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Postal reforms receive stamp of approval from House committee
7.13.2016 - Federal News Radio reports: "The Postal Service Reform Act of 2016 would ease the ailing agency's financial burdens by addressing its unfunded liabilities, which the GAO estimated to be $78.9 billion at the end of 2015. It would encourage flexibility and innovation in products and delivery methods, keeping prices affordable while hopefully cutting costs and boosting revenue." APWU: Postal Reform Bill Needs Work - NALC Statement - Comments (Count)
APWU: We Have a New Contract!
7.11.2016 - APWU reports: "The new contract provides protections against layoffs for all career employees (who were on the rolls as of July 8), puts limits on more subcontracting, and converts many noncareer employees in maintenance and motor vehicle crafts to career status. Employees will have to pay higher health insurance premiums, and career employees will receive a 3.8 percent wage increase over the life of the contract." - New 40-Month Contract Gives Employees 3.8 Per Cent Raise - USPS-APWU Arbitration Decision Puts Moratorium on Plant Consolidations and Outsourcing Retail - Comments (Count)
House Republicans Block Effort to Deliver Mail Faster and Keep USPS Facilities Open
7.08.2016 - GovExec reports: "The House late Wednesday blocked a measure to require the U.S. Postal Service to revert back to the delivery standards it maintained before 2012, which the mailing agency said would have cost it $1.5 billion annually. A committee had unanimously approved an amendment to a spending bill last month to require the Postal Service to deliver mail more quickly, but Rep. Jason Chaffetz used a legislative tactic known as a "point of order" to block the measure." - Linn's: House Rejects Effort - Comments (Count)
Stakeholders Voice Concerns Over Latest Postal Reform Efforts
6.29.2016 - GovExec reports: "The reaction to the proposal, however, does not instill as much confidence. Stakeholders across the mailing industry have weighed in, with many either voicing either pointed criticisms or refraining from announcing any support. The Postal Service itself has declined to endorse the bill, saying only it is still reviewing the draft." - Congress Tries Again - Taxpayer and Consumer Groups Voice Skepticism - Comments (Count)
Bipartisan House Leaders Introduce New Proposal to Overhaul Postal Service
6.16.2016 - GovExec reports: "Both the Senate and now the House bill avoided a previously contentious issue of reducing mail delivery to five days each week. At a press conference on Wednesday, Chaffetz said he had "come miles" on the issue, noting the mailing economy is moving toward seven-day delivery and USPS should not be disadvantaged. Postmaster General Megan Brennan has dropped the call for five-day mail delivery from the agency's list of demands for postal reform." - At least one provision that NALC simply cannot support - APWU Statement - House Bill Would Make Postmaster General a Presidential Appointee - Time to Push the Envelope for Postal Reform - Comments (Count)

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