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Issa Embraces White House Plan for Postal Reform
4.08.2014 - Federal News Radio reports: "Chairman Darrell Issa told members of the committee and the deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget during a hearing Tuesday that he intends to "embrace to the greatest extent possible" the entire slate of legislative proposals for overhauling the Postal Service included in the President's budget request." - Why Republicans Love Obama's Post Office Plan - Republicans, White House Finally Agree on Something: Postal Reform - Rolando: Postal Service Needs Real Reform - Comments (Count)

House GOP Budget Would Cut Compensation for Postal Workers
4.02.2014 - GovExec reports: "The House Republican budget considered in committee Wednesday would require U.S. Postal Service employees to pay more for health care, using that reform and others to save $19 billion over 10 years. Rep. Paul Ryan, targeted USPS employees in his budget blueprint as part of a larger effort to find cuts through the federal workforce." - Comments (Count)
Postal Service releases its February financials: First impressions of the rate increase?
3.24.2014 - Save the Post Office reports: "While it is way too soon to say how mailers will ultimately respond to the rate increase, it looks as though higher rates are not driving away vast amounts of mail, and overall, the Postal Service looks to be doing okay for fiscal year 2014." - Comments (Count)
Postal Service to Reduce Workforce by 10,000
3.17.2014 - Federal Times reports: "The Postal Service plans to shrink its workforce by 10,000 positions in fiscal 2015, according to Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe. The reductions will be entirely through attrition -- there will be no buy-outs or reductions in force -- Donahoe said at a media roundtable at the annual National Postal Forum. "We have been good planners and we use overtime and other things to work our way through that," he said." - Comments (Count)
USPS Should Keep Funding Future Health Care Costs, Republicans Say
3.14.2014 - Government Executive reports: "Republican lawmakers voiced support for continued prefunding of U.S. Postal Service retirees' health benefits at a congressional hearing Thursday, calling the payments necessary to avoid workers losing promised benefits or the costs being deferred to taxpayers." - Postal Service might send retirees to Medicare - Statement of Chief Human Resources Officer (PDF) - Comments (Count)
White House Backs Major Postal Overhaul
3.04.2014 - Government Executive reports: "Obama would allow the Postal Service to eliminate Saturday mail delivery immediately, whereas the Senate bill would delay the switch to five-day delivery until 2017. USPS officials have said the schedule change would save almost $2 billion annually. The budget blueprint, similar to the Senate bill, would allow the Postal Service to shift from to-the-door delivery in favor of a more centralized system "where appropriate." - Carper Comments - NRLCA: Proposed Obama Budget, WRONG on Postal Service - Comments (Count)
Mailman Robbed, Assaulted in DC
2.26.2014 - NBC Washington reports: "Documents state the mailman was accosted by two masked men -- at least one of whom had a gun at the time. They kept asking the mailman, "What did you do with the package?" and eventually pulled a gun on him, saying, "I'm [going] to kill you!" The mailman -- who also works as a pastor -- then began praying out loud to be saved. That's when police say the men bound him up in duct tape, drove to a nearby apartment and tossed him onto a parking lot." - Postal worker safety concerns - Assailants Looking for Specific Package - Comments (Count)

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