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USPS instructs employees to restore extra mail trips and some processing machines
9.25.2020 – GovExec reports: “The U.S. Postal Service has informed employees they should restart late and extra trips between facilities and reconnect some processing equipment as the agency attempts to come in compliance with a national injunction aimed at rolling back widespread mail delays ahead of the election.” – The USPS claimed it can’t restore some mail sorting machines because it ‘dismantled’ them Comments (Count)

LA Times: Rigid Dispatch Schedules Brought Postal Chaos
9.21.2020 – LA Times reports: “Workers who spoke to The Times described troubling details about how the rigid schedules have played out: Some trucks have traveled empty, and mail left behind has accumulated at massive processing centers, creating backlogs in a system that is not designed to store mail.” – The Guardian: Revealed: evidence shows huge mail slowdowns after Trump ally took overForbes: Infographic Comments (Count)
Washington Post: Newly revealed USPS documents show an agency struggling to manage Trump, Amazon and the pandemic
9.17.2020 – Washington Post reports: “The documents, which mostly span March and April, depict an agency in distress, as its deteriorating finances collided with a public-health emergency and a looming election that would be heavily reliant on absentee ballots. During that period, the USPS occasionally relied on the legal counsel of well-connected Republicans, including Stefan C. Passantino, who once served as a top White House lawyer under President Trump.” – Postal Service feared Trump’s rhetoric could cost it billions in Amazon business, documents reveal American Oversight published Megan Brennan emails in August (used by Washington Post story) White House axed plan to send five masks to every household Comments (Count)
Postal Employees Skeptical as Top Officials Testify They Were ‘Appalled’ Over Mail Delays
9.16.2020 – GovExec reports: “Top U.S. Postal Service officials testified in court on Wednesday they were “appalled” and “concerned” about decisions made at the local level that led to widespread mail delays, though employees on the front lines said the late deliveries were a result only of workers following direction from headquarters.” – Comments (Count)
More Headlines for PMG DeJoy
9.07.2020 – Multiple news agencies are reporting on a Washington Post article that accuses PMG DeJoy of reimbursing former employees for GOP donations.
DeJoy spokesman Monty Hagler told the Post that DeJoy consulted a former Federal Election Commission general counsel to ensure that he “complied with any and all laws” and that DeJoy was “never notified” about employees feeling pressured, and several employees told the Post on the record they didn’t feel pressured and bonuses were “rigid and well-established.” (Forbes)
CNN Headline: Washington Post: DeJoy Reimbursed Former Employees for GOP Donations | Washington Post Article (Subscription) | The Hill: Schumer Calls for Investigation | NYT: Arrangement described by 3 former employees; 2 executives say they never heard of such an arrangement | Bloomberg: Democratic AGs demand probe Federal statute of limitations expiredDeJoy statement via spokesman – House Dems Demand DeJoy’s Immediate Suspension and Launch Probe Trump Supports Probe Trump says DeJoy should lose his job if fundraising allegations are proven Comments (Count)


Portsmouth police still searching for hit-and-run driver after USPS worker hit; neighbors say road a concern Comments (Count)
NLRB Judge Dings Post Office Over Extreme Union Animas Comments (Count)
Postal worker pepper sprays stray cats Comments (Count)
How residents rallied to get their post office back Comments (Count)
Five companies interested in purchasing Brazil’s postal system, including Amazon and FedEx Comments (Count)
Community celebrates postal worker’s retirement Comments (Count)
Testing the USPS Again: NBC 5 Uncovers Postmarking Issues and Delays in DFW Comments (Count)
Common Dreams article: ‘Quiet Revolt’ Brewing at USPS as Postal Workers Defy PMG’s Mail Sabotage Comments (Count)


Featured: M&R Therapy Center for Injured Federal Workers Comments (Count)
Federal Judge Reaffirms USPS Must Approve Overtime in Run Up to Election Comments (Count)
Washington Post: Postal Service workers quietly resist DeJoy’s changes with eye on election Comments (Count)
Village says goodbye to post office veteran Comments (Count)
eBay Withdraws Protections for Late Deliveries Comments (Count)
Postal Hub Podcast Episode 211: How the USPS Became a Political Football Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: From High-Rise Apartments to Rural Farms: Delivering Packages Across the Nation Comments (Count)
Postal Service: Help is on the way for short-staffed Petersburg post office Comments (Count)
Packages incoming! Amazon Prime Day is Oct. 13-14 Comments (Count)
TIME: As States Prepared Mail-In Ballots, Postal Service Failed to Update at Least 1.8 Million Addresses Comments (Count)
CNN: Another judge delivers blow to USPS, says changes put election mail ‘at risk’ Comments (Count)
Amazon Introduces a $30 Mailbox Sensor Comments (Count)
Retiring with a record of service: Cheryl Brown is the longest-serving Heights postmaster Comments (Count)


