Marty Book

The Coronavirus

A poem by Martin Blumberg

Something bad has changed the world
It’s getting worse each day
It’s called  the Coronavirus,
it just won’t
go away:

The world was not prepared for this
It’s killing young and old
Doctor’s are testing many antibodies
Hopefully we’ll get a vaccine, this I was told

Our goal is that vaccine will be throughly tested
And our scientists cannot be vague . We must stop the spreading of this horrific plague

The way we lived in the past
May never be the same
Nobody imagined this could happen
Nobody can explain

Mitigation is what we practice, until a cure is
found.  Testing is important to stop spreading it
around.  We practice social distancing and make sure we’re
six feet apart, hoping to open up businesses and get economies to restart.

We constantly wash our hands,  doesn’t it seem weird watching a sports event with no one in the stands?

They tell us to quarantine and stay in your home, the way we communicate is mostly on the phone. We must get our economy back to normalcy like it was in the past,  we’re  all hoping this COVID- 19 will stop and not last.

Many are separated from  loved ones which makes one very sad,  and closing of schools is not good, but bad.

I feel sorry for us seniors that have witnessed the  loss of hugs and kisses.  Second best is seeing our grandchildren on video which is really not the same. We feel this in our hearts but there are no words to explain.

We must not forget the letter carriers that still deliver the mail on time. I am  much happier reading a letter then seeing it on line.

But fear has not gripped us and goodness will prevail. We are all in this together to guide us down the right trail. With God in control we’ll triumph like before  and  we’ll be guided  to open each and every door.

This epidemic will end because a cure is near and when the message is released you’ll hear the loudest cheer.