Postal News Archives October 2018

FBI Investigating Multiple Pipe Bombs and Suspicious Packages
10.24.2018 – reports: “The packages were mailed in manila envelopes with bubble wrap interior. The packages were affixed with computer-printed address labels and six Forever stamps. All packages had a return address of “DEBBIE WASSERMAN SHULTZ” [sic] in Florida.” – Comments (Count)

USPS Realizes Just 1/20th of Projected Savings From Network Realignment
10.18.2018 – GovExec reports: “Postal management told its regulatory body it would save $1.6 billion in fiscal years 2016 and 2017 by eliminating overnight delivery of regular, first-class mail and pushing back some of its two-day delivery to a three-day window, but the mailing agency’s inspector general found it did not even come close to reaching that estimate. USPS instead saw about $90 million in savings, about one-twentieth of its estimate.” – USPS OIG Report Comments (Count)

Trump administration moves to stop subsidizing Chinese mail
10.17.2018 – CNN reports: “On Wednesday, US officials will initiate a withdrawal process from the UPU, which was established in 1874 and has 192 member countries. The process to withdraw will take at least a year, and the administration intends to negotiate new rates with the group during that time. Under the current rules, the UPU sets lower rates for developing countries. It makes it possible to mail a package from Beijing to New York for less than it costs to send it from San Francisco to New York, for example.” – UPS, USPS Praise Move Bloomberg: Trump is Right China Regrets Trump is trying to screw up your cheap international shipping UPU Statement USPS Praises Trump’s Move Comments (Count)

Richmond postal workers push for earlier workday
10.14.2018 – WRIC reports: “Employees tell 8News, right now they begin their day at 9 a.m., forcing them to deliver mail after the sun sets. “And the carriers are going to be out there in the dark,” said USPS employee Robin Richardson. “And we’re looking, we’re basically out here demonstrating for the safety and the customers. The customers don’t want to get their mail this late and we don’t want to be out there this late.” – Comments (Count)


Officially-licensed mail carrier costumes for kids Comments (Count)
PMG Brennan Shows Appreciation in Royal Palm P&DC Comments (Count)
Scranton post office forced to close because of interior damage Comments (Count)
$1M cap applies to postal worker’s injury, Indiana court says Comments (Count)
Woman stuck in bathtub for five days rescued by postal worker Comments (Count)
Postal Service misjudged savings from downsizing facilities Comments (Count)


Heroic bystanders work together to save post office custodian’s life Comments (Count)
Will Amazon pay more from the USPS parcel price increase? Comments (Count)
Retired USPS worker denies bribery, witness tampering charges in towing company case Comments (Count)
Retired postal worker killed in hit-and-run crash to be buried in uniform Comments (Count)
Amazon shares are cratering Comments (Count)
Wake Forest woman blasts Amazon after package left in pouring rain Comments (Count)


Autonomous Vehicles for Postal Deliveries Take Over Europe’s Streets Comments (Count)
Coalition: USPS Needs ‘Breathing Room’ to Pursue Long-Term Reform Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Savings Not Delivered Comments (Count)
Suspicious package found at Atlanta postal facility, addressed to CNN Comments (Count)
Beloved downtown mail carrier to retire after 33 years Comments (Count)
USPS to replace Drake Post Office; lengthy closure, lack of info rankles residents Comments (Count)
Washington Post: Trump made the right call to withdraw from the Universal Postal Union Comments (Count)


Letter carrier spots missing memento, returns it to Lawrence family Comments (Count)
PHOTO: CCA Flips Postal Vehicle Comments (Count)


83-year-old longtime postal worker killed in New Jersey hit and run Comments (Count)
Amid mail bomb threat, Postal Service employees served as ‘eyes and ears’ of law enforcement Comments (Count)
Beloved Oradell postal clerk retires after 35 years Comments (Count)
West Longview residents report ongoing mail problems Comments (Count)
USPS employees at Burlingame facility find suspicious package addressed to Tom Steyer Comments (Count)


Suspicious packages spotlight vast postal surveillance system Comments (Count)
Trump Signs Law to Curb Postal Service’s Unintentional Role in Opioid Crisis Comments (Count)
Package Investigation Puts Spotlight on Postal Service Screening Comments (Count)


