It’s something we’ve frequently suggested over the years here at, that the U.S. Postal Service should do more to hire more military veterans. In our opinion, many military veterans are physically fit, have already gone through a rigorous selection and training process, are used to working outdoors and/or in challenging situations, and are familiar with working in a highly regimented environment. Over the years military veterans have served the Postal Service well. Today, the USPS is the second largest employer of military veterans.

In the last couple of years the USPS has struggled to recruit and retain qualified employees, especially in regards to City Carrier Assistants (CCAs). There has been an extremely high turnover rate with CCAs as many could not handle the physical or mental aspects of the job. Many of these CCAs were not military veterans.

Now it appears the USPS is getting serious about hiring military veterans. The USPS has launched a quarterly newsletter (Mail Call) for military veterans. The first issue lists a number of events the USPS recruitment team has attended, or will be attending in the future (list below). The newsletter also contains profiles of military veterans working for the Postal Service. If you know of a military servicemember who will soon be leaving the service please let them know about the U.S. Postal Service.