Postal News Archives December 2018

APWU and USPS at Impasse on Contract

12.24.2018 – APWU reports: “The Rank and File Bargaining Advisory Committee had some serious concerns with the tentative agreement and sent it back to the APWU National leadership to reopen negotiations with management and attempt to address their concerns. We did just that in two meetings on Wednesday December 19, 2018 and follow up discussions on Thursday December 20th. However, we were unable to reach any changes or new agreements with the Postal Service. The APWU and USPS are now at “impasse.” – Comments (Count)

Trump Administration Proposes Major Overhaul of USPS

12.04.2018 – Washington Examiner reports: “The Treasury Department issued a report Tuesday calling the U.S. Postal Service “unsustainable” financially and calling for extensive changes to its operations. The recommendations include eliminating certain delivery services, allowing the Postal Service to set prices without Congress’ consent, and eliminating collective bargaining over wages for USPS employees. The report suggests privatizing the USPS as a possible solution.” – Seeks to Remove USPS Compensation From Collective Bargaining Could Inflame Tensions With Amazon Postal Task Force Report NALC Statement APWUTreasury Dept. Paid The MITRE Corporation $1.6 Million to Write Report? Comments (Count)


Karen Rhodes concludes 32 years at Postal Service with fond memories  |  Striding into retirement, Beth Eilert hangs up her mailbag Comments (Count)
Postal Inspector Sends Warning Letter to Hemp Seller Comments (Count)
Rural carrier delivers mail in Scooby Doo ‘Mystery Machine’ Comments (Count)
Many USPS workers had brushes with fame this year Comments (Count)
Break-in, vandalism closes post office in Bridal Veil Comments (Count)
Rio Rancho post office bursting at the seams due to lack of staffing Comments (Count)


Stamp Price Increase January 2019 Comments (Count)
Trump issues executive order freezing federal pay in 2019 Comments (Count)
Embracing the cold weather, so you can get your mail Comments (Count)


PHOTO: PMG Breenan and USPS Employees Ring the Closing Bell at NASDAQ Comments (Count)
‘Tis the Season to Renew and Expand the Postal Service Comments (Count)
Chicago: Postal worker with suspended license charged with DUI after crashing mail truck Comments (Count)


Mail carrier killed in wreck remembered for friendly presence Comments (Count)
Szafranski retires after 40 years with the Postal Service Comments (Count)
Royal Mail uses photo from Dutch New Guinea for botched D-Day Stamp Comments (Count)
Lake Tahoe postal worker grateful for support after car crash Comments (Count)
US Mail carrier retires after nearly 50 years of service in Flint Comments (Count)
This USPS veteran wants you to stop mailing lava rocks Comments (Count)


PHOTO: APCs full of mail fall from postal truck Comments (Count)
Chicago: 2 shot by suspect dressed as a postal worker Comments (Count)
Mailman saves man’s life by performing CPR while delivering Christmas packages Comments (Count)
Mailman dies after being hit and ejected from mail truck Comments (Count)
The Baton Rouge postal service problem Comments (Count)
Vehicle crashes into Chauncey Post Office Comments (Count)
Postmaster Richard Kerschbaum open house and retirement celebration Comments (Count)


Amazon serves up 1 billion items through Prime over holidays Comments (Count)
Woman arrested on drug charges had hundreds of packages Comments (Count)


A lot of packages: Along the route of a USPS mail carrier on Christmas Eve Comments (Count)
Postal worker blames dyslexia for failed field sobriety test Comments (Count)
Caught on video: Postal worker crashes into parked car and sign, speeds off Comments (Count)
USPS worker happy to work on Christmas Eve, Wichitans grateful Comments (Count)
USPS mailman takes shortcut through Florida woman’s lawn Comments (Count)
Postal worker praised for saving kitten Comments (Count)


NALC Branch 725 President’s Report Comments (Count)
Getting millions of packages delivered before Christmas Comments (Count)
Florida woman robs postal worker with a plastic gun Comments (Count)


FedEx workers caught looting packages at Texas hub had 94 phones, cops say Comments (Count)
As Christmas nears, Lincoln’s mail carriers adjust to additional shipments Comments (Count)
USPS Adjusts Priority Mail Express Refund Policy Comments (Count)
Postal workers busy as package deliveries skyrocket Comments (Count)
San Diego USPS Inspectors on Lookout for Drugs Mailed in Packages Comments (Count)


