Postal News Archives May 2022


Mail dumped in trash can by postal carrier Comments (Count)
Postmaster General DeJoy Delivers National Postal Forum Keynote Address Comments (Count)
Too many potholes cause USPS to stop deliveries on northern Maine road Comments (Count)
Baltimore: Neighbors believe their mail is being stolen from USPS mailboxes Comments (Count)
USPS trucking contractor Matheson files for bankruptcy Comments (Count)


Now you can order a third round of free COVID test kits from USPS Comments (Count)
Truck Crashes Into Clearfield Co. Post Office Comments (Count)
USPS Introduces Parcel Volume Pricing Comments (Count)
Pascrell Calls on New Postal Board Members to Finally Fire DeJoy Comments (Count)
Survey Indicates USPS May Be Prioritizing Amazon Packages | USPS Accused of Illegally Prioritizing Priority Packages Comments (Count)


Newark postal workers participate in annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive | Mississippi | Spokane | Sioux City Comments (Count)
Mail truck? Why not mail bike? Comments (Count)
These Essential Workers Kept Los Angeles Running During the Pandemic Comments (Count)


Postal Board’s Governors Now Mostly Biden’s Picks Following Confirmations Comments (Count)
A Vehicle Fleet Built in South Bend Once Delivered All Your Mail Comments (Count)
Postal Service’s Stamp Out Hunger food drive returns; place bags of food on your porch Saturday Comments (Count)


USPS Set to Get Even More Expensive for eCommerce Sellers Comments (Count)
With Biden’s USPS picks confirmed, what’s next for DeJoy Comments (Count)
Staffing shortages lead to new round of mail delays in southern Maine Comments (Count)
Postal food drive returns Saturday, May 14 Comments (Count)
Postal workers go into debt when managers claim they were overpaid Comments (Count)
PMG DeJoy declares USPS rate increases will continue Comments (Count)
Elaborate mail theft ring hits neighborhoods all over Houston area Comments (Count)


Las Vegas postal carrier robbed in Spring Valley Comments (Count)
Cars blocking mailboxes slow mail delivery in Sylvan Park Comments (Count)
How Amazon Could Speed Up By Dumping USPS Comments (Count)
Rolando: Winning the Legislative Long Game Comments (Count)
Royal Mail reveals plans for 50 new postal drone routes Comments (Count)
USPS Cubic Pricing a Benefit for Heavier Items Comments (Count)


Postal manager gets warning after 5 employees complained about sexual harassment Comments (Count)
GovExec Podcast: Are the New Postal Vehicles Coming Soon? Comments (Count)
Democrats advance bill that would require USPS to conduct environmental impact study on new fleet Comments (Count)
How a retired postal worker helped bring down a Tampa mob illegal lottery Comments (Count)
Columbus family upset after mail carrier reportedly sprayed dogs Comments (Count)
While USPS reports no issues, some Cincinnati residents say they’re waiting weeks for mail Comments (Count)


Chicago: Mail Carrier Robbed at Gunpoint in Hinsdale Comments (Count)
NALC and USPS have agreed to an alternate route evaluation and adjustment process Comments (Count)
Oversight Committee to Consider Bills to Help Electrify the Postal Service Fleet Comments (Count)
Could the USPS Become the Nation’s Largest Abortion Provider? Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: Trends to Follow Comments (Count)
Former NJ USPS mail carrier pleads guilty to unemployment insurance scam Comments (Count)


House Dems to Force a Vote on Pausing USPS’ Vehicle Contract Comments (Count)
Amazon is recruiting rural mom-and-pop stores to deliver packages Comments (Count)
200,000 USPS packages, secret trap doors and live bees Comments (Count)
Officials say a former Marblehead postal worker stole $18K in USPS funds Comments (Count)
Researchers say more than 1,500 stolen checks reported per week, part of dark web mail scheme Comments (Count)


USPS OIG: Retail Systems Continuity of Operations Comments (Count)
Six-Day Delivery Pointless if Mailers Can’t Afford It Comments (Count)
USPS: April Best Month For Mail Delivery to Date in FY2022 Comments (Count)


Pittsburgh: Mail carrier grazed by bullet Comments (Count)
A New Gas-Guzzling Postal Fleet Could Be Halted By Lawsuits Comments (Count)
High school students ordered thousands of free USPS boxes for prank Comments (Count)


Missouri trucking company files for bankruptcy after USPS cuts back mail-hauling contracts Comments (Count)
USPS is promising more severe price hikes even as revenues grow by nearly $1B Comments (Count)
Why are Americans still ignoring our junk mail? Comments (Count)
Avondale Goodyear postmaster installed during ceremony Comments (Count)
USPS parcel volumes fell in Q2 Comments (Count)


Postmaster General: Get used to uncomfortable rate hikes Comments (Count)
Postal Service engineer in Metro Detroit pleads guilty to accepting illegal gratuities Comments (Count)
Update: GoFundMe set up for ‘miracle child’ hit and killed by USPS mail truck Comments (Count)
Criminals robbing USPS carriers for keys used to unlock blue mailboxes Comments (Count)


Houston: Suspects arrested with stolen mail and master key after traffic stop Comments (Count)
Postal Service rolls out e-commerce-focused shipping service Comments (Count)
Jeanne Jackson serves as first female postmaster Comments (Count)
Ohio bill would eliminate late fees due to USPS delays Comments (Count)
Woman plows vehicle through front of post office Comments (Count)
Station manager, Henrietta postal worker charged in drug operation Comments (Count)


USPS Reveals More Stamps for 2022: Charlie Brown, Webb Telescope, more… Comments (Count)
5-year-old hit, killed by USPS vehicle in Sandy Comments (Count)
USPS OIG: An App For Managing Overtime Comments (Count)
Video shows postal worker tossing package across lawn Comments (Count)
New supervisor excels in positive environment Comments (Count)


A difficult road to justice after unlicensed driver hits postal worker Comments (Count)
Latta renews push for mail processing in Toledo Comments (Count)
USPS Shorted Tennessee Employees on Overtime Pay, New Suit Says Comments (Count)
Olpe Post Office Closing Next Week Comments (Count)
Small Biz Owner: USPS Shipping Hikes Are Killing Sales Comments (Count)


Sweden is using VR headsets to train its postal service employees Comments (Count)
UK: Postal workers threaten to strike after Royal Mail tried to make them work on Sundays Comments (Count)
Kearney postal workers prepare for food drive Comments (Count)
Postal employees go RED for co-worker deployed overseas Comments (Count)