Postal News Archives November 2020


Car crashes into downtown post office – Comments (Count)
‘Great to be back’: Temporary post office opens in former Kmart – Comments (Count)
USA Today: We sent 193 shipments. Here’s what we learned – Comments (Count)
USPS makes several leadership announcements, including retirement of David Williams in 2021 – Comments (Count)
$10,000 reward offered in stabbing of USPS letter carrier – Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Opinion on the Postal Service’s FY  2020 Reclassified Statements – Comments (Count)
Postal data shows Chicagoans moving out from downtown – Comments (Count)
Postage Stamp to Recognize Nisei Japanese American Soldiers of WW2 – Comments (Count)


USPS 2020 Holiday TV Commercial – Comments (Count)
Illinois residents raise $11K to help pay postal worker’s COVID-related medical bills – Comments (Count)
Lewiston postal worker charged, accused of dumping large amounts of mail in the woods – Comments (Count)
Tuscola postal worker undertaking task of spreading Christmas cheer – Comments (Count)
Mail carrier pepper-sprays dogs, woman under quarantine – Comments (Count)
Sweet postmaster still loves job at 90 – Comments (Count)
USPS launches new dog paw program – Comments (Count)


NALC: Interest Arbitration and Collective Bargaining Update – Comments (Count)
What your mail carriers really want as a thank you gift – Comments (Count)
Letter Carrier Robbed in Baltimore, Up to $50K Reward Offered – Comments (Count)
Decision to close Glendale Post Office takes many by surprise – Comments (Count)
Maine postal workers say ‘enough is enough’ | ‘We just honestly can’t afford to take anymore’ Comments (Count)
Pa. postal whistleblower placed on unpaid leave raises $233,000 on crowdfunding | GiveSendGo Comments (Count)


Bay Area postal workers rally to highlight ‘over-the-top’ workload as holidays approach – Comments (Count)
Postal workers call for support after a rough financial report – Comments (Count)
With holiday shipping ramping up, Maine APWU president calls for USPS to reverse course on changes – Comments (Count)
Amazon jumps into the pharmacy business with online prescription fulfillment – Comments (Count)
Protect your mail delivery with a lockable, insulated delivery box – Comments (Count)
Love the Post Office? Join the Infrastructure Appreciation Society – Comments (Count)
Frayser apartment complex says post office isn’t delivering residents’ mail – Comments (Count)


Canada: Postal worker loses battle to wear engagement ring on the job – Comments (Count)
Parcel delivery backlog looming if shippers ignore upcoming US data requirements – Comments (Count)
Houston: Postal workers robbed of arrow keys in 4 holdups across city – Comments (Count)
USPS Announces New Domestic Competitive Prices for 2021 – Comments (Count)
USPS launches Operation Santa with new digital letter adoption – Comments (Count)
Maryland’s mail delivery ‘terrible,’ among slowest in nation before Election Day – Comments (Count)
USPS supporters to call for action at Kalamazoo event – Comments (Count)


Former deputy PMG Stroman joins Biden USPS transition team – Comments (Count)
Retired Postal Worker Wanda Tolbert Gives Away 50 Backpacks to Homeless at West Side Shelter – Comments (Count)


Postal data reveals mass exodus from NYC amid coronavirus, crime – Comments (Count)
Getting to Know Your Neighborhood Postman – Comments (Count)
Project Veritas could face legal liability for postal worker’s ballot fraud allegations, experts say – Comments (Count)
Switzerland’s Post Office Division to Reinvent Itself as a ‘Radical Digital Bank’ – Comments (Count)
USPS to open temporary post office in south Minneapolis | Former Kmart Comments (Count)
UPS and Postal Service brace for historic holiday shipping season – Comments (Count)
House Republicans demand USPS documents on Pa. whistleblower probe – Comments (Count)


Honolulu: Thieves steal entire blue mail collection box from post office – Comments (Count)
Newburgh Heights postal worker helps to save a man’s life – Comments (Count)
Bay Area: Thieves Targeting Mail Trucks – Comments (Count)
USPS Hiring for Immediate Openings in Los Angeles, Santa Ana Districts – Comments (Count)


Dave Green left enduring marks at Ramona Post Office and on his route – Comments (Count)
French postal service to hire 9,000 workers for ‘unprecedented’ Christmas boom – Comments (Count)
USPS Whistleblower Told Agents Project Veritas Penned His Ballot-Tampering Claims | Marine and Afghan War veteran suspended without pay Comments (Count)
NALC Chief of Staff Sauber Named to Biden Transition Team – Comments (Count)


Biden and the Postal Service: Why Conciliation Trumps Combat – Comments (Count)
Amazon delivery driver wedges van under a tunnel – Comments (Count)
USPS hiring across Inland Empire – Comments (Count)
USPS whistleblower denies report he recanted voter fraud claims | The USPS Whistleblower Saga Keeps Getting Weirder Comments (Count)
Judge threatens to order PMG DeJoy into court – Comments (Count)


Mail truck collision in Montecito – Comments (Count)
Postal worker admits fabricating allegations of ballot tampering, officials say | Employee recants Comments (Count)
VIDEO: Venice Beach neighbors show USPS worker some love – Comments (Count)
Postal Service still processing thousands of mail-in ballots after deadline passes in Pennsylvania | Postal Service continues to receive thousands of ballots Comments (Count)
Protesters Gather Outside Erie Post Office – Comments (Count)
Postal Service suspends operations at Fosters Post Office after car crash – Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Deployment of Operational Changes – Comments (Count)
Wounded Florida veteran Kolfage planning lawsuit against Postal Inspection Service – Comments (Count)
Post Office Mum on Replacement for Aging Mail Trucks – Comments (Count)
Meet the Philly Nonprofit Behind Those Viral Dancing Mailboxes – Comments (Count)
Mark Hamill, best known as Luke Skywalker, is plotting against PMG DeJoy – Comments (Count)
NALC: Interest Arbitration and Collective Bargaining Update – Comments (Count)
Special Delivery: Rural Residents Dress Up Their Mailboxes in Style – Comments (Count)
Annual Benefits Open Season Enrollment Period Begins Today – Comments (Count)


USPS Plans to Hire Temporary Help as Online Orders Stress Rural Letter Carriers – Comments (Count)
Celebrating crowds cheer USPS workers after Biden declared winner | L.A.: Mail Truck Gets Champagne Shower | Our mailman today. Thank you | Thank you postal workers | Heroes Welcome | Thank you Postal Service | Oakland: Mini USPS mailbox dances Comments (Count)
NALC Statement on Presidential Election | Statement From APWU President | NPMHU Comments (Count)


Amazon rolls out rewards program that makes it easier for drivers to get work – Comments (Count)
Postal Banking: A Bad Idea That is Very Much Alive – Comments (Count)
Postal Service Hiring For Lots of Jobs – Comments (Count)
USPS Delivered 40,000 Votes Nationwide on Thursday – Comments (Count)


SUV crashes into Lawton post office – Comments (Count)
Viral video targets Traverse City post office; clerks refute claim of election tampering – Comments (Count)
USPS finds 1,700 ballots in Pennsylvania mail facilities after sweep – Comments (Count)
USPS ordered to sweep all processing facilities twice daily in states with ballot postmark extension – Comments (Count)


Feds investigating series of post office break-ins before Election Day around Nashville – Comments (Count)
USPS processed 150,000 ballots after election day, jeopardizing thousands of votes – Comments (Count)
Fact checking the unfounded claim that USPS lost 300,000 ballots – Comments (Count)
Buffalo mail carrier made a wrong turn and was arrested at Canadian border with 800 pieces of undelivered mail – Comments (Count)
Supervisor at Fairfield Post Office used flashlight on phone to find and steal cash in the mail – Comments (Count)
Postal Service to continue extraordinary measures to deliver properly postmarked ballots through Saturday – Comments (Count)
Postal Service Has Until Thursday to Report Late-Vote Total – Comments (Count)
Here’s What Really Happened With Mail Ballots and USPS on Election Day – Comments (Count)


‘Someone may have to pay a price’: Judge lashes Postal Service for defying ballot order | Federal judge say he’ll force PMG DeJoy to explain what happened | USPS says huge amount of mail-in ballots were not delivered Comments (Count)
NPMHU president: COVID crisis is far from over – Comments (Count)
USPS Board of Governors to Meet November 13 – Comments (Count)
USPS disregards court order to conduct ballot sweeps in 12 postal districts after more than 300,000 ballots cannot be traced – Comments (Count)


USPS blames pandemic for pockets of slowed ballot processing as employee coronavirus cases spike – Comments (Count)
List: USPS ordered to have postal inspectors sweep these facilities by 3 p.m. ET for election mail – Comments (Count)
Judge orders USPS to search Florida facilities for mail-in ballots – Comments (Count)
Postal Service fails to meet deadline to sweep mail facilities for undelivered mail-in ballots – Comments (Count)
USPS truck goes up in flames mid-route in Sarasota County. Voters concerned about ballots – Comments (Count)
Amazon making rural delivery push to cut out USPS – Comments (Count)
Miami-Dade: Post office still working on backlog of 180,000 pieces of mail, including some ballots – Comments (Count)
The USPS is putting all resources to delivering ballots. But the rest of the mail is piling up – Comments (Count)


Statement of NALC President Rolando on Election Day Eve – Comments (Count)
USPS teams up with FBI to provide biometrics at 100 post offices – Comments (Count)
On election eve, the USPS is struggling to deliver mail on time – Comments (Count)
How brands are preparing for the logistical nightmare of holiday shipping – Comments (Count)
Cape Coral USPS employee impacts lives beyond the mailbox – Comments (Count)
NALC: Contract Interest Arbitration Update – Comments (Count)
Postal authorities to search Miami-area post offices after ballots found in mail pile up – Comments (Count)
CNN: USPS reports another drop in on-time movement of mail ballots two days before Election Day – Comments (Count)
Save the Post Office: Updates on the USPS Service Performance Reports – Comments (Count)
Save the Post Office: Lawsuits against DeJoy, USPS and Trump over mail delays and election mail – Comments (Count)


Four Dozen Undelivered Ballots Found at Florida Post Office – Comments (Count)