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Did you know that a small investment can have a HUGE impact on your mental health, in a good way? Over the past year, the pandemic has taken an unprecedented toll on all of our lives but, with decreasing mandates across the US, now is the perfect time to regain control and do something that could work wonders for your mental health. Whether you decide to go on a road trip a few hours out of town or book a flight to a place that you’ve always wanted to go, travelling can improve your personal and professional life in a major way; here’s how:

1. It’s a Stress Reliever

A lot of times, all we need to do is hit the reset button. We need to reset our minds, reset our hearts, and focus on what matters most. Travelling allows you to forget about your current workload and take some time to enjoy the moment, free of to-do lists and deadlines. No matter where you go, the fact that you’re going somewhere new and interesting, is enough to leave even the most stressful of situations in the wind. Getting away, perhaps just for the weekend, is a great way to show up as the best version of yourself, once you return.

2. It Increases Happiness and Self-Confidence

When it comes to travel, the before, is equally as impactful on your emotions as the actual trip itself. The simple act of planning a trip can boost your mood almost immediately. It’s exciting to think of all the possibilities of your upcoming adventure and the anticipation continues to build as you get closer to your departure. Travelling allows you to move at your own pace, without any external pressures and spending money on experiences, rather than things, is a proven way to lead to an overall increased level of happiness.

3. It Strengthens Relationships

Whether you plan to travel solo or with a loved one, there will always be room to improve a relationship. When travelling alone, you have the opportunity to strengthen the most important relationship of all, the one you have with yourself. You can explore the world, while exploring your inner-self and really hone-in, on your vision and goals, like never before.

Since COVID, a lot of us have spent a tremendous amount of time away from family and friends. Reconnecting and creating memories can only make the bond stronger. Time spent alone or with loved ones, gives you the opportunity to reflect on reasons to express gratitude, especially for those around you.

Loans for Postal Employees

How Can I Invest in My Mental Health Today?

At Brother Loan & Finance and our sister companies, CRF & CLS, we pride ourselves on educating people about their installment loan options. All our loan products have a flat APR and standard terms (often 6 months) to provide you with the very best financial flexibility. Oh, and we don’t perform a credit check; your job is your credit!

We can help make it possible for you to unplug and take a much-needed trip, all in one day! Your mental health should definitely be on your list of priorities, so why not start making improvements today? You won’t regret it; it; clear your calendar for a few days and choose to have a meeting, where you can invite anyone or no one at all. To learn more about how installment loans differ from payday loans, click here or simply visit our sites, by clicking the links above.

Grace Neville has devoted over 30 years to creating innovative and customer-centric lending programs, growing a single local loan store to over a dozen community locations in three states. She is passionate about teaching financial literacy to professionals and consumers.

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