Union claims Rio Rancho post office is overwhelmed Comments (Count)
Caught on cam: Postal worker fails field sobriety test Comments (Count)
Ann Arbor Postal Worker Celebrates 50 Years on the Job Comments (Count)
Cumberland man says postal worker left less-than-special delivery Comments (Count)
Postal Service Prayer: Deliver Us From Fiscal Doom Comments (Count)


Amazon Is Growing Its Air Fleet Again Comments (Count)
Festive postal carrier spreads cheer Comments (Count)
Post office returns package 364 days after it was mailed Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Fiscal Year 2018 Officers Travel and Representation Expenses Comments (Count)
Why Political Mailings Are Booming Comments (Count)
Rural carrier throws punch over blocked mailbox, gets punched in the face and dies Comments (Count)


Another Postal Truck Burns Comments (Count)
USPS Allegedly Canceled Personalized Stamps For Being Too Religious Comments (Count)
Some postal workers say they falsify deliveries to make quotas, USPS disputes claims Comments (Count)
Tallahassee residents outraged over poor mail delivery Comments (Count)
USPS mail carriers working overtime to deliver packages Comments (Count)
Hectic holidays pack punch at post office Comments (Count)
Portland woman says USPS not delivering to community mailbox Comments (Count)


Deliver Me Not: ‘Helpful’ postal workers toss junk mail in Ferguson dumpster Comments (Count)
Jackson ex-postmaster arrested for trespass … at the post office Comments (Count)
Federal Employees Get Christmas Eve Off (Post Office Remains Open) Comments (Count)
USPS mail truck overturns after crash with fire truck Comments (Count)
Woman says postal workers have been dumping mail into apartment dumpster Comments (Count)
SF: USPS Facility Processes 300K Packages a Day as Christmas Nears Comments (Count)
Family hit by drunk postal worker grateful crash wasn’t worse Comments (Count)


Longtime postal employee keeps lines moving and spirits up Comments (Count)
The Postal Worker’s Christmas Comments (Count)
UPS dubbed ‘grinch’ after promising to shred letters to Santa Comments (Count)
Northland couple disappointed after catching mailman tossing package onto porch Comments (Count)
USPS Christmas Package Delivery Expected to Jump 20 Million Over Last Year Comments (Count)
New Mexico: Postal worker arrested for DWI while delivering packages Comments (Count)
Yelp ranks post offices in Portland Comments (Count)
Busiest week of the holiday season is here Comments (Count)


Postal worker charged with firing shots at Federal Reserve Bank to enter guilty plea Comments (Count)
Postal workers dashing through packages to deliver Christmas Comments (Count)
USPS: Busiest week of the year Comments (Count)


Amazon is building an air hub in Texas Comments (Count)
Post office ‘holiday’ sign was a mystery to customers Comments (Count)
Postal carrier bitten on face by dog Comments (Count)
Longtime Perry postmaster to step down Comments (Count)


Line has reached epic lengths at Jackson Hole post office Comments (Count)
Cremated remains of three people stolen from outside post office Comments (Count)
Crooks using USPS Informed Delivery to help steal mail, identities Comments (Count)


Grinch steals two pallets of Amazon packages from post office Comments (Count)
Postal Service working extra hours during busiest delivery time of the year Comments (Count)
New Telluride postmaster settles in, rankles some customers for enforcing regulations Comments (Count)
USPS distribution facility in Nashua stays busy during holiday season Comments (Count)
Postal inspectors looking for four robbers who struck post office Comments (Count)


Postal Service carriers shoulder holiday package influx Comments (Count)
Retired postal workers sending each other the same Christmas card for over 40 years Comments (Count)
UPS CEO Wants Mailbox Access Comments (Count)
Four suspected thieves arrested in Yakima during USPS sting operation Comments (Count)
ANOTHER: Postal Truck Burns in Houston Comments (Count)


Postal Service in Greensboro resumes operations after historic storm Comments (Count)
Mail carriers in Baton Rouge fired for dumping mail in trash Comments (Count)
Post office in Wheeling experiencing triple the packages from a year ago Comments (Count)
New mailbox proposal would take a big bite out of your direct marketing budget Comments (Count)
USPS working hard to make sure your packages arrive on time Comments (Count)
More Wendell residents complain that post office won’t deliver packages Comments (Count)


