Letter to Rolando

Communities and Postal Workers United (CPWU) reports the following:

Two hundred postal workers sent a letter to President Fred Rolando of the National Association of Letter Carriers, calling on him to join the Dump DeDoy, Bounce Bloom movement and “strongly urge the NALC Executive Board to take immediate concrete steps to mobilize the workforce and postal customers, and to convene a summit of all the postal unions and their supporters to turn the page on this grim chapter in our postal history. ”

Nov. 15, 2021

Dear President Fred Rolando,
CC: NALC Executive Board, APWU Executive Board, NRLCA Executive Board, NPMHU Executive Board

Since Louis DeJoy was sworn in as Postmaster General last June, the Postal Service has been under continuous attack. Severe mail delays, the scrapping of machinery, price hikes, and openly corrupt contracting have sabotaged the American people’s confidence in the service and undermined our democratic elections. Ignoring public outcry, congressional inquiry, the Office of the Inspector General and the Postal Regulatory Commission, DeJoy’s administration has pushed full-speed ahead with a devastating “10-Year Plan” that threatens rural communities, seniors, voters, union workers, veterans, and everyone who depends upon reliable mail service. DeJoy personally profits from the outsourcing of postal work to XPO logistics and other private competitors, while his co-conspirator, business partner, and sitting Chairman of the Postal Board of Governors, Ron Bloom, helped oversee the devastating privatization of the UK’s 500-year old Royal Mail. The writing is on the wall for our own treasured public post.

ALL crafts are threatened by these attacks on the service. Pending speedups, proposed controls on wage growth and the destruction of sortation machinery spell cuts, overwork, insult and injury to the nearly 500,000 proud postal workers who move America’s mail. Direct outsourcing to privately-managed and staffed “surface transfer centers” threatens union jobs and mail security. And the effects on the mailing public at large will be no less damaging. Some crafts and communities will suffer from DeJoy’s policies more quickly or obviously than others. But an injury to one is an injury to ALL.

Americans from all walks of life have raised their voices in protest against this assault. The Denver, Portland, and San Francisco locals of the National Association of Letter Carriers have all passed resolutions calling for DeJoy’s resignation or removal. They are joined by 77 public interest groups organized by the Conference on Civil and Human Rights and the Save the Post Office Coalition who demand that Ron Bloom not be reappointed to the Postal Board of Governors. The unanimous decision of the National Presidents Conference of the American Postal Workers Union and the call by dozens of sitting House Representatives for DeJoy’s removal add to the chorus demanding a new direction at the Post Office. We must stand in solidarity alongside all the forces fighting to preserve a public postal service which delivers for the American people.

As postal workers and retirees in the NALC, APWU, NRLCA, and NPMHU, as elected officers within our respective unions, as community leaders, as allies and public supporters of the postal service, we urge the national postal unions openly take up the call to remove DeJoy from his position, oppose Ron Bloom’s reappointment to the Board of Governors, put a halt to the 10-year plan, fight for new postal leadership committed to the mission of the service, and reaffirm our opposition to all efforts which threaten privatization, cuts, and the undermining of our universal service mandate.

One thing is crystal clear, it takes a postal village to deliver the mail. Therefore, we strongly urge the NALC Executive Board to take immediate concrete steps to mobilize the workforce and postal customers, and to convene a summit of all the postal unions and their supporters to turn the page on this grim chapter in our postal history. Every day that DeJoy and his accomplices are allowed to destroy the USPS piecemeal is an injury to the American people and the postal workforce. It must end today. We call on all postal workers, union locals, and allies to sign this letter and add their comments for the NALC and other union leadership.

