postal workers celebrate election

The news broke on the streets at about 11:00AM (CST) on Saturday, November 7th that news organizations had announced Joe Biden as winner of the 2020 presidential election. Postal workers on the street received news alerts and text messages on their smart phones, and excited customers relayed the breaking news. In major cities, people took to the streets to celebrate, and some postal workers found themselves in the middle of the celebrations. As these postal workers drove down the streets in postal vehicles conducting their normal duties, jubilant crowds reacted enthusiastically. The scenes were captured on video and shared to social media platforms. Some postal workers could be seen responding positively to the impromptu celebrations, pumping their fists, dancing in the doorways and waving appreciatively.

The public acknowledgements come after a contentious election that saw the USPS and postal workers unexpectedly thrust into the middle of an election as mail-in ballots took center stage. In the end, the mail-in ballots were critical to the election of Biden. It appears that the USPS and postal workers came out on top too!