Woman charged with slashing postal worker Comments (Count)
It’s getting heavy at USPS, and that may not be good Comments (Count)
Proposal would let Postal Service sell access to your mailbox Comments (Count)
Behind the scenes of Christmas packaging in the Lehigh Valley Comments (Count)
NALC Election Committee Denies Appeal of David Noble Comments (Count)
Mail truck crashes into garage after driver suffers medical issue Comments (Count)
USPS Finally Delivers Mail to Bedridden Queens Man Comments (Count)


Some fear holidays will exacerbate postal problems Comments (Count)


Armed Robbery at the Richmond Heights Post Office Comments (Count)
When will the delay to reform the Postal Service finally end? Comments (Count)
APWU Will Make Announcement on Dec. 21st Regarding Collective Bargaining Agreement Comments (Count)
Nobody wants to bank at the post office, not even postal credit unions Comments (Count)
Mustang residents upset about mailboxes being left open Comments (Count)


Is the postal privatization proposal dead? Comments (Count)
Pet owner claims mailman maced dogs without cause Comments (Count)
Manhattan Post Office Not Accepting Packages Due to “Elevator Inoperable” Comments (Count)
Car crashes into Cottleville Post Office Comments (Count)
Peekskill postal worker arraigned for stealing stamps, selling them online Comments (Count)
Golden Gate Estates residents start petition due to mail delivery issues Comments (Count)
Video shows hit-and-run postal delivery Comments (Count)
USPS truck hits man head-on in motorized wheelchair, killing him Comments (Count)


Police searching for man who stole handbag from USPS truck Comments (Count)
USPS Workers Are Overpaid and Should Lose Collective Bargaining Rights, Trump Panel Says Comments (Count)
President Trump: Amazon Should Run the Postal Service Comments (Count)
Portland postal employee charged with 11 counts of mail theft Comments (Count)
Salt Lake City: Postal workers claim managers force them to falsify package deliveries Comments (Count)
Wednesday might be a national day of mourning, but you’ll still get that Amazon package Comments (Count)


Postal worker discovers 2 dead outside of home Comments (Count)
Postal worker who picked up shift to make extra money for the holidays killed in crash Comments (Count)
Residents say mail hasn’t been delivered in months Comments (Count)
Man arrested after assaulting letter carrier Comments (Count)


Postal worker discovers 2 dead outside of home Comments (Count)
Postal worker who picked up shift to make extra money for the holidays killed in crash Comments (Count)
Residents say mail hasn’t been delivered in months Comments (Count)
Man arrested after assaulting letter carrier Comments (Count)


Congressman demands answers about Church Hill mail issues Comments (Count)
Postal Worker Dies After Being Struck By Vehicle at Back of Truck Sorting Mail Comments (Count)
Honoring President Bush: Delivery, Retail Services Suspended Dec. 5th  |  NALC  |  APWU  |  CNN: Postal Service to Suspend Most Deliveries, Close Offices Comments (Count)


Postal worker’s retirement sealed with a kiss from his fans Comments (Count)
Florida: Abandoned mail found in rural area Comments (Count)
USPS and NRLCA Sign MOU Allowing Sunday Work for Regular Carriers During Peak Season Comments (Count)


Israel’s postal service to open postal infrastructure to tech startups for modernization initiative Comments (Count)
Man jumps counter, attacks postal workers Comments (Count)
Mail service resumes in Anchorage Comments (Count)
2007: Rare event when USPS closed for THREE days in a row; Sunday, New Year’s Day, Ford National Day of Mourning  |  Federal Agencies to Close Wednesday Comments (Count)
USPS Board of Governors Appoint Inspector General (PDF) Comments (Count)


Former President George H.W. Bush Dies at Age 94  |  2007: National Day of Mourning for President Ford  |  Wednesday, Dec. 5th National Day of Mourning Comments (Count)
USPS OIG Fall 2018 Semiannual Report to Congress Comments (Count)
How Cyber Monday Has Affected the Casper Post Office Comments (Count)
84-year-old man crashes into post office Comments (Count)
Owner facing 30 years for pointing gun at mailman who sprayed charging dog Comments (Count)