Postal News Archives November 2021


Amazon sees scattered Black Friday protests | NALC: #MakeAmazonPay Comments (Count)
USPS prepares to handle 12 billion pieces of mail this holiday season Comments (Count)
Hundreds of FedEx packages found tossed into Alabama ravine Comments (Count)
Swiss Post’s first crypto stamp crashes online shop Comments (Count)
National Geographic tackles 2001 anthrax attacks in Hot Zone: Anthrax TV show Comments (Count)
‘Tis the Season for DeJoy’s Removal Comments (Count)


Postal unions take wait-and-see stand on new postal board nominees, and DeJoy’s fate | NALC Statement | APWU Comments (Count)


Feds try to sniff out postal worker who mailed poop to supervisor Comments (Count)
A Remarkable Rural Route Rescue After Traffic Accident Left a Virginia Cattle Producer Stranded in a Ditch Comments (Count)
Amid criticism, USPS girds for hectic holiday season Comments (Count)
GAO Seeks to Reimagine, Not Reform, Post Office Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Fall 2021 Semiannual Report to Congress Comments (Count)
Lexington: The Universal Postal Union: A Discussion With Director General Bishar Hussein Comments (Count)


Federal appeals court upholds USPS regulator’s decision to allow higher mail rates Comments (Count)
USPS Proposes New Rates for 2022 Comments (Count)
Postal Service officials say they are ready for the holidays, but recommend shipping early Comments (Count)
Inside the post office’s 122-year drive to EV mail delivery Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Not Quite Seamless (Acceptance) Comments (Count)


Norway’s Postal Christmas Ad: When Harry Met Santa Comments (Count)
Mail carrier’s vehicle overturns on Boone County gravel road Comments (Count)
Vans Teams Up With USPS for Collaborative Footwear and Apparel Collection Comments (Count)
Royal Mail is failing everyone but shareholders Comments (Count)
eBay Says Holiday Shipping Is on Track Comments (Count)
Trump megadonor DeJoy in jeopardy as PMG after Biden nominates two new board members DeJoy May Be Gone Soon Comments (Count)


Friday breakfast shows appreciation for Longmont postal workers in wake of fatal shooting Comments (Count)
Senators Denounce USPS Banking Program Comments (Count)
USPS seeks suspects in string of Phoenix-area mail carrier robberies Comments (Count)
Amazon already offering early Black Friday deals


Lexington: Huge Stakes for USPS This Holiday Season Comments (Count)
36 Members of Congress Call on U.S. Postal Inspector to Crackdown on Illegal Animal Fighting Shipments Comments (Count)
South Carolina man accused of pointing gun at postal worker delivering package Comments (Count)


NALC: 1.3% General Wage Increase Starts Nov. 20th Comments (Count)
Crooks targeting community mailboxes, leave Cypress residents out thousands of dollars Comments (Count)
Bakersfield mail carriers prepare for holiday surge Comments (Count)
New York Postal Worker Saves Elderly Hudson Valley Man’s Life Comments (Count)


Walmart starts using autonomous drones in new delivery service Comments (Count)
USPS letter carrier visits Sesame Street Comments (Count)
Slashed tires, spray-painted car and parking lot fight: Newport News Post Office feud turned deadly Comments (Count)
Leaked audio: Amazon workers grill managers at anti-union meeting Comments (Count)
Louisville Postal Service plant prepping for busiest time of the year Comments (Count)
DeJoy Becomes Highest Paid Postmaster General Comments (Count)


DeJoy on why he’s slowing mail and raising prices at the USPS: “We have no money” Comments (Count)
Montana communities seek answers after USPS collection boxes removed Comments (Count)
This Year at USPS: Mail Slowdowns, Big Executive Bonuses for DeJoy and Others Comments (Count)
A positive Postal Pulse: Survey shows improved engagement Comments (Count)
Trump appointees to USPS board of governors send pointed message to President Biden Comments (Count)


Predicting more than 850 million packages, USPS encourages sending presents early Comments (Count)
Katie Porter decimates DeJoy’s Leadership of USPS with a sharpie Comments (Count)
We mailed 4 packages with GPS trackers to see how quickly they got there Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Mail Problems in Charm City Comments (Count)
Senators raise concerns over USPS postal banking pilot program Comments (Count)
CPWU: Postal workers call on Rolando to oppose Bloom, DeJoy Comments (Count)


USPS Operation Santa Registration Opens Today Comments (Count)
Scranton USPS processing plant ready for holidays with new package sorter Comments (Count)
Will Biden Stand Up for Louis DeJoy? Comments (Count)
Shipping companies seek out workers as deliveries spike amid early holiday deals Comments (Count)


One dead after Adams County mail truck crash Comments (Count)
PMG DeJoy says USPS is “ready” for the holidays, but it’s already missing delivery standards Comments (Count)


Ralph Nader: New Book Shines Ways to Rebound Our Historic Postal Service – OpEd Comments (Count)
Where is my mailbox? Antelope neighborhood’s mailbox disappears overnight Comments (Count)


