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USPS Reports Fiscal Year 2018 Results
11.15.2018 - USPS reports: "The USPS reported operating revenue of $70.6 billion for fiscal year 2018, an increase of $1.0 billion compared to the prior year. The higher revenues were driven largely by continued growth in the Shipping and Packages business, where revenue increased $2.0 billion, or 10.1 percent, which more than offset revenue declines in First-Class and Marketing Mail as a result of declining volumes in that segment of its business." - $3.9 Billion Loss - 'We are not financially strong' - Comments (Count)
Injured on the job, then fired: Postal workers allege mistreatment by USPS
11.09.2018 - The Guardian reports: "The Guardian spoke to several former and current USPS workers, classified as non-career employees, who were fired or said they were mistreated after suffering on-the-job injuries. These temporary workers say they are uniquely vulnerable to mistreatment at a federal agency with one of the highest rates of workplace injury in the United States." - Comments (Count)
Mail Truck Fires Persist in Aging Fleet Tagged for Replacement
11.07.2018 - reports: "Several hundred mail trucks burst into flames, burning beyond repair, in the past five years, according to a review of U.S. Postal Service documents and public news reports. At least six fires occurred in September and October, and 15 have been reported so far this year." - Comments (Count)
Amazon is launching new delivery program and hiring thousands of drivers
11.05.2018 - Business Insider reports: "For the first time, the company is planning to hire and manage thousands of full-time drivers to transport packages to customers from Amazon delivery outposts across the US, the company confirmed to Business Insider on Monday. Amazon will manage these drivers directly, meaning the company will set their wages, provide them delivery vehicles, and schedule their routes." - Comments (Count)
USPS Realizes Just 1/20th of Projected Savings From Network Realignment
10.18.2018 - GovExec reports: "Postal management told its regulatory body it would save $1.6 billion in fiscal years 2016 and 2017 by eliminating overnight delivery of regular, first-class mail and pushing back some of its two-day delivery to a three-day window, but the mailing agency's inspector general found it did not even come close to reaching that estimate. USPS instead saw about $90 million in savings, about one-twentieth of its estimate." - USPS OIG Report - Comments (Count)
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