Promaster Key Fob

Letter carriers are reporting issues with the USPS Promaster key fob. The stainless steel key shaft can become detached from the cheap plastic fob housing, rendering the key useless.  The key fob only works if the shaft is attached to the fob. Repetitive use of the key loosens the attachment point of the shaft to the fob. The Promaster vehicles did come with replacement keys, however (in at least the Dallas/Ft. Worth area) the replacement keys did not accompany the vehicles to the duty stations. The rationale from management was that if carriers knew there was a backup key they wouldn’t be so careful to not lose the original key. As a result, when the fob breaks, there is no backup key. Moreover, if the key shaft falls out of the fob and is missing, the solution requires the ignition to be rekeyed out of concerns someone could find the shaft, attach it to another fob, program it, find the vehicle the key is for, and use it to break into the vehicle (highly unlikely scenario). This can result in the vehicle being out of service, and unavailable for delivery duties, for several days. How about just having the replacement keys stored where the vehicle is stationed!?