Test of Colorado mail finds delivery is timely – most of the time Comments (Count)
Is mail theft surging in the U.S.? Postal Service inspectors don’t know Comments (Count)
Save the Post Office: Lawsuits against DeJoy, USPS & Trump over mail delays and election mail Comments (Count)
1,500 mail ballots arrived too late to count in Kansas Comments (Count)
Rhinebeck petitions USPS to preserve Depression-era murals at post office Comments (Count)
Good Deed: Letter Carrier Epitomizes Dedicated Service Comments (Count)


USPS issues new performance report for week of September 12 Comments (Count)
Trump administration retreats from Postal Service overhaul Comments (Count)
USPS close to settlement with 19 states on election mail, service delays, sources say Comments (Count)


$50K reward offered in shooting of female USPS carrier on Chicago’s South Side Comments (Count)
USPS Refuses to Comply With Judge’s Order to Allow ALL Overtime Before Election Comments (Count)
VICE: Read the Post Office’s Mandatory Pep Talk About Election Mail Comments (Count)
DeJoy says he’s happy as PMG, wants to remain Comments (Count)
Brazil Seeks $2.7 Billion With Postal Service Privatization Comments (Count)
On 28th birthday, family of missing Chicago postal worker hopes for answers Comments (Count)


VICE: The Legacy of ‘Going Postal’ Comments (Count)
DeJoy: Trump ‘incorrect’ that USPS isn’t equipped to handle mail-in voting Comments (Count)
Internal USPS documents link changes behind mail slowdowns to top executives Comments (Count)
Postal Service to Host Drive-Thru Indy Job Fair Comments (Count)
VIDEO: Postmaster General Highlights Vision to Establish USPS as Preferred Delivery Service for American Public Comments (Count)
Mother’s ashes missing after being mailed to Jacksonville Comments (Count)
Lexington: U.S. Postal Service’s Detour Decade Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Generation Z and the Mail Comments (Count)
Amazon’s first store in St. Louis opens today Comments (Count)
Wilmington USPS carrier saves mail after truck catches fire Comments (Count)
USPS Not Implementing Payroll Tax Deferral Comments (Count)


Mysterious, sudden blaze chars mail truck along North Carolina route, firefighters say Comments (Count)
Newly released documents show Amazon is a $3.9 billion-per-year customer the Post Office can’t afford to lose Comments (Count)
How the Post Office Became a Political Football Comments (Count)
Car Crashes Into Post Office in North Hampton Comments (Count)
“In the anarchist jurisdiction of Seattle’s Central District, a neighborhood celebrates its new post office” Comments (Count)
Amazon to raise holiday rates to offset USPS surcharges Comments (Count)


Second judge rules against USPS, says election mail must be prioritized | GovExec: Court Losses Mount for USPS Comments (Count)
Jimmy Kimmel’s Odd New Mailman Bit at the Emmys Comments (Count)
Chicago postal workers attend rally to demand something be done about violent crime plaguing the city Comments (Count)
USPS settles lawsuit with Colorado’s secretary of state, agrees to destroy misleading voter post card Comments (Count)


Postal Service backs off threats to stop mail delivery in Wakulla County ahead of election (PDF) Comments (Count)
A place in history at the Wilkes-Barre Post Office Comments (Count)
If the U.S. Post Office has an ally, it’s Duel2 and play-by-mail games Comments (Count)
Asbury Park Postal Carrier Hero Comments (Count)
Brewster woman offers delivery drivers, postal workers snacks during difficult times Comments (Count)
USPS letter carrier retires after 36 years of service Comments (Count)


EBay activates plan to shift more business to UPS and away from USPS because of mail delays Comments (Count)
AP source: Envelope addressed to White House contained Ricin Comments (Count)
Amazon launches retail store at The Woodlands Mall Comments (Count)
It’s Time to Make Postal Workers Heroes Again Comments (Count)
FedEx, USPS to hire over a thousand team members in L.A. area Comments (Count)
Gillibrand, Sanders reintroduce Postal Banking Act to fund U.S. Postal Service Comments (Count)
USPS agrees to scrap confusing election mailers in Colorado Comments (Count)


