Photo: Canada, Kentucky Post Office 41519, by Jimmy Emerson, some rights reserved. Photo shared under the Creative Commons License.


Waiting for the #deliveries #usps #bugg #bostonterriermix #pugmix #buggsofinstatgram #mutt #guard #ilovemydog

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Our hearts pour out to those affected by the Socal fire. Postal related, delivery might be affect in the surrounding areas.

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Remember when I met the mail man back in the summer and then I went potty on him? He recently wrote Mom some notes! To answer his questions in case some of you had the same ones; Giz is not potty trained in the traditional sense. Kinkajous naturally climb to a high place and let everything go from there. I was able to train her to go potty in the garbage can when she is out. I was very patient with her as a baby and used a lot of treats. I would run to the garbage can when I noticed she was ready to go and reward her any time anything made it into the garbage. After that, I would increase the frequency of holding her over the garbage repeating "go potty" every time she went. It was a tedious process, and she will still go on the floor if I don't take her for regular potty breaks. It was more or less me being trained to get to know her habits. She does have a few regular potty areas that she chose in her enclosure, and I have to clean her enclosure twice a day at least (because her poop will grow mold very quickly due to fruit content) Gizmo can also never be left to free roam the house and is put into her enclosure while we are at work or sleeping. Her enclosure has a padlock, as kinkajous are very good escape artists. If left unattended, they can get into practically everything, and some things could be dangerous or fatal to them. I have her out six hours a day as a minimum and will watch her that entire time. Recently Giz dad called me out of the room once to ask about where I wanted a new platform placed in her enclosure. I came back five minutes later to her grabbing and snarking down almost a whole bag of dried apple slices. She had apple dust all over her face!!! If you have any Gizmo questions, feel free to ask them in the comments and I will address them publically on another post! #kinkajou #gizmo #animals #tbt #mailman #postoffice #letters #questions #askaway #faq #friends

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