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Postal Carrier Found Dead in Truck During Sweltering Heatwave
7.09.2018 - Fox 10 reports: "The USPS is talking about the hot weather and its policies for postal workers after a long-time postal carrier was found dead in her truck during the extreme heat in Woodland Hills Friday. Temperatures went up to about 117 degrees in the Woodland Hills area on Friday, but at this point it isn't known if heat was a factor in Peggy Frank's death." - Family Demands Answers - Retiring Soon - Sweltering Vehicle - 117 degrees, yet no AC in vehicles - Found Unresponsive While Seated in Postal Vehicle - Comments (Count)
Rejecting Agency's Offer, Postal Supervisors Fight for a Bigger Pay Raise
7.09.2018 - reports: "A major U.S. Postal Service group is challenging the pay raises offered by the agency, appealing to a third party to offer more significant salary increases to tens of thousands of postal workers. The raises will affect most of the 45,000 supervisors, managers, postmasters and technical specialists covered under the Executive and Administrative Schedule represented by the National Association of Postal Supervisors." - Comments (Count)
USPS Faces Difficult Choices on How to Spend Its Limited Resources
7.02.2018 - reports: "The U.S. Postal Service has deferred spending on capital investments on things like vehicles and mail processing equipment over the last 10 years, according to a new report, and will likely face difficult choices on how to invest its limited funds over the next decade." - Will USPS have enough money for necessary updates? - GAO Report (PDF) - Comments (Count)
Amazon Launching Nationwide Delivery Service Program
6.29.2018 - Long anticipated, Amazon is launching a nationwide delivery service program to end its reliance on last mile shippers such as UPS, FedEx, and the USPS. The program will develop hundreds if not thousands of small business owners who will deliver the packages as part of their own business. Under the program, Amazon gets its packages delivered and the small business owners manage all the details including hiring, background checks, payroll, pay and benefits, training, vehicle maintenance, insurance, legal and regulatory issues etc. etc. - Amazon Delivery Plan Poses Threat to USPS Growth - Amazon's new grassroots delivery network could sidestep UPS, USPS - Bezos says you can make up to $300K a year - Only Amazon Packages - Amazon Business Opportunity Website - Business Opportunity Brochure (PDF) - Archives: FedEx Sued By Drivers Clarified as Independent Contractors - Comments (Count)
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