Dallas County: USPS failed to postmark some voter registrations by deadline Comments (Count)
Houston: Three men accused of carjacking postal worker Comments (Count)
Postal Service won’t deliver mail to home because mailbox is near the door Comments (Count)
Bomb addressed to Maxine Waters found in LA postal facility Comments (Count)


When the Mail is Used to Stoke Panic Comments (Count)
Why it’s cheaper to ship goods from Beijing than New Jersey Comments (Count)
Postal carrier alerted authorities to pipe bomb picked up at Soros home Comments (Count)
Postal Hub Podcast: USA vs UPU Comments (Count)
The Art of the Deal: UPU fast-tracks rate review on Trump threat Comments (Count)


NALC opposes State Department decision to leave UPU Comments (Count)
Bummer: Canada Post strike could affect cannibas delivery Comments (Count)
USPS Hiring Throughout Tampa Bay Area Comments (Count)
Uber developing food delivery drone service Comments (Count)
Canada Post’s rotating strikes: Everything you need to know Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Getting Smarter About Intelligent Mail Comments (Count)


USPS: Behind the stamp price hike Comments (Count)
Higher postal fees will cost Amazon $1 billion in 2019, estimates Credit Suisse Comments (Count)
Amazon on track to capture 49 percent of U.S. ecommerce this year Comments (Count)
UK: Post Office Blown Up By Cash Machine Raiders Comments (Count)
Postal Service using double-wide at Muscle Shoals Comments (Count)


Canada: Postal Strike Could Start Sunday at Midnight Comments (Count)
APWU and USPS Agree to an Additional 30 Days of Negotiations Comments (Count)
Postal Service investigates boxes of mail found in woods of NYC suburbs Comments (Count)
Postal worker arrested for taking money from woman’s purse Comments (Count)


Congresswoman announces official OIG investigation into claims of fraud, mismanagement and facility issues at Albuquerque USPS Comments (Count)
Sears was the Amazon of its day Comments (Count)
Postal Delivery Robots Trialled in Norway Comments (Count)
Chicago Police Suspect Foul Play in Disappearance of Postal Worker Comments (Count)
USPS Challenges Postal Notice Patent at Patent and Trademark Office Comments (Count)


Say goodbye to $1 Yoga paints Comments (Count)
Coopersburg mailman strips naked, except for mailbag, in customer’s apartment, police say Comments (Count)


Postal Inspectors offer reward in Cromwell robbery Comments (Count)
Hot Mail: Faulty wiring sparks fire in USPS truck Comments (Count)
‘Untangled’ contract data helped USPS OIG catch millions in fraud Comments (Count)


Cat head to be tested for rabies lost in the mail Comments (Count)
‘Postman Jim’ to retire Comments (Count)
50 years later, Des Moines post office opens time capsule Comments (Count)
Canada: Delivery companies preparing for age-restricted deliveries of marijuana Comments (Count)
Fed up with vulnerable mail, Richmond local demands action from Postal Service Comments (Count)
Postal Service – the preferred shipper for drug dealers Comments (Count)
NALC Branch 132 Election Info Comments (Count)
APWU: Significant Payroll Issue Will Affect 90,000 Paychecks This Friday  |  Letter (image) Comments (Count)


A look behind the scenes of Colorado’s system of mailing ballots Comments (Count)
Mail truck stolen, leading to high-speed police pursuit Comments (Count)
South Bend residents happy to have mail service back in town Comments (Count)
Retired USPS Officer Slain in the Philippines Comments (Count)
Car crashes into Buzzards Bay post office for second time this year  |  Convertible Comments (Count)
USPS carrier airlifted after vehicle hit by truck Comments (Count)


AusPost Threatens ANZ Over Banking Deal Comments (Count)
UK: Posties to combat loneliness with ‘check-and-chat’ visits to elderly Brits Comments (Count)
Harvard trio studies regional post office needs Comments (Count)
Mail carriers join search for missing postal worker Comments (Count)


The online seller’s guide to USPS shipping rates for 2019 Comments (Count)
Bomb squad called after suspicious packages left in Sarasota post office Comments (Count)


Need a holiday job? UPS, FedEx, Amazon Hiring 6,600 in KC Area, USPS Also Hiring Comments (Count)
NY: Postal Inspectors and Police Arrest Three for Mail Theft Comments (Count)
Indiana mail carrier celebrates 50 years with the USPS Comments (Count)
USPS is hiring in Chicago for holiday work Comments (Count)