ProPublica: Poorly Protected Postal Workers Are Catching COVID-19 by the Thousands. It’s One More Threat to Voting by Mail Comments (Count)
Feds: New Jersey Crew Used Postal Workers, High School Students to Steal, Forge COVID-19 Checks Comments (Count)
Chicago Postal Workers May Stop Delivering Mail in Some Communities If They Don’t Feel Safe Comments (Count)
Vigil held in Chicago for shot postal worker, another shot at with paintballs on following day Comments (Count)
Update: Federal judge issues historic decision to temporarily block USPS policy changes nationwide | READ Judge’s Ruling Comments (Count)


Yahoo: Why are USPS Mail Trucks Bursting Into Flames Spontaneously? Comments (Count)
Amazon plans to put 1,000 warehouses in suburban neighborhoods Comments (Count)
USPS currently has the most cash on hand in its history, approximately $15 billion Comments (Count)


National postal mail handlers union endorses Biden Comments (Count)
USPS changes led to 85 million late deliveries in a single week, Senate Democrat’s investigation finds Comments (Count)
Q&A: Spokane postmaster and union president respond to concerns about USPS Comments (Count)
Houston Democrats to USPS Leaders: Why are dozens of post offices rejecting voter materials? Comments (Count)
‘You’re inviting crime’ | Union leaders say new USPS policy puts letter carriers in danger Comments (Count)
Linn’s: USPS defends voting by mail mailing that cost $28 million Comments (Count)
USPS supplier change results in clearer sprayed-on postmark Comments (Count)
CNN: DeJoy hired four people from his businesses to work at USPS Comments (Count)
QAnon is coopting a USPS phishing scam Comments (Count)


C-SPAN: House Oversight Subcommittee Hearing on the USPS Comments (Count)
LA Times: More than half of letters delayed amid USPS crisis, survey finds Comments (Count)
USPS employee shot in Virginia, second postal service worker attacked in less than a week Comments (Count)
Trump administration has not paid USPS for COVID-19 postcards Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Independent Report to OPM – Employee Benefits, Withholdings, Contributions, Supplemental Semiannual Headcount Reporting Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: In Times of Crisis, the Postal Service Delivers for the American Public Comments (Count)
The Seven-Percent Solution: The Not-So-Secret Plan to Downsize the Postal Service Comments (Count)
Amazon workforce to hit one million after pandemic hiring spree Comments (Count)
Postal Service Closes Offices on West Coast Amid Fires Comments (Count)
Postal police union sues USPS, DeJoy over limits to mail theft enforcement authority Comments (Count)
NYT: Is the Mail Getting Slower? We’re Tracking It Comments (Count)
USPS: ‘We believe the court acted prematurely’ on halting voting mailing Comments (Count)
Mail-Sorting Machines Are Crucial for the U.S. Postal Service Comments (Count)


VIDEO: New USPS TV Ad Comments (Count)
Friends, strangers rally to help postal worker who had stroke | GoFundMe Page Comments (Count)
Campbell man claims area postal workers fudging records to hide deteriorating service Comments (Count)
Colorado secretary of state sues USPS over election mailers she says misleads state’s voters | USPS accused of sending voters’ postcards with misinformation | Federal judge blocks USPS from mailing | Washington election officials scrambling | Nevada official warns Comments (Count)


Postal carrier argues policy forbidding Trump face mask Comments (Count)
Chicago letter carriers ‘terrified’ by violence, union says Comments (Count)
Fire evacuees will have mail redirected Comments (Count)


NRLCA Declines to Endorse Presidential Candidate Comments (Count)
In court, USPS blames mail delays on ‘poor judgment’ by local supervisors Comments (Count)
‘Like somebody turned off a switch’: Small businesses say USPS delays are hitting them hard Comments (Count)
Walmart+ is taking on Amazon Prime Comments (Count)
Fire closes Angelus Oaks post office Comments (Count)
Lawmakers tour Virginia Postal Service center Comments (Count)
Congressman addresses USPS concerns during visit to Buffalo mail processing facility Comments (Count)


VIDEO: PMG DeJoy, 4 Postal Union Presidents Join Up for Election Mail Task Force Comments (Count)
Malden post office destroyed by wildfire | Entire town mostly destroyed Comments (Count)
USPS worker shot multiple times in Chicago, 24-year-old woman in critical condition | $50K Reward Comments (Count)
Senate fails to pass bill that would have provided $10B to Postal Service Comments (Count)
Problems mount over next generation USPS delivery trucks Comments (Count)
DeJoy to Tap Republican Lobbyist to Quell Mounting Scrutiny Comments (Count)
Delayed mail angers residents at retirement community; carrier denied entry after declining COVID screening Comments (Count)
USPS orders murals in 16 post offices to be covered Comments (Count)
Postal Board of governors back DeJoy, say they are “thrilled” with his performance Comments (Count)