In Unity,

Rank And File Postal Organizers
Communities and Postal Workers United
Kenneth Lerch, NALC, branch president
Jamie Partridge, NALC, branch executive board
Kimberly Karol, APWU, state president
Kelly Dickey, NPMHU, local president
Mike Bates, APWU, local president
Chuck Zlatkin, APWU, local legislative & political director
Malachi Dray, NALC, shop steward
Lawanda Davis, APWU, local president
Keith Steffen, NALC, branch editor
Jack Nichols, APWU local president
Terry Poplawski, NALC, past branch president
Ibrahim Pedrinan, APWU, local president-elect
Kathryn M Banks, NALC branch secretary
Cynthia McNeilance, APWU local sec/treas
David Staiger, NRLCA member
David Yao, APWU local vice president
Mark Rodriguez, NPMHU member
Mark Sarcone, APWU, local editor
Don Young, NALC, branch trustee
Mallory Shepard, APWU steward
Cathy Jones, NALC steward
Willie Arrington, APWU local MVS craft director
Lynn Mary Pallas-Barber, APWU, local asst. clerk craft director
Rogue Robertson, NALC steward
Victoria F Sawicki, NALC local MBA rep.
John Wesley Wright, APWU, local director of legislation
Marc J Mancini, NALC steward
Richard Manifold, APWU local human resources
Adam Albrecht, NALC steward
Jody Anucik, APWU, steward
Omar Ortega, NALC steward
Aaron Goodman, NALC alt. steward
Barbara Wilson, APWU steward
Bryan Davies, NALC trustee
Bill Bachmann, APWU, local elections chair
D. Eddie Marshall Jr., NALC steward
Jane Duggan, APWU, state retirees sec/treas
Travis Epes, NALC steward
Teresa Ann Williams, APWU, state retirees trustee
Mildred Brown, APWU retiree local president
Cindy Randolph, APWU, local trustee
Yvonne Tatum, APWU, retiree chapter president
Kevin A Wrede, NALC, branch newsletter cartoonist
Lucy Morton, APWU local OWCP director
Tracy Watson, APWU local chief steward
Eduardo Ascanio Martínez, NALC retiree
Donald Packwood, APWU local secretary-treas
Virgilio Goze, NALC steward & sgt at arms
Colleen Curren-Wong, APWU steward and chief trustee
Cassandra Archie Evans. NALC alt. steward
Dennis O’Neil, APWU retiree local political director
Kari J Nye, NRLCA steward and sec-treas
Alice Yvonne Lindstrom, APWU CLC delegate
Linda Stoner, APWU, steward
Travis Albert, NALC steward
Adam Bachrach, NALC steward
Consandra McCallum, NALC steward
Kimberly Davenport, APWU steward
Berta Q, NALC steward
Loretta Heredia, APWU steward, editor
Saul Ferrer, APWU steward
Martha Raup, NALC branch retirees secretary
Darla Holly, APWU trustee
Glenn Reeman, NALC trustee
Dale Cunningham, APWU trustee
Paul Browning, APWU retirees state president
Josh Brandon, NRLCA member
John Heckler, APWU member
Mary Ann Traba, NALC member
Janice Glass, NALC, retired
Devin Hallam, NPMHU, member
Joe Piette, NALC, retired
Justin Deis, NALC member
Harriet Hobbs, APWU, retired
Alexander Suggs, NALC member
Jacqueline Caffrey, NALC member
John Merritt, APWU, member
Renny Kassel, NALC member
Jonathan Barker, NPMHU, member
Randy Juergens, APWU, member
Orlando Allen, NALC, member
Diane Walker, APWU, member
Ryan Gray, NALC member
John Harper, NALC member
JoAnn Jurisic, APWU, retired
Leo Trujillo, NALC, member
Rhonda Ross, APWU, member
June Albergo, NALC, member
Chester Rice, APWU, retired
Kyle Mailman, NALC, member
Judy Jeffries, APWU, retired
Phillip Winters, NALC member
Jennifer Bushbaum, APWU, member
Susan Marcus Wilbois, NALC retiree
Josh Luther, APWU member
Cathy Robinson, NALC member
Lauren Fries, NALC member
Sherry Petz, NALC member
Penney Roses, APWU member
Brodie Bates, APWU member
David Medford, NALC, retired
Cynthia Lamb, APWU retiree
Raissa Roque, NALC member
Laura Morrison, APWU member
Patricia Cervantes, NALC member
Maria Offutt, APWU member
Perry Rivera, NALC member
Charles Buchanan, NALC retiree
David Noble, NALC member
Daniel Nieves, NALC member
Edward Garcia, NALC member
James Worth, NALC member
Stacy Betourne, NALC member
Cass Martinez, NPMHU retiree
Carl Mondragon, NALC member
Eugene Price, NALC member
Bradley J Knutson, NALC retired
Dana Matthews, NALC member
Shirley Masterson, APWU member
Susan Monroe, NALC member
Janine M. Yowell, APWU member
Virginia Luzenski, NALC member
Chris Ator, NALC member
William Maldonado, NALC member
Patricia Wilson, NALC member
Nicole Lewis, NALC member
Stephen Schmidt, NALC member
Tara de Weever, NALC member
Sue Fesler, APWU member
Jesse Sherbourne, NALC member
Sara Harayda, NALC member
Kenan Bulut, NALC member
Andrew Scheirer, APWU member
Jordan Hofmann, NALC member
Maureen D Gochett, NALC member
Sandra Quintero, APWU member
Jennifer Bryant, APWU retired
Jeanne Huang, NALC member
Steve Brown, NPMHU member
Brian Bogle, NALC member
Michael Telian, NALC member
James Ogiba, NRLCA member
Al Hunter, NALC member
John Heckler, APWU member
Mary Ann Traba, NALC member
Catherine Dube, NRLCA member
Anthony Reams, NALC member
Kim Garrett, NRLCA member
Shalon Brown, NRLCA member
Larry D. Inskeep, NALC member
Kelly Whitis, NALC member
Ronald Lee, NALC member
James Stepney, NALC member
Claudia Martin, NALC member
Gary L Moore, NALC member
Darla K Vaughn, NALC member
Karen Wing, APWU retiree
Melanie Squires, NRLCA member
Donna Parker, NRLCA member
Jeffery Hoppis, NALC member
Maryann Medina, APWU retiree
William Henriksen, APWU member
Lisa Henriksen, APWU member
Kameron Santa Maria, NALC member
Caroline Kelly, NRLCA member
Tyler Cole, NALC member
Perry Rivera, NALC member
Steven Haile, NALC member
Peter Shapiro, NALC retiree
Tina Williams, NALC member
Stacey Kowalisyn, NALC member
Wendy Ellis, APWU member
Heather Kratz, APWU member
Evan Roberts, NALC member
Barbara Bedocs, AWPU member
Tantanaya Watkins, APWU member
Ashley Cherry, NALC member
Astreia Boykins, APWU member
Jennifer DeWolf, NRLCA member
Russell E Landau, APWU member
Art Perea, NALC member
Lillian Rodgers, NPMHU member
Amber Lupi, NPMHU member
Gary A. Merritt Jr., APWU member
Matthew Harris, NPMHU member