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Postal Innovation Act Introduced in Congress
8.03.2015 - Post & Parcel reports: "The bill has a strong focus on bringing USPS vehicles in line with environmental and safety standards, but it also includes "innovative" proposals on how the postal service can generate revenue from new services, and drive down costs. One of the proposals put forward by the Postal Innovation Act would be to allow USPS "to ship beer, wine, and spirits." - Comments (Count)
Postal Service bid to end Saturday delivery fades away
7.15.2015 - Federal Times reports: "Notably, eliminating a critical competitive advantage of the Postal Service - Saturday mail delivery - has receded from the priority reform proposals in light of the current reality that USPS is looking to expand its business opportunities to meet the rapidly evolving needs of e-commerce. Indeed, recently I have begun to notice that I am no longer surprised when I spot my local USPS letter carrier delivering parcels on Sunday," Rep. Gerry Connolly said." - Comments (Count)
Amazon Planning "Christmas in July" Prime Promotion on July 15th
7.09.2015 - CNN Money reports: "Black Friday, the legendary shopping day that follows Thanksgiving, is more than four months way. But that hasn't stopped Amazon from declaring a new sort of Black Friday on July 15: An online birthday shopaganza called "Prime Day." - Is the Postal Service Primed for Amazon Prime Day? One Expert Predicts it Will Overwhelm the USPS - Are Shipping Carriers Prepared for Black Friday in July? - What is Prime Day? - Comments (Count)
USPS to Reduce Manager Positions in Association With RIF
6.30.2015 - NAPS reports: "The Postal Service has released it's staffing proposal for Manager, Post Officer Operations and Manager, Customer Service Operations along with the timeline outlining the associated Reduction in Force. In addition, the Postal Service has released an analysis of each respective position." - Amazon Says Will Eclipse Black Friday - Comments (Count)

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