (Count)
APWU: Rank and File Bargaining Advisory Committee Appointed – Comments (Count)
One dead, several hurt after vehicle crashes into post office – Comments (Count)
Rats, Structural Concerns Close Maunaloa Post Office Temporarily – Comments (Count)


Greensboro: USPS botched tens of thousands of deliveries – Comments (Count)
Delaware Farm Bureau members upset over USPS service – Comments (Count)
For this USPS employee, the commute is brrr…isk – Comments (Count)


People injured in accident involving postal truck – Comments (Count)
USPS needs to hire more personnel – Comments (Count)
USPS-Themed Nike Air Force 1 Shoe – Comments (Count)
Postal Service vehicles are going up in flames, and it’s happening across the country – Comments (Count)
USPS still seeing huge backlog on unsent packages – Comments (Count)
Workhorse lawyers up in mail truck contract dispute – Comments (Count)
FedEx to Electrify Entire Fleet by 2040 – Comments (Count)


An Iowa man is facing 65 years in prison for forging postage stamps for his eBay business – Comments (Count)
DeJoy Is Killing It – Comments (Count)
ANOTHER! Postal truck goes up in flames in east Lincoln – Comments (Count)
Some retired Boston workers haven’t gotten their February pension checks in the mail – Comments (Count)
DMV mails registration sticker out 4 times but they are never delivered – Comments (Count)
Chicago: USPS opens second round of online applications for city carriers – Comments (Count)


She bought a wedding band for her husband in November; The Post Office still hasn’t delivered it – Comments (Count)
Hungary’s postal service to stop delivering newspapers – Comments (Count)
Sen. Coons delivers floor speech on USPS delays impacting Delawareans – Comments (Count)
Charlotte man receives mother’s ashes after weeks of thinking they had been lost in the mail – Comments (Count)
Longtime Boone postal employee, well-known in the community, retires after nearly 3 decades – Comments (Count)
As Amazon Air Expands, Report Sees Potential Challenge to UPS, FedEx and USPS – Comments (Count)
Audit: Postal workers marked thousands of items sitting in Raleigh post office as delivered – Comments (Count)
No evidence to support trending Reddit thread about Chicago mail carrier – Comments (Count)


Why did the Postal Service’s performance decline last year? – Comments (Count)
GovExec: What the Postal Board Changes Mean for DeJoy – Comments (Count)
Chicago Mail Delays Creating ‘Unbearable’ Burden for Residents – Comments (Count)
Postal Unions Hope House Probe of USPS Virus Response Gets Answers – Comments (Count)
Chicken farmers concerned about future USPS embargos impacting live shipment delays – Comments (Count)
Decisions by postal leaders partly to blame for mail delays – Comments (Count)
USPS eyes partnerships with private services for parcel exports – Comments (Count)
Columbus: USPS customers still experiencing mail delays – Comments (Count)


USPS, GSA expand ‘government storefront’ concept with PIV card pilot – Comments (Count)
Workhorse meeting with USPS about lost mail truck bid – Comments (Count)
Canada Post suspends mail delivery to two Toronto highrises after some residents seen without masks – Comments (Count)
SUV crashes into post office in Escambia County – Comments (Count)
MSNBC: Gotcha: PMG DeJoy’s Fate Sealed as Biden Nominates Three to Postal Board – Comments (Count)
As Chicagoans face ‘serious problems’ with mail delivery, Durbin urges Trump-appointed postmaster general to ‘step aside’ – Comments (Count)
Delay in textbook deliveries has caused anxiety and anticipation to increase – Comments (Count)