Photo: Maunaloa, Hawaii Post Office 96770, by Jimmy Emerson, some rights reserved. Photo shared under the Creative Commons License.

Daily Report

APWU: Congressional Budget Office Reports a Positive Financial Impact of Proposed Postal Reform Bill
The CBO estimates that H.R. 756 would result in a savings of $6.2 billion over the next ten years. The bill, which is supported by the APWU, is now off to two House of Representatives’ committees. Read more at APWU

NPMHU Challenging Function 1 Scheduler Numbers
The NPMHU has contacted USPS HQ to discuss “the deluge of bid revisions and abolishments that are being implemented across the country as a result of the Function 1 Scheduler.” The union accuses the USPS of extreme overreaction to the staffing tool’s recommendations on staffing. Read more at NPMHU


Henry David Thoreau Forever Stamp Ceremony


Delivering mail

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Adams Ave post office on FP4 from the Yashica-A

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