CNN: USPS removed 711 sorting machines this year, new court documents show Comments (Count)
Senate Democrats: Prescription deliveries significantly delayed by Postal Service Comments (Count)
Remembering Rick Longoria: Member of the USPS in Corpus Christi Dies From Coronavirus Comments (Count)
NYT: Democrats Fear Partisan Slant at Postal Service as Trump Allies Dominate Most of Board Comments (Count)
HISTORY: How the US Post Office Has Delivered the Mail Through the Decades Comments (Count)
PHOTO: Tiny Rural Carrier Mail Delivery Vehicle Comments (Count)


Amazon’s Plan to Bypass the USPS, by the Numbers Comments (Count)
Postal workers rally in support of the USPS on Labor Day Comments (Count)
USPS looking to fill positions in Tennessee Comments (Count)
As USPS delivery issues continue, morale among postal workers is down Comments (Count)


Kenosha Post Office to Reopen Tuesday Comments (Count)
Brazilian postal workers wage bitter strike against wage cuts, privatization Comments (Count)
“Now,” says AOC: House Democrats Subpoena USPS’ Louis DeJoy Comments (Count)


Shoe leather and the dignity of work Comments (Count)
Mail delays cause increasing concern as packages pile up at William Street facility Comments (Count)
Chris Smith: A big last day for a ‘first class’ Santa Rosa mail carrier Comments (Count)


Iowa post offices shipping more packages Comments (Count)
Late mail leaves Rural America disconnected Comments (Count)
Postal Service hiring part-time, entry-level carriers in Memphis Comments (Count)
Senator Warner tours Henrico post office amidst delays, complaints Comments (Count)
The 2020 USPS Holiday Stamps are Here! Comments (Count)


USPS overtime up 35% since 2014 Comments (Count)
Surveillance video shows bags of mail being dumped in Glendale spa parking lot Comments (Count)
Post Office confessional: ‘Our packages are up over 51% and we have half the workforce, do the math!’ Comments (Count)
One family has delivered the mail by boat for 115 years. Is this the last? Comments (Count)
Congresswoman denied access to USPS processing facility amid mail delivery concerns Comments (Count)
USPS officials worry ‘supply chain’ issues could impact mail ballots Comments (Count)
USPS selling old sorting equipment online Comments (Count)


NALC: Annual Leave Carryover Amount Increased to 520 Hours for 2021  |  NPMHU Comments (Count)
Postal Retirement Q&A September-October 2020 by Roseanne Jefferson (say a prayer for Roseanne) Comments (Count)
Pandemic takes toll on USPS; workers continue to bear the brunt Comments (Count)
Olde Town East residents wonder why post office remains closed Comments (Count)
Rise of Amazon orders keep postal workers busy Comments (Count)
Houston lawmakers criticize changes at North Houston postal facility ahead of election Comments (Count)
Survey reveals USPS service issues with two key parcel products Comments (Count)
USPS says performance is rebounding Comments (Count)


Postal IG Charts Increase in Overtime at USPS Comments (Count)
Dead Birds, Missing Drugs, and Lost Human Remains: USPS Workers Blame a ‘Manufactured Crisis’ Comments (Count)
USPS responds to concerns about Sioux City post office not answering phones Comments (Count)
Mail From My Mom in a Pandemic, an Ode to the USPS Comments (Count)
Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Pandemic Comments (Count)
USPS to give weekly on-time mail delivery data to oversight committees Comments (Count)


USPS Officials Order Historic Murals Covered in 12 States; Considering Removal Comments (Count)
NALC: National-Level Grievance Over Expedited Street/Afternoon Sortation (ESAS) Settled Comments (Count)
Red Bank Rallies for Postal Service Comments (Count)
Postal carrier pickets Oakland office claiming he’s not paid for package deliveries Comments (Count)
Rural carrier honored for saving fall victim Comments (Count)
New filing shows USPS board chairman is also director of Mitch McConnell super PAC Comments (Count)
USPS reports service performance has improved across all major mail performance categories Comments (Count)
Amazon wins FAA approval for Prime Air drone delivery fleet Comments (Count)
Postal worker retires after 36 years of delivering to Ashburn Comments (Count)
Jillian Hensley: A USPS Savior Comments (Count)