Postal News Archives October 2021


NALC and USPS Agree to Limited 2 into 1 Casing Process for Peak Season Comments (Count)
Another nut job “audit” video: Police called after postal worker goes hands on for camera Comments (Count)
Capitol Hill to hold hearing on Chicago’s postal delivery woes Comments (Count)


Ex-girlfriend/postal worker accused of killing Longmont letter carrier. She drove from another post office on the clock after ditching her GPS scanner Comments (Count)
This NJ post office is a ‘black hole’ for lost packages nationwide Comments (Count)
Woman discovers large pile of mail in woods of Philadelphia neighborhood Comments (Count)
UPS and FedEx looking to hire almost 200,000 combined positions across the country Comments (Count)
Tennessee postal worker killings raise stress as a concern Comments (Count)
Colorado postal worker is third to be shot and killed in the past two days Comments (Count)
Linn’s: Interest groups urge Biden not to reappoint Bloom to second term on USPS board of governors Comments (Count)


Walmart, FedEx, UPS to go 24/7 to address supply bottlenecks Comments (Count)
Work-life balance, poor management plague Postal Service employees Comments (Count)
Longmont Shooting: USPS Mail Carrier Fatally Shot in Front of Mailboxes | Crime scene investigation photos Comments (Count)
USPS Employee Satisfaction Falls Behind Competitors, IG Analysis Finds Comments (Count)


NAEC advises many customers’ mail delayed Comments (Count)
Cortez post office closing to residents’ dismay Comments (Count)
USPS permanently slowing deliveries to cut costs Comments (Count)
UPS driver killed after small plane crashes in Southern California neighborhood Comments (Count)
The Postal Service is Raising Rates, Slowing Service, and Getting Into Banking Comments (Count)


Pharmacist: USPS plan could lead to medication shipping delays Comments (Count)


USPS Announces New Pricing and Holiday Shipping Deadlines Comments (Count)
Charlottesville USPS trying to recruit more mail carriers Comments (Count)
USPS is flirting with postal banking. That’s a good thing. Comments (Count)
PRC Again Questions USPS Mail Delivery Plan Comments (Count)


Three letter carriers robbed at gunpoint in Memphis Comments (Count)
USPS looking to hire thousands amid lackluster September jobs report Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Report: Views of the Postal Service as an Employer (PDF) Comments (Count)


The Postal Service is under siege: Black workers stand to lose the most Comments (Count)
USPS worker injured in northeast DC shooting Comments (Count)
The Eagle magazine is published quarterly by the USPS for postal employees (PDF) Comments (Count)
CPC International Postal Update Comments (Count)
VIDEO: ‘1st Amendment Audit’ of Oak Lawn Post Office in Dallas Comments (Count)
20 States File Joint Complaint Against USPS Over Recent Changes Comments (Count)


Postal worker shot and killed on route in Pennsylvania Comments (Count)
USPS changes could cause worst mail delays in decades Comments (Count)
Midlothian business owner ditches the U.S. Post Office: ‘We don’t feel confident’ Comments (Count)
Still No OSHA COVID Guidance, But Federal Contractor Rules Could Be A Preview Comments (Count)
Special delivery indeed – postal carrier urinates on mailbox Comments (Count)
USPS and FedEx Customers Concerned About Mail Delays Comments (Count)


USPS Check Cashing is More Political Than Practical Comments (Count)
Alabama Power recommends paying bills online due to mail delays Comments (Count)
Warner calls mail delays ‘just inexcusable,’ vows to keep heat on USPS, DeJoy Comments (Count)
As USPS slows mail delivery, it’s testing a new business: Check cashing Comments (Count)


Residents illustrate appreciation for favorite postal carrier Comments (Count)
Baltimore is one of four cities in USPS postal banking pilot program Comments (Count)
Photo of huge backlog of packages in Australia sparks concerns about holiday deliveries Comments (Count)
Weekend postal surge leads to multiple mail deliveries in Charlottesville and Albemarle Comments (Count)
Robots give Greece’s postal service speed boost Comments (Count)
Major mail delays in Moscow, Pa. Comments (Count)
Tarentum mail carrier achieves USPS elite ‘Million Miler’ status Comments (Count)


The USPS has suspended deliveries to AUS so RIP to our lockdown online shopping | USPS International Mail Service Suspensions Comments (Count)
Amazon is already starting with Black Friday deals | Amazon Daily Deals Comments (Count)
KPRC 2 investigates cluster mailbox mess: No mail delivery for months in one neighborhood Comments (Count)
The return of postal banking? USPS quietly introducing expanded financial services in four cities | USPS Launches Banking Pilot Comments (Count)
Believe it or not, you can buy unclaimed USPS and Amazon packages Comments (Count)
How America Ruined Christmas Comments (Count)


Carrier’s truck stolen while delivering mail in Northwest DC Comments (Count)
PHOTOS: New York Metro Area APWU Stages Protest Against DeJoy and Bloom Comments (Count)
Emergency Federal Employee Leave Ended Sept. 30 Comments (Count)
West Newton postal clerk gets special send-off at funeral Comments (Count)
MSNBC: DeJoy’s Plan to Make Mail Slower Reignites Calls For His Ouster Comments (Count)


Postal workers protest “The Great Mail Slowdown” in East King County Comments (Count)
Nashville USPS customers upset about slower mail delivery Comments (Count)
USPS Status and Service Disruptions on International Mail Shipments Comments (Count)


NALC: Several COVID-19 Related MOUs Extended Through December | APWU Comments (Count)
Postal Service Chair Ron Bloom Worked at Private Equity Firm that Profited From Privatizing Royal Mail Comments (Count)
Community send-off for postal worker after 27 years Comments (Count)
Postal Inspector investigating thefts from blue USPS mailboxes Comments (Count)
Court Rules That USPS’s Excessive Redactions Were Not Properly Justified Comments (Count)