Amazon could suffer 5% income drop if proposed USPS rate hikes go into effect Comments (Count)
Lakeview residents question false U.S. Post Office delivery alerts Comments (Count)
Postal Service denies price hikes are meant to hurt Amazon Comments (Count)
NALC National Election Results: Rolando easily defeats Noble Comments (Count)


Former Postal Service supervisor in Springfield charged with taking bribes from tow company operators Comments (Count)
Paper: Break up Amazon before it does any more damage to America Comments (Count)
New innovations highlight their potential at POST-EXPO 2018 Comments (Count)
New Orleans: Postal manager charged with stealing over $630,000 of stamps and selling them on eBay  |  One of biggest inside thefts ever for USPS Comments (Count)


Mother-daughter postal workers conspired to steal items from the mail Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Says USPS Falling Short of Characteristics For a Good Retail Customer Experience Comments (Count)
Postal Service won’t honor reimbursement claims for missing mail Comments (Count)
Lawsuit seeking Postal Service eviction from downtown Milwaukee facility moved to federal court Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Post Office Emergency Suspension Process Comments (Count)
PHOTOS: Postal Workers Rally in Portland Comments (Count)
Fort Ripley loses its post office Comments (Count)
26-year-old pregnant Chicago postal worker missing for nearly a week Comments (Count)
Post Office to Hire 100 in Cincinnati Comments (Count)
Police respond to accident involving postal vehicle Comments (Count)


USPS Workers Hold Rally in Bangor  |  Idaho  |  El Paso  |  Georgia  |  Las Cruces  |  Jacksonville  |  Wisconsin  |  Memphis  |  Indiana Comments (Count)
No mail on Monday, but postal workers won’t be idle Comments (Count)


The Zip code may seem benign now, but some Americans smelled a rat Comments (Count)
Postal worker caught tossing delivery out window Comments (Count)
UPS Union Ratifies Labor Deal Even Though Members Turned it Down Comments (Count)


How Target Plans to Beat Amazon and Walmart This Holiday Shipping Season Comments (Count)
Two postal contractors charged with stealing mail at Rochester International Airport Comments (Count)
SUV crashes into Anchor Point Post Office Comments (Count)
Mail delivery suddenly stops for Independence neighborhood Comments (Count)


Bernie Sanders reacts to Amazon slashing stock, incentive bonuses for hourly workers Comments (Count)
USPS contract worker throws package out of car window and it’s all caught on camera Comments (Count)
Department of Labor Cites USPS For Repeat Safety Violations at Austin Facility Comments (Count)


APWU: On October 8, tell Congress that U.S. Mail is Not For Sale Comments (Count)
Former USPS employee alleges he was terminated while on FMLA leave Comments (Count)
Mail carrier dumped hundreds of letters on side of road and quit Comments (Count)
USPS truck driver killed in crash after vehicle erupts in flames Comments (Count)
Postal IG Cites Value of Blogging Comments (Count)


Ricin scare: Envelopes contained castor seeds, not poison Comments (Count)
USPS paying for new vehicles out of postal retirees health benefits funds? Comments (Count)
Postal Service apologizes after medicine delivered to wrong address Comments (Count)
Congress must step up to save the US Postal Service as we know it Comments (Count)
‘You do more than deliver the mail.’ Letter carriers praised for everyday acts of heroism Comments (Count)


Postal worker dumped a large amount of mail on busy street Comments (Count)
Ricin detected in mail sent to the Pentagon Comments (Count)
TSP Returns Mixed for the Month of September Comments (Count)
Amazon Raising Minimum Wage to $15 Comments (Count)
Post Office Supervisor Transferred, Not Fired, After Harassment Claims, Worker Says Comments (Count)
GAO: Postal Retiree Health Benefits: Unsustainable Finances Need to Be Addressed (PDF) Comments (Count)
Brooklyn postal worker charged with stealing checks from poor people on her route Comments (Count)
Hero postal carrier stops creep from allegedly trying to rape 90-year-old woman Comments (Count)


Caught on camera: Postal worker fired after dumping mail into dumpster Comments (Count)
Post Office Mail Truck Decision Delayed as Prototype Tests Roll On Comments (Count)
Car Plows Through Post Office Window Comments (Count)
Semi-Truck Fire at Goleta Post Office Plant Comments (Count)
Massive new mail processing plant set to open soon in Portland Comments (Count)