What happened 30 years ago: Royal Oak Postal Service shooting anniversary Comments (Count)
Postal Banking Fails to Reach the Unbanked Comments (Count)
Is DeJoy’s 10-Year Plan the Death Knell for the USPS? Comments (Count)
USPS Truck Driver Charged With Misdemeanor After Running Over and Killing Cyclist Comments (Count)
Every day these veterans deliver for the Postal Service Comments (Count)
UPS vs. USPS: Which packages arrive first? Comments (Count)


Bakersfield postal office revamps operations to speed up service Comments (Count)
USPS outlines $8B infrastructure investment in 2022 as sign of ‘bright future’ Comments (Count)
USPS paycheck program – favored by Sanders, AOC – starts without congressional authorization Comments (Count)
USPS Warns Vaccine Rules Could Affect Deliveries Comments (Count)
PMG DeJoy’s Remarks During Nov. 10 Postal Service Board of Governors Meeting Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Veterans Day Message: A Heartfelt “Thank You” Comments (Count)


‘Tis the Season for the Postal Service Comments (Count)
DeJoy: USPS was overwhelmed last year, but ready this time for the holidays Comments (Count)
USPS Announces New Competitive Prices and Two New Mail Products for 2022 Comments (Count)
Mail carrier’s actions may have saved a life Comments (Count)
Spring Brook Township residents asking ‘where’s my mail?’ Comments (Count)
Postmaster asks for community help to stop vandals Comments (Count)


Postal Banking Test in the Bronx Yields No Customers Comments (Count)
Your mail carrier a little grumpy lately? We might know why Comments (Count)
USPS Debuts 2021 Holiday TV Ad Comments (Count)
Audit of Baltimore-area post offices uncovers 1M pieces of delayed mail, inaccurate reporting, improper scanning | ‘Something’s gotta be done’ Comments (Count)
Video shows Cleveland resident confront mail carrier over not delivering his mail Comments (Count)
Philadelphia: Police and postal inspectors investigating considerable number of mail thefts citywide Comments (Count)


USPS Announces Pen Pal Project Comments (Count)
Workhorse discloses DoJ, SEC probe related to USPS contract Comments (Count)
New book examines the attack on the people’s post office and the fight to defend it Comments (Count)
Supply chain stalled by 72,000 truckers who failed strict drug tests Comments (Count)
Amazon driver fired for hosting woman in truck says he was delivering packages Comments (Count)
PostNL’s profits slip as parcel boom slows Comments (Count)
USPS Open Season 2021 Starts Nov. 8th | USPS News Link Comments (Count)


Rhode Island Men Are Indicted for Allegedly Kidnapping Postal Worker Comments (Count)
The Little Package That Couldn’t Comments (Count)


First Class Mail Performance Shows Strong Improvements Through October Comments (Count)
Family shattered after most of Las Vegas man’s ashes lost in the mail Comments (Count)
Family remembers Phoenix postal worker killed in crash Comments (Count)
Fall back: Standard time returns this weekend Comments (Count)


Thieves breaking into West Philadelphia mailboxes Comments (Count)
Record packages coming through Nashville this year, USPS prepares for the holiday spirit Comments (Count)
Police: Bridgeport mail carrier robbed of rubber bands at gunpoint Comments (Count)


How a 29-year-old mail carrier is on track to make over $90,000 this year Comments (Count)
Former NALC Vice President Pleads Guilty to Operating Overtime Kickback Scheme in the Allentown Post Office Initiated Investigation After Employee Tip Comments (Count)
USPS Goes High-Tech for the Holidays Comments (Count)
USPS Delays May Disproportionately Harm Rural Communities, Organizers Worry Comments (Count)


House Dem ramps up pressure on Biden to oust PMG DeJoy Comments (Count)
Postal carrier killed in fiery Phoenix crash. Postal truck caught fire after the collision Comments (Count)
Mail carrier caught on video repeatedly driving on homeowner’s yard Comments (Count)
Missouri postal center losing millions, paying out millions due to work environment Comments (Count)
New employees, sorting machine at USPS West Sacramento center expected to help prevent slow holiday mail Comments (Count)
USPS prepares for another record holiday season Comments (Count)


Mailbox vandalism in Colorado Springs leaves residents concerned Comments (Count)
Postal contractors stashed stolen mail in 55-gallon trash bags in Texas, feds say Comments (Count)
USPS Reveals New Stamps for 2022 | Stamp Designs Comments (Count)
Neighbors Put Stamp on Popular Royal Oak Postal Carrier’s Last Day Comments (Count)
Online Vendor Sentenced in $5 Million Postage Fraud Scheme Comments (Count)
USPS Licenses VeVe for Digital Day of the Dead Stamp Art Comments (Count)


Amazon delivery contractors in Oregon suing over unreasonable driving conditions Comments (Count)
Amazon labor shortage hinders one-day delivery ambitions Comments (Count)
USPS Distributes Talking Points to Postal Workers Comments (Count)
No cash sign at post office another sign of the times Comments (Count)
USPS disputes claim ballots were thrown in the trash in Boston